Tyrannosaurus? Fans Liken Tammy Slaton to T-Rex & Here’s Why

Tammy Slaton TLC

There is a lot of debate within the 1000 Lb. Sisters fan community about Tammy Slaton. Is she in a nursing home? Has she become a ward of the state? Is she in rehab?

Regardless of where she is currently residing, what can’t be debated is that she clearly has time on her hands. In fact, the 640+ lb. star has quite a collection of Tik Tok videos that feature her lip-syncing to various songs or participating in various challenges. While the comment section on Tammy’s videos is always a mixed bag, this week fans decided that Tammy reminds them of a prehistoric predator. Why are fans comparing Tammy Slaton to various extinct creatures? Read on to get the details.

Tammy Slaton Says “She’s A Bad B*tch”

In one of Tammy Slaton’s most recent videos, the celeb is dressed in a black hoodie covered in a yellow and white haunted house-themed print. She has her frizzy blondish hair pulled back in a low ponytail behind her head, though some of the smaller stands have made their way lose around her neck and face.

The TLC star appears to be using a filter over her video to change her appearance. The filter gives her a “natural” makeup look and varnishes her skin with a cherubic pink glow. In the clip, Tammy strikes various poses, glaring down the camera as a Bebe Rexha hit plays in the background. Angling her face and giving her best ‘pout’ the lyrics, “Say you want a bad b*tch/ baby now you have it / now you got a bad b*tch / show me you can handle it.” play in the background.

Tammy Slaton
Photo Credit: TikTok

Rawr! Tyrannosaurus Tammy is Born

Many Tammy haters often voice inquiries as to how the star always has the energy to film Tik Tok videos – but not enough energy to exercise. Today, the critics were inquiring why Tammy Slaton makes Tik Tok videos at all. After all, she doesn’t do anything in them.

According to fans in the comment section, watching Tammy’s videos sometimes “creeps them out” because she mostly just stares at the camera or lipsyncs [badly and ill-timed] to various songs. A few commented on the post insinuating that they felt like Tammy stared into their souls during every video.

In response to a comment about how Tammy Slaton “stares at them,” one commenter mused that it’s because she doesn’t have the energy to do anything beyond that. Another commenter responded by saying “pretty much all she can do her arms [are] like a T-rex.”

Fans who saw this comment ran with it, which culminated in a conversation about Tyrannosaurus Tammy and her bad attitude. Many viewers commented about how they now think Slaton is a ward of the state and think and how they hope “T-rex Tam-Tam doesn’t” eat or attack the nurses.


♬ Bad Bitch (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) – Bebe Rexha & Ty Dolla $ign

Has Tammy Slaton Lost Weight Recently?

Many fans in various social media groups have been commenting lately about Tammy’s health. Over the last two months or so, the TLC celeb has been posting videos from her room in the care facility she’s been staying in. According to Tam-Tam, it is a “hospital-like” facility where she can be near to the hospital while she recovers. The star hasn’t given much more information than that.

Oddly enough, after last week’s episode of 1000-Lb Sisters,  many fans suspect that perhaps she is actually in a rehab facility or a long-term care facility. They wonder if she perhaps is bound by an NDA to not give out any details as that might put out spoilers for future show episodes.

Tammy Slaton Tik Tok
Photo Credit: Tik Tok

In the video comments, many have said that Tammy Slaton appears to have lost some weight over the last month or so. They project that if she is inside a nursing home or an LTC facility weight loss would almost be imminent. The food service will only provide a certain amount of food per day. Additionally, meals are based around a nutritious 2000 calorie diet. So, it is entirely possible that the celeb has lost some weight and it seems to show in her videos.

Alternately, Tammy is known to love using various filters and effects on her videos to ‘enhance’ her appearance. The hefty personality may just be using a fancy filter to slim down her chin.

Do you think Tammy’s family put her in a long-term care facility or do you think she’s simply recovering from her last hospital stay? Tell us in the comments.

You can catch a new episode of TLC’s 1000-Lb Sisters Monday nights at 10 pm EST.


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  1. She is the latest honey booboo fad. Kinda sad that everyone watches for the next horror scene. Like gwakers at an accident.

