Tammy’s Latest Excuses Aren’t Flying With Fans – Lies Exposed

1000-Lb. Sisters fans tend to become frustrated with Tammy Slaton’s lack of effort when it comes to her weight loss goals. The oversized celeb has repeatedly failed to make any progress in regards to improving her health, despite having ample resources and support. According to Tammy, there’s always a “reason” or an obstacle that prevents her from making progress in her weight loss. Unfortunately, the last episode really seems to be the final straw when it comes to the fans’ patience with her brazen excuses. Find out what fans are saying about Tammy’s and why they are ready to give up on her. 

Another Doc Bites The Dust

According to 1000-Lb Sisters fans, Tammy Slaton’s name has become synonymous with laziness. The TLC celeb refuses to put in one ounce of effort into anything productive, and unfortunately, it’s starting to take its toll on the viewers.

Over the last two seasons, TLC watchers observed in shock as Tammy continued neglecting her health, despite doctors’ warning her that she’s near death’s door. The requests her doctors make of her are small. Go to therapy, walk 75 steps per day, do your best to stick to your diet, and log your meals. These minute lifestyle changes, if implemented, would almost immediately help Tammy see results on the scale. 

Unfortunately, even with Dr. Eric’s help and her family’s consistent support, Tammy refuses to prioritize her weight loss. In fact, in last week’s episode, Tammy had failed to make any progress toward her goals for the fourth month in a row. After being pushed to his limit by Tammy’s attitude and lack of progress, Dr. Eric informed her that monthly visits were a waste of resources if she wasn’t going to put in the work. He politely wished her the best, telling her to come back when she was ready to lose the weight.

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Deep-Fried Excuses

So what’s stopping Tammy from achieving that 25-pound weight loss goal and getting her surgery? Well, many fans think that it’s the ever-present plethora of excuses Tammy uses when anyone tries to hold her accountable.

“Amy and Michael were supposed to help me more.”

“It hurts too much.”

“I have been trying, I don’t know what happened.”

These are just a few of the celeb’s most recent ‘reasons’ for her shortcomings. The latest excuse, however, is one that really baffles show fans.

During her last doctor’s appointment, Tammy Slaton revealed that she had given up on her diet. She cites being too stressed out over her failed relationship with Phillip, and the alleged threats/harassment that ensued. But how much stress did that actually cause?

Well, as Tv Shows Ace exclusively reported, Phillip’s “baby mama” tells us that the pair was never in a relationship to begin with.  In fact, she says that Tammy paid “The BBW King” to travel to her and take some pictures so she could keep up the appearance of the relationship. She also tells us that Tammy was the one calling Phillip repeatedly, not the other way around.

So, if Tammy Slaton’s last relationship was truly concocted, its demise shouldn’t be causing her so much stress that she has “given up on her diet.” Additionally, this isn’t the first time that Tammy’s relationships have gotten in the way of her weight loss goals. Even her brother Chris was quick to point out to Dr. Eric that Tammy allows her relationships to create a toxic, counterintuitive environment in regards to her diet and health.

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Fans Are Giving Up On Tammy Slaton

Tammy’s never-ending list of excuses is causing her fans to lose interest in her story. In fact, many of the OG fans that have held out hope over the last two seasons have now given up on her entirely. Despite Tammy’s food addiction, many of her fans remained supportive – hoping that an extended motivation system online might be just what she needed to create some positive changes in her life. After all, Tammy Slaton does seem to thrive on drama and attention.

Sadly, after her declaring that her farce of a relationship was to blame for her lack of weight loss, and then finding out that the entire relationship was a lie to begin with – a large chunk of the star’s fanbase says they are done caring.

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After last week’s episode, threads on Reddit began popping up like wildfire – and 1000-Lb. Sisters fans did not have any qualms when it came to sharing their feelings about Tammy Slaton. Many of the commenters were amazed at just how little she cares, knowing that even a minor illness could kill her. Others wonder why she refuses to complete even the simplest of tasks requested by her doctors. Many more viewers question how Tammy’s family hasn’t completely given up on her – especially considering how she treats people.

“I really wanted Tammy to succeed, but her attitude is so nasty. The only thing that matters to her is getting her way,” said one fan recently on the discussion board site.

Another suggested that people just need to give up and let her hit rock bottom – because so far every other type of support and interference has failed.

“I also yo-yo from angry to sympathetic for Tammy,” said a third, “but the latter is getting harder, especially when she says dumb things like her family should be grateful she can wipe her own ass…”

There are even some who say that the show has just become unpleasant to watch and that they wish they would change the focus to Amy and Chris rather than include Tammy.

Do you think that Tammy Slaton has legitimate reasons for not achieving her weight loss goals? Do you think she’s leaning on people’s sympathy for her and relying on excuses? Tell us in the comments.

Catch a new episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters Monday night on TLC.

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  1. Good God Almighty. Every time I check Google stories, for news or world situations, I see that fat,gross pig and I want to vomit. Glorifying obesity. That pig should just die. Worthless excuse for a human being. Never watched the show and never will. I make these comments because I am sick of seeing that 🐖🐷🐽🐗 on every platform. GROSS GROSS AND GROSS

    1. I can understand your dislike for heavy people, but where do you get off describing Tammy in such a mean spirited way, shame on you, you don’t like something that’s fine the rest of your opinion is not needed,can you even imagine if something about yourself made others feel that way…. Bet you were one those self centerd snobs in school and apparently still are 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  2. This show has run it’s course. Now it’s turning into a soap opera..it’s time to stop paying money to these losers. I’m done watching .

  3. I get so angry with Tammy and Amy seems to think that she is so much better than Tammy well she isn’t! TLC needs to stop paying Tammy because she does nothing to add to the “pleasure” of watching this and maybe someone learning something. The family needs to stop doing her shopping and her cooking. They need to stop rolling her around and endangering their lives in doing so. If she wants to go home from vacation then tell her to go ahead and go home and let her do it one her own. Amy needs to stop rubbing it in Tammy’s nose that she lost the weight she needed to have surgery, she still looks horrible so she is going backwrds herself. I want to jump through that tv and just slap the shit out of Tammy

  4. tammy is full of excuses, 0 sympathy for her, she desperate, clearly the girl has serious mental issues. can’t stand the oink oink!

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