Tammy Slaton Juggles Multiple Men: Is She A Player?!

Tammy Slaton Instagram

Tammy Slaton of 1000-Lb. Sisters was recently put on blast by her former business partner Quincy. Turns out, the 20-year-old had a lot of juicy tea to spill on the TLC star. One major bombshell Quincy dropped on fans of the TLC series was that Tammy Slaton is a bit of a player when it comes to the dating world. He even claimed she has the nasty habit of juggling multiple men? What?! Keep reading, we’ll explain.

Quincy blasts Tammy Slaton as a player of men

During a recent YouTube Live, Quincy revealed he met Tammy Slaton on Instagram. He noted she’s a very jealous person. A person who likes attention. A person who will block you at the drop of a hat if she’s not happy with something you do or a decision you make. He noted Tammy made it pretty clear right out of the gate she wanted to be more than friends with Quincy. He explains she would send him nude photos and sexual innuendo pretty regularly. Quincy wanted to be friends with Tammy. But, he wasn’t interested in more.

It, however, turns out one of his big issues with Tammy is her lack of loyalty. Fans often wondered why Tammy didn’t have a bigger issue with Jerry Sykes being married when they were together. Turns out, maybe she didn’t care because they were not that different.

Tammy Slaton Instagram

Quincy reveals Tammy was talking to him at the same time she was talking to her current boyfriend the BBW King. He added that wasn’t all. There was a third man she was juggling as well. He insisted men and money are really the only things Tammy cares about. Quincy argues her priorities are all out of whack. And, she doesn’t have any eggs in her own basket where they really should all be.

Her new boyfriend isn’t loyal, bad for her

Quincy spilled that the BBW King has already been busted for flirting with other women since getting with Tammy on TikTok. Likewise, he also insists Tammy has put on serious pounds and taken a turn for the worst since getting with this guy. Quincy admits it is sad because she was on the right track and losing weight during her friendship with him. But, this new guy? He’s no good for her. Likewise, he’s just in it for clout. He called attention to the pained expression on his face as he kissed Tammy.

Tammy Slaton Instagram

Quincy questions why people let Tammy Slaton have what she wants. Moreover, what these men get out of being in a “relationship” with Tammy.

Are you surprised to learn Tammy Slaton is a player that likes to juggle men? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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