    1. I have never watched. And never will. The network that produces this is exploiting this gal for big bucks. Disgusting. Being overweight is not all bad. But this is not overweight. It is a horrible disease.

    2. IF Tammy would take her own life seriously, then I would be sympathetic towards her. But she has gone WAY too far with her drinking, smoking and partying. I was a cheerleader for not just Tammy, but Amy and Chris as well. As for her attitude, I could care less if she is underweight or overweight. She is the most immature, bratty and bitchy person I’ve ever come across. And she puts down everyone including her loved ones to the point that she’s just an evil person. She needs some serious therapy, which she wants no part of. My heart goes out to Amy and Michael, Chris,, etc. They want her to get help but she refuses. So no…..I no longer care if she lives or dies. May sound harsh, but why should I care.. SHE DOESN’T!!!!!

  2. Anyone besides me getting sick of Tammy and her senseless crap?
    Amy has matured, lost weight, had surgery, and a baby!
    Tammy has just gotten bigger and meaner. She’s an extreme narcissist and seriously needs anger management.
    Until she lives and respects herself she is just a waste of oxygen and space.
    Grow up Tammy

  3. She is a joke. Family stop helping her she don’t want it. Let her b. Nasty bitch. Take her off the show every one will b better plus she a big fat lyer

  4. A 35 year old woman acks like 16 intitled brat. To bad she didn’t have a great childhood. There many of us. It’s all about the money in someone’s pocket. I no it’s not in mine. Doesn’t she no people are taking advantage of her making her look like a ass.which she doesn’t need help looking like one she does a great job at it. Have some respect, dignity for yourself. Your embarrassing . Burping and farting on TV and then laughing about it you’re 35 years old. Embarrassing to other women trying to loose weight

  5. Is it possible that when Amy saw their weightloss doctor in this upcoming episode he might have admitted her? The preview does show him going to her home to see her in person. He may have done it for her own safety since she did have to have a tracheotomy done to the Carbon monoxide issue? I am also disappointed with how their fans are calling her names. Her addiction to food is/can be linked to mental illness or abuse. With being fat most of her life and never really having a good self worth (and being told “you’re not worth anything” that doesn’t help how you are seeing yourself. Craving for love because you really don’t know what love is can be detrimental as well. I was Blessed growing up to have a strong personality because I could NEVER do anything right in my mothers eyes. She kept putting me on diets and of course I would play the yoyo diet. Lose and gain and lose and gain. I has the Gastric Bypass almost 17 years ago. My ex had it as well but he pretty much gained all of his weight back. My mother was so excited he had the surgery in 2000 I believe it was but I told her I wanted to do that too she chuckled and said “why bother, you’re only going to put it all back on anyway. She died a year and a half before I had the surgery and I have been able to keep it all off. I’m not asking you all to love Tsmmy but please consider how you treat her from now on. She needs a good weekly Psyciatric visit to begin to shee her self worth. I had visits with my psych social worker for almost a full year (also because I became 100% disabled almost 25 years before my weight loss surgery. Just remember that there can be a multitude of issues contributing to her weight issues.

    1. Why cant they take her credit cards of her so she cant order take out…..and have someone come in once a day for her meals…..once they have that sorted then have someone come in and get her up and moving

    2. Sorry, but she dug herself into this mess, as well as digging her own grave. Not because of her weight, but because of her crappy, evil attitude. We all know what she needs. Why can’t she? I don’t dislike her because of her weight. But because she’s into drinking, smoking and partying. And then admitted she knew she was causing more damage to her body. THAT was the last straw for me. So no…..I do not have an ounce of sympathy for her.

    3. I had rny 6 years ago almost. Most people can’t understand gownit feels to be that big. It’s like the one last thing that it’s OK to make fun of people for.

  6. The bully needs to have her platform taken away. At this point, according to policies, she should be a ward of the state. She talks tough for a someone who if she yelled, stood up, made two fists she would die of a heart attack. She is a joke and no role model.

