‘1000-Lb. Sisters’: Dr. Smith FURIOUS, Ready To Drop Tammy Slaton?

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On tonight’s episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters, Tammy Slaton and Chris Combs have an appointment with Dr. Smith. How is Chris doing as he adjusts to life after weight loss surgery? And, has Tammy managed to lose any weight? The appointments don’t go super favorable for either Chris or Tammy. In fact, the appointments leave Dr. Smith frustrated and at his wit’s end with Tammy Slaton. Is he going to drop her?

Warning: Spoilers from tonight’s episode ahead. 

Tammy Slaton ignores plans, goals, and abandons diet

Placing the blame on the stress surrounding breaking up with Phillip, Tammy Slaton admits she’s abandoned her diet plan. She fesses up to not doing anything Dr. Smith has asked of her. Se even reveals she never touched or wrote anything in her food journal. Talking to her brother at home before they left for the appointments, Tammy laughed off the food journal as a bit of a joke.

Last episode, Tammy Slaton managed to maintain her weight without losing or gaining any pounds. Dr. Smith noted he was going to consider that a bit of a win because she hadn’t lost anything. During this appointment, however, Tammy Slaton learns she’s actually gained 10 pounds instead of losing 25 like she was supposed to.

Viewers can see frustration wash over the face of Dr. Smith. He admits he wants to help Tammy. But, how can he help someone who will not help themself? Tammy’s family members have also noted she just doesn’t have an interest in losing weight and she has to want it for it to happen.

1000-Lb. Sisters: Will Dr. Smith drop her?

Tammy Slaton is no stranger to a doctor becoming so frustrated that they drop her as a patient. During the drive to this appointment, she admitted to Chris she was scared Dr. Smith would drop her. As we exclusively reported, one of our sources told us Tammy Slaton also got kicked out of the food addiction rehab she was staying at. Is Dr. Smith gearing up to drop her as a patient?

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The doctor realizes there is no point in continuing to work with Tammy if she isn’t interested in losing weight. This becomes clear when he learns she didn’t even try to do the food diary because she “couldn’t remember.” While he doesn’t outright drop her, he does make it clear it is a waste of gas for her to come see him until she starts doing what he’s asked of her. So, he more or less tells her there’s no reason to come back until she’s ready to make some changes in her life.

Do you think Dr. Smith will drop Tammy Slaton? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. The doctor should abandon her. She is a worthless excuse of a human being. She is a straight out fat pig. If she wants to eat herself to death, so be it. World would be rid of a 600 plus nothing.

    1. Absolutely agree! People have wasted waaaay to much time on her ling time ago. Bye Tammy! Jealous misérable hateful hippo

    2. No need to be cruel about it. Clearly this is a woman who has severe trauma from an early age and she is hiding behind a wall she has built for herself and both her mind and body. Unfortunately I believe she will not make it because she is Well on her way to the end of a long and sad life of pain and sorrow. To me it is very sad that a person is given a life and this is what they choose to do with it.

      1. Trauma my backsides her mother worked 3 jobs to keep food on the table a s a roof iver their heads, ok they ate whatever they wanted as chdren, well they aren’t children and they choose to eat, Tammy is revolting, she barely looks human, she is a controlling, manipulative, I’ll tempered spoiled human who is constantly complaining and whining, cursing like a maniac deliberately alienating everyone creature who accepts zero accountability nor responsibility for her actions, she wants everyone to step and fetch, do it for her but she has the time to do worthless, waste of time podcasts, put on makeup, scream at everyone attitude. Her behavior is reprehensible as is she. She is so busy trying to find a boyfriend she simply doesn’t have the time to save her own life. She’s sickening and if I were the doctor I would have unloaded her worthless hide a long time ago. You have to watch to loose eight, work the program and if done correctly she would but that will never happen because she enjoys the attention she gets from everyone waiting on her to even try. Waste of space human.

        1. Sorry about the typos I am laying on my side, fell and got a few hairline fractures in leg and hip so forgive the typos.

