Doctor Procter & ‘Too Large’ – New Super Sized Show To Hit Discovery +

Too Large Doctor Procter

Earlier today (May 6) TLC shares a teaser clip for a new show. Too Large premieres on discovery + on June 2nd. From the looks of it, the concept of this show is similar to My 600-Lb Life. However, weight loss patients in this show get help from Dr. Charles Proctor, not Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. Keep reading to find out more about Too Large on discovery +.

Who is Too Large Dr. Procter?

According to the caption on the teaser for Too Large, the show follows seven people. Shockingly, their weight ranges from 400 pounds to 800 pounds. The show documents them as the “attempt to lose weight and change their lives forever or, risk falling victim to their deadly lifestyles.”

While TLC fans are already very familiar with bariatric surgeon Dr. Now from My 600-Lb Life, now they’ll meet a new doctor. According to the teaser trailer caption, Dr. Charles Procter is a renowned bariatric surgeon. Seemingly, this show will affect lives in a different market since Dr. Procter is passed out of Atlanta. TLC fans may recognize him as 1000-Lb Sisters Amy and Tammy Slaton’s doctor. Furthermore, according to his Instagram (@docbytheton), he’s also known for his role on a third TLC show, Family By The Ton.


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The first patient on the trailer recognizes that at her current size, she’s a “ticking time bomb.” Sadly, the next patient is a mother who expresses concern about her weight because her mobility is declining. However, she great motivation to lose weight. She shares, “So I want to get the weight off of me so I can play with him.”

More about Doctor Proctor and his new patients

Concerningly, the third patient confesses that she “fears for her life daily” because of her weight. The clip shows her having to ask for help since she has limited mobility due to her size. It seems that this patient thinks that her best option is to have bariatric surgery. Not only that, she wants to try to convince her best friend to have it too.

The second half of the trailer shows how high stakes things are for the cast of Too Large. One man is convinced that if he loses weight, his ex-girlfriend will take him back. Then, Dr. Procter breaks the news to another woman that she’s “one twisted ankle away from being immobile for life.” Things quickly turn to an emotional woman that wants to know what it’s like to walk down the aisle and be married.


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All of that to say Too Large seems like it will be drama-filled with a variety of patients on a weight loss journey. Are you going to tune in to see Dr. Procter on discovery +’s new show? Let us know your thoughts about this in the comment section below.

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