  7. After seeing all the comments about Tammy I decided to watch the show to see what the fuss was & after watching a few episodes I couldn’t stand it any longer. Her family is so good to her & all she does is be nasty to them & everyone in her orbit. But when she’s out in public or at a place where she has to interact with people who are only there to help her she yesses them to death & goes home to the people who love her & the cycle starts all over again. It’s painful to watch her shizz all over the world & expect to be loved. She seriously needs help but she doesn’t want it. All she wants is to be popular among her viewers but when that’s gone she has nothing & it will be gone sooner or later. Her sister is amazing & is finally thinking about her family not her sister & that’s a huge problem for Tammy.

  8. That entire family from top to bottom has such a multitude of psychological and emotional issues, I can’t imagine any of them ever breaking free of the issues that have caused every single one of them to be seriously overweight, have bad attitudes and talk like they never got past the 3rd grade in school and having screaming matches in restaurants and other public places, and that includes Amy and Tammy farting and burping and then laughing as though that’s the funniest thing ever! First and foremost, the other four siblings need to grow spines and stop enabling that horrible Tammy! I thought I was going to burst a blood vessel in my brain during the episode where Chris drove for hours to take Tammy home from rehab where, probably for the first time in her life, she was actually making progress losing weight and being physically active! Each of the siblings act like they’re scared of Tammy if they don’t do what she wants. If Chris had not taken her home from rehab, she would have had no other way to get home and would have had to stay there. As a whole, that entire family has such an unhealthy dynamic, and they need to stay away from one another! Look at how Tammy totally ruined what was supposed to be a fun family vacation by acting like the spoiled, coddled and catered to b***h that she is! Instead of telling her to just stay in the van if that’s what she wanted to do, all of them, particularly Amy, knocked themselves out to find alternate accommodations for her and kept begging her to join in their activities and make certain she had food taken to her! Tammy kept repeating that she never wanted to go on the trip to begin with, so why did she?! Yes, Tammy most definitely needs help, but her siblings are not qualified to provide the kind of help she requires, and they need to cut the cord, step away, lead their own lives and let Tammy lead hers! They’re one of the most dysfunctional families it’s ever been my sorrow to see. Tammy drags all of them down. None of them want to have to deal with her, but they all do out of some misguided sense of having to just because she’s their sister. Furthermore, in my opinion, Dr. Smith is the wrong doctor for Tammy. He tries to be so sympathetic and understanding of why she’s the way she is and allows her to lead him around by the nose just like she does her siblings. I promise you that Dr. Nowzaradan (Dr. Now) of “My 600 lb Life” wouldnt put up with her antics for a minute like Dr. Smith does. He may be a wonderful bariatric surgeon, but Tammy needs a doctor with more backbone in dealing with difficult patients like her. It seems like he’s just another enabler in her life, and she takes full advantage of that weakness in people. One final word, ALL of you Slatons need to get on your knees and give thanks for poor, good-hearted, kind Michael Halterman and give him a whole heaping helping dose of respect for what he puts up with and does from and for that ungrateful Tammy! All of you seem to just expect him to be the pack mule that’s going to lug Tammy around. I have never heard any one of the Slaton siblings, including his own wife, Amy, thank him one single time for hauling Tammy’s fat a** everywhere in the wheelchair, because a more convenient electric wheelchair “scares” her to use! That fat cow isn’t scared, she just doesn’t want to risk being the center of attention by doing something for herself! She’s just so gross, and I’m not talking just about her appearance!

  9. Thank You Michael for all you do, You need to stand up for yourself and tell the Family your tired of lugging Tammy around. You’re a great Dad to Gage.

  10. Tammy is her own worst enemy. However, that family needs to stop enabling her. Leave her alone. When she has to fend for herself 100% that’s when she’ll finally appreciate her family. And those partying friends and I use that word loosely are not there to help her. Maybe help themselves to the money she puts out for booze, food and who knows what else. How stupid is she??? Does she honestly think they’re there for her good looks and sweet disposition?? Tammy is DILLUSIONAL. I would imagine she stinks too. I’m sure her bathing schedule is few and far in between. The only thing she does well is eat and be nasty. Good luck Tammy, you need it..

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