    3. She is digging her own grave with a spoon. Her family should start looking for a piano box to bury her in.

      1. The Doctor didn’t abandon Tammy he left it up to her. He said to her to call him when she was ready. But everyone is right it sad. she thinking about love, not her health.

    4. How horrible for you to down talk her like that. So she hasn’t done anything she was supposed to it isn’t a reason to say she is worthless and a pig. Shame on u. God don’t like ugly . Smh 🤦‍♀️

    5. Wow you are so cold. That’s a lot of judging and jurying. May nothing ever cause a flaw in you. You may meet a colder hearted person than yourself. But then again you maybe already taken that prize.

    6. Unfortunately I think tammy is extremely selfish and she def hasn’t got one bit of willpower, she wants to lose weight, I can see that, but it seems in my opinion tammy wants anyone to help her, but she not prepared for any type of exercise, all exercise is hard, which I’m sorry to say someone as obese as tammy wnt do any exercise cause it hurts her muscles to exercise, where there no pain and no gain, tammy is way to lazy and obese to even try helping herself, sorry tammy if u think that losing weight isn’t important then u may as well not bother at all, her family nags at her cause amy and Chris don’t want to lose their sister, they do love her, don’t want to watch her killing herself cause tammy can’t refuse food, so tammy get ur finger out of ur backside and help urself lose that weight off urs, u are killing urself, only u can change that, no one else !!!!!!

      1. Problem is, Tammy is now stuck in a vicious circle. She knows she needs to exercise as part of her weight loss plan, but she can’t do much because of her size. Maybe a personal trainer could be employed to put her through her paces? S/he could show Tammy some gentle exercises to do, then when she starts to find those too easy, the PT could gradually increase the difficulty. That way, Tammy is not causing herself pain and would before likely to stick to the exercise.
        There’s always the diet too. She needs to gradually reduce the number of calories she’s consuming. Her family could also try to be more supportive.
        Tammy could also try to stop finding excuses to break her diet and avoid exercising.

    7. I also agree she has no motivation to loose it so he should drop her until she is ready to drop the weight

  2. I have watched 1000 lb. Sister’s from the 1st Season. I enjoyed watching them laugh and cut up over the silliest things. Being one of 12 children number 10 in the line up and one of 7 girls being the youngest of them! Having 6 older sisters was the best!!! But, I can tell you…if I had treated ANY one of them the Tammy has treated er sisters and brother ESPECIALLY, Amy! I say, “especially” about Amy as she is the one we have ALL seen cater to Tammy. Although,from what has been said..Amy is the last “rung” on the family ladder not able to live with any of her siblings having burned those bridges by treating them the same way we have seen through her interactions with Amy and everyone except her loser boyfriends! I started losing fondness for Tammy when Amy met her goal weight to be approved for surgery and witnessing the resentful and jealous look on her face! Tammy followed her nasty faces with even nastier remarks towards Amy about pursuing weight loss surgery without her..”I thought we were gonna do this together!?” Need we remind her that they did do it together…Amy just followed every step of the program and Tammy refused! Resulting in Amy’s continued success resulting in meeting her goals on getting surgery.and then pregnant. After seeing the look on Tammy’s face when Jerry congratulated Amy and Michael on the new baby..the look on Tammy’s face said it all! Amy is getting on with her life and Tammy feels as if she is being left behind at every turn and she is the reason why!. Tammy has deliberately gone against ALL of her families and Dr’s request and efforts to help her along the way..ONLY to have Tammy continue to ruin and sabotage her life doing the direct opposite of Dr. Proctor and now Dr.Smiths regimen of weight loss! Dr. Smith has given EVERYTHING in his tool box to guide her in her quest! Tammy has refused him at every turn promising him her full cooperation to exercise,eat right and go to therapy and in the end not making ONE BIT of effort to comply on her behalf except to attend one therapy session only to sit there like a petulant child and be nasty making it as difficult as possible for the therapist as she could! When confronted by Dr. Smith if she had been compliant with his program Tammy said NO, to every task he had prescribed! She has refused and refused and refused to make one effort to comply and help herself! Now she has been shown partying with the homies admitting to Dr. Smith tat she has given up on the program and wants to be selfish and just get away from it all! Dr. Smith cut your losses son! Get on with your life…you stated to Tammy…”i won’t give up on you if you don’t give on me!” Well, I believe she has given you your answer over and over..and you teach people how to treat you and she has treated Dr.Smith like she as treated everyone else her life!.

