‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Fans Have NO Sympathy Left For Tammy Slaton

1000 LB Sisters Tammy Slaton Youtube

1000-Lb. Sisters fans have zero sympathy left for Tammy Slaton. At least, that’s what the latest fan chatter suggested on Reddit following the drop of the latest preview of the series. What did the TLC personality do that has fans at their wits end with her? Keep reading and we’ll explain.

Nurse Tisa pushes and Tammy Slaton pushes back

A preview was dropped on YouTube by TLC yesterday. The preview featured Nurse Tisa trying to persuade Tammy Slaton to do a little exercising. Nurse Tisa explained that she just wanted Tammy to walk with her to the mailbox and back. She noted that Tammy didn’t even have to walk all the way to the mailbox. She just wanted her to get up off and do some moving.

Tammy Slaton pushes back noting that Nurse Tisa is crazy and it wasn’t going to happen. She even threatened to shut down if her home health aide didn’t stop pushing her to do something she didn’t want to do. Tammy painted a very sorrowful picture of how much pain she was in. She gasped and winced as she talked to the producer. According to Tammy, no one could fathom how much pain her body was in. She explained that it took every bit of energy just to get up and go to the bathroom. So, she was not going to be pushed into going for a walk. Tammy had no desire to feel that pain.

1000 LB Sisters Tammy Slaton Youtube

Nurse Tisa speculated there were other reasons why Tammy refused to get up and move around. She pushed. Asked what Tammy was so afraid of Tammy, however, shut down the conversation noting that she was not afraid of anything. Nurse Tisa wasn’t buying it. But, she wasn’t sure what she could do if Tammy refused to get up.

1000-Lb. Sisters fans are over the TLC personality

In a Reddit thread liked nearly 100 times, fans discussed the latest preview for the new episode. The fan that started the thread noticed the entire preview made them angry.

“Truly no more sympathy could be given to Tammy,” the fan exclaimed. Here’s what other frustrated fans had to say in response:

  • “At this point, Tammy is solely absolutely responsible for where she is. I won’t say she deserves being where she is, cause nobody does but she doesn’t do herself any favours.”
  • “Tisa is a f**king angel. Tammy doesn’t want to help herself.”
  • “I’m fearful that next season will be a funeral and tribute special. Tammy needs to be taken by the state.”
  • “I think they need to step back and let her hit rock bottom.”
  • “At this point in Tammy’s life, this is hospice care.”
  • 1000 LB Sisters Tammy - Nurse Tisa Slaton Youtube
    1000 LB Sisters Tammy – Nurse Tisa Slaton Youtube

Overfall, fans don’t have high hopes for Tammy Slaton being around much longer if drastic changes to her lifestyle aren’t made soon. Fans, however, aren’t sure if things will change because Tammy has now been on life support twice. And, even that hasn’t been enough to scare her into taking her weight loss seriously.

Do you understand why 1000-Lb. Sisters fans are at their wits end with Tammy Slaton? Are you frustrated with this TLC personality too? Do you have any sympathy left for her? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the TLC personality.

Catch new episodes of 1000-Lb. Sisters on Monday nights only on TLC. New episodes are also available the morning of the day they air on Discovery+. Older episodes of the series (including the first two seasons) can also be streamed on Discovery+.

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    1. RIGHT ON!! I am so frustrated with Tammy that it is really hard to watch! I started out enjoying the show and rooting for them. Now, one of my favorite characters is Chris and he has proven that he is SERIOUS about getting healthy and everyone caters to Tammy who needs help more than anyone. She is such a B***h! And I don’t typically curse or criticize people like that but she is REALLY difficult! Almost in a narcissist way.. with a gazillion excuses!!!! I have never had blood pressure issues but she makes my blood pressure go up every time I watch… Absolutely love Amy and the rest of the siblings and their spouses etc. but Tammy is going to DIE!! They need to keep saying that to her every other sentence with her she wants to have another temper tantrum and curse them out or not she needs to hear that because her, “I don’t know…”
      “I don’t care!” Let her become bedbound with no one around and like any other addict, hit rock bottom – but in her case, rock-bottom might be death. She has absolutely no appreciation for all that her family does for her… She expects it! She sabotages all of her opportunities to get better. Even if she made just some effort. She doesn’t want to and you can’t make someone do what they don’t want to do. I really hope that she can turn a corner and realize that she might not wake up one day when she could have done something about it. Dr Smith has a LOT of patience and self control. I’d be fed up.. and the yelling at her siblings constantly, is just the most rude thing I’ve ever seen on TV, in reality. good luck to the family… I had hopes for Tammy but at this point, she just makes me angry. Why does she bother putting on make up and getting her nails and hair done?? Another indication proving that she seriously only cares about herself but in a bad and selfish way! God bless you Amy! Tammy has the nerve to criticize you for wanting to have your own life and not waiting on her and be at her beckoned call. And criticizing what you should and should not eat! Seriously?? Practice what you sow loudly preach!! Ahhhhhh!!! So irritating! Get OVER YOURSELF TAMMY!!

    2. Please forgive my typos – The latest and greatest iPhone is terrible at dictating. You have to proofread everything that you say and sometimes you’re not somewhere or you can do that…

  2. So over her. She brings everybody down on that show. I’d love to see TLC move to focus on Amy’s weight lose & her family. Also their brother Chris. Really like his no bullcrap attitude & he doesn’t sugar coat things & DEFINITELY doesn’t take any crap from Tammy. He lives his own life 1st. I think the fans would really go for that more than watching someone who REFUSES to do ANYTHING to get healthy & better herself! While all she does is sit in her chair all day, here’s an idea, take some English & Reading classes on-line. Then go thru the dictionary & learn what words mean & the spelling. I was always taught you can rise above your raising & you can be ANYTHING you want to be! Let’s face it she doesn’t do anything anyways so why not try to better herself! Just saying……

  3. I am very annoyed with Tammy- she literally is a lump on a log that refuses to make it happen for herself! She really thinks these idiots she dates are more important than her LIFE… if she dies they’ll be to the next victim.. get it TOGETHER!!!!!

    1. Irritating how Tammy refuses to see what burden she puts on people having to push her in that chair. She is too lazy to push a stick on an electric wheelchair. Says instead, I don’t want it. Cares nothing for what she puts others through. She said she decided to go to a hotel. No feeling whatsoever for Michael having to take her to another place.

  4. I am seriouslay starting a petition to TLC 1000 lb sisters. Tammy Slaton must go. I and we as fans are fed up and want her removed from the show. I won’t watch it unless this woman is removed from the show. My blood pressure goes up by the mere presence of this naracistic vulgar ignorant excuse for a woman. I can’t take her not for one more second how do you feel out there anyone want TLC to oust her.

  5. Just looking at her turns my stomach. But her nasty attitude is the worst. She doesn’t deserve ANY sympathy. And what really pisses me off is that she gets disability for her ignorance. I’ve never been a hater but I can’t help hating this nasty piece of crap!!

  6. Tammy slaton needs to be taken off the show. She is selfish anf self centered ,and brings everyone around her down. I wony watch anymore is shes on the show. She made her hed so she can sleep in it. Every opportunity was given to her and she choses feeders over her own health… what a selfish person. Enough of catering to her.

  7. They’re inbred. No one should have sympathy, they’re clearly inbred. As my father says, even if they lost weight they’re still hideously ugly thanks to inbreeding.

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