‘1000-LB. Sisters’: Is Amy Halterman To Blame For Tammy Slaton’s Weight Loss Failures?

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Season 3 of 1000-Lb Sisters just aired it’s second episode and it seems now that Tammy’s family is trying everything they can think of to help her achieve her weight loss goals. As of yet,  Tammy has not been able to lose the weight needed for her to qualify for her bariatric surgery. Now, as season three of the show gets underway, some wonder if Amy is to blame for Tammy Slaton’s weight loss failures.

Tammy Depends on Her Sister

Over the past two seasons of 1000-Lb Sisters fans have watched Amy get her bariatric surgery, and then subsequently get pregnant and start her family. Unfortunately, her sister, Tammy Slaton still not lost the initial amount of weight required to qualify for the surgery. Still weighing in at over 600 pounds, Tammy has become even more resentful and bitter, especially in regards to Amy.

Tammy’s weight has caused her to be very limited. This is especially so when it comes to her physical mobility. During the course of the show, Amy has proven to be her primary caregiver. Even prior to having her own bariatric procedure, Amy had taken to helping take care of Tammy, making sure that her needs were met.

Unfortunately, because Amy is such an attentive caregiver, Tammy now depends on her sister for the simplest of activities. In various episodes of the show, Amy is shown preparing food, running errands, and even cleaning for Tammy who, for the most part, remains in her chair, not offering to lift a finger.

'1000-Lb Sisters' Amy SLaton
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Amy Halterman Is Making Some Changes

Constantly having to attend to Tammy’s needs has really taken a toll on their already rocky relationship. The pair argue constantly – and mostly about Tammy’s dissatisfaction with something Amy has or should be doing for her.

Now a mother to 7-month old Gage, Amy Halterman has expressed the need to be less involved in her sister’s daily affairs. Often referring to Tammy Slaton as “the BIG kid next door,” Amy says that she warned Tammy that some separation was coming. She told her big sister that when her baby was born, everything Amy did would be for him. It is very clear to viewers that Tammy has had a very hard time accepting not being the center of attention.

The 35-year-old TLC star has become increasingly angry and hateful toward her sister. especially when she doesn’t immediately get her way.

Tammy Slaton
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After a failed stint at a rehabilitation center, Tammy is back home again. Once again, Amy had resumed taking on the brunt of Tammy’s care… and abuse. In an unexpected twist, however, Amy made a big decision that she hopes will help her get back her life. The TLC celeb decided that hiring a home health nurse will provide Tammy the opportunity to be more assertive. It will help her contribute to her weight loss without constant family supervision. Additionally, Amy is adamant that she no longer wishes to be responsible for Tammy. She says that her sister monopolizes the time and energy she should be spending on her son.

Who’s To Blame For Tammy’s Failures

Over the first two seasons, it’s evident that despite the strain and limitations that Tammy’s weight causes her, she has so far been unable to successfully combat her food addiction. While resources and support are available to her, the 600+ pound reality celeb has barely made a dent in the weight loss goal. Her family criticizes her lack of effort, poor eating choices, and a never-ending stream of excuses when it comes to her lack of progress.

Fans of the show continue to see Tammy stall and backslide. Now, many wonder if Tammy is really at fault. Some say that while Tammy is notorious for making bad choices, Amy’s constantly enabling behavior may be partially to blame.

Reddit '1000-Lb Sisters'
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Over the years, Tammy has grown more and more reliant on Amy  – to the point that she now expects Amy to take care of things without so much as a thank you. Unfortunately, Amy feels almost obligated to take care of things for Tammy “Because that’s what family does.” Having someone attend to her every need appears to have been detrimental. Tammy doesn’t seem to feel the full effects of her limited mobility and thus has made little to no effort when it comes to battling her addiction.

Reddit Buzz

On a 1000-LB Sisters subreddit recently fans discussed their distaste for the situation, throwing blame at Amy’s feet for constantly being overly involved in Tammy’s daily life. Fans in the feed felt that the older Slaton sister ought to be left to her own devices – a “sink or swim”-type situation. The participants voiced that this would likely force Tammy to have to participate more in her own care if left with no other alternative.

Other fans were mad that Amy and their brother, Chris, allowed Tammy to come home from Rehab. Several viewers felt that they should have left her there. This would have left her no option but to stay at the facility.

Mostly, show watchers are hopeful that Amy’s son will be the motivation she needs to start prioritizing her growing family. They want her to realize that Tammy needs to start holding herself accountable for her own health.

Do you think Amy is to blame for Tammy’s lack of progress? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. Why would anyone blame Amy, she Tammys sister and she tries her best to lead her in the right direction. I feel Tammy has an entitled attitude when it comes to Amy.
    Amy’s husband is so sweet to put up with Tammys shenanigans.
    Tammy is surrounded by a family that is overweight and they are not role models.
    Amy seemed to know what she wanted out of life, marriage, children a healthier body, Tammy should be looking up to her sister and learning what goals can do,you need goals.

  2. Amy had the perfect opportunity to get out of this mess with her sister when Tammy was in rehab. She should have taken the opportunity to move with hubby and baby ..leaving her sister in the care of rehab.knowing she was ok at that point. I do not think Tammy would have been so eager to leave if she knew her sis was not available and if she stayed unavailable Tammy I think would have reentered rehab. Amy needs to put on big girl panties and do what is best for that precious little baby and her hubby.

  3. Yes. I believe Amy is totally responsible for Tammys weight gain. She is the one who supplies her with food she should not eat. Amy is quite the size she is a glutton as well for food. Gage will have a mother whom he will be ashamed of. Amy he deserves better then this . Michael needs to drop all that weight so he is able to play with his son.

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