    1. Agree Dr Smith you have given her the tools to improve her health and her weight. To me it’s like this, Tammy has had all the tools and all the facts now it is her choice to do with them how she see fit. Life is a choice and living in America we have the freedom to make our own choices. You have advised her of her choices and their consequences and now it’s up to her. Her choices have dier consequences . She is informed now let her choice her path. You can’t do it for her.

  3. I genuinely hope he dropped her as a patient. Use the time to help patients that really want a life change. Shes had enough chances. And stop watching the show. Stop supporting her lifestyle. I have never watched it but there are articles everywhere. You can’t help but read them. But I draw the line at watching. Someone needs to deem her medically incompetent and drop her in a rehab somewhere.

  4. I think he should drop her. She didn’t want to keep the food journal because she would be held accountable for everything she puts in her mouth. She is a big baby always touting she’s grown yet sit up and pouts about her situation rather than DO something about it!! Her family tries to support her you can tell even they get tired of her. She wants a reason to stay MORBID and going to BBW chat rooms does that for her giving her the attention she desperately craves.she really needs to WORK on her issues of eating and stop being mad at the world from being this way. You make a choice to do this every time you elbow bends and your mouth opens. Sad truth.

  5. Tammy is using the same excuse she had when Amy was trying to lose weight with her. I think the doctor should drop her until she’s ready to stop with the excuses. See if she likes being on TV bedridden.

    1. Yes!! I do think that he needs to drop her like a bad HABIT!!!
      You can lead the horse to water but you can’t make him drink it. Now think about what I am saying. Putting Tammy as that horse. Everybody has done enough so Please let Dr.Now work with her ass. I bet you that she would loose the weight or DIE!!

  6. I think tammy doesn’t care because she is down on herself. People with pain that hurts all the time get depressed and even thought they want to do something about it they hate themselves. I personally think tammy should go back to rehab and start opening up to the couselor have her work on her angry issues and self-esteem. She is a nice woman but when people are cruel and mean and say mean we just give up and say f you. She needs incouragement and support and a firm but friendly person to keep her going on losing weight

  7. I think her whole attitude stinks she is mean and hateful to everyone. And blames her weight on everyone but herself. She needs to stop worrying about dating on line and focus on loosing weight before her heart gives out.

  8. She has no desire to lose anything- her family has enabled her and this is the result- she’s burned bridges and her next move will be bed bound. She told a relative ” I got this”, no, she doesn’t.

  9. Love watching the sisters on t.v:) I hope Tammy gets the help she needs, and doesn’t give up on her weight loss journey, it’s the only thing that will save her life.

  10. This programme is shown briefly in the UK,Tammy clearly has not followed any instructions to lose weight,but it must be difficult when the rest of her family are consuming loads of food….How do they manage to pay for all this food? Is it subsidised because she is on the television,no one would be able to afford that amount of food in the UK
    I hope things do get sorted for her but it’s looking pretty doubtful.
    Good luck to Amy

  11. I belive they All should let her take care of her self. They should NOT bring her any food at all. If she is hungry she will get on her feet and get it herself. If she gets angry so what.. I mean, she can’t run very fast and they can leave If she starts shouting. In that way she will get exersice or stop eating 😃

  12. Honestly, I would love to talk to Dr Smith sometime…I appreciate his manner in dealing with Tammy…unfortunately, Tammy is not receptive to him and that is a shame…I have about 65 pounds to lose and having someone like Dr Smith in my corner would be great…

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