Is Tammy Slaton’s Grasp On Reality Cracked? Fans Scream ‘Delusional’

Tammy Slaton Season 3

In Monday night’s episode of 1000-Lb. SistersTammy’s brother, Chris Combs was finally approved for surgery. Despite not making his weight loss goals, Dr. Eric approved him based on his prior successes. Once again, Tammy Slaton is left behind as another family member surpasses her to their bariatric surgery goal. Despite appearing sad, Tammy tells her sister a number of things that really have viewers worried about Tammy’s mental state. Is the reality star slipping further into her world of denial and delusion? Or is she trying to mask her own emotions? Read on to get the shocking details.

Tammy Slaton Gets Left Behind — Again

In this week’s episode, viewers cheered with Tammy’s big brother Chris as he finally got approved for his bariatric surgery. After 11 years, the 41-year old father-of-two is excited that he will be able to lose weight and improve his quality of life. Initially, Chris started this leg of his journey with Tammy in hopes of helping to keep her motivated and accountable. Unfortunately, just like Amy, he quickly surpassed Tammy in terms of effort and results and earned himself the life-changing surgery that all the siblings have been after.

When Chris comes out from the appointment room and announces that he was approved to have surgery the following day, Tammy initially looks sad. While she didn’t lose any weight at this appointment – she didn’t gain either. For her, Dr. Eric says is an accomplishment – but he still needs a lot more results before he can approve Tammy for surgery.

The look on Tammy’s face is one of sadness and disappointment. It’s clear that she is carrying around a lot of negative emotion, despite her being vocally supportive of her brother.

Misty Checks In On Tammy’s Emotions

Since the group will be staying an extra few days for Chris’ surgery, Misty and Tammy decide to explore the area a bit. Tammy Slaton says that her brother’s success is “inspiring.” The celeb says that it has given her new motivation to dig deep and get her steps in each day. We see Tammy’s sister, Misty, walking behind her through town pushing the wheelchair as Tammy walks several blocks to a local vegetarian cafe.

Fans were excited to see Tammy walk such a long distance – and even more excited to see her make healthy food choices at the restaurant. The episode highlighted several serious conversations between Tammy Slaton and her older sister that day that left fans – and her sister – more concerned than ever.

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At one point during the episode, Misty talks to Tammy to try and “check-in” on her mentally. She knows that Tammy likely feels left behind and worries that she may get more depressed and create more problems for herself health-wise. When asked how she is doing, Tammy very calmly says that she is doing ok. She admits that she is disappointed, but that she knows that she will get there – but it needs to be “in her own time.”

Viewers were unsure how Misty was able to keep her composure. Big sis reminds Tammy that she understands, and she believes in her – but that her family NEEDS her to speed up that process a bit.

Tammy Slaton Disses Fam For Not Being More “Thankful”

In response to Misty’s inquiries – Tammy responds that “it could be a lot worse.” The celeb reminds her sister that she could be bedbound. Her condition could deteriorate to the point of needing to use bedpans or bed pads. Her family could have to wash her, wipe her and change her sheets. According to Tammy, Misty and her other siblings should be “thankful” that she is “as independent” as she is.

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Two Skittles And A Wish

After hearing the conversations between Tammy and Misty – fans are worried that she is gearing up for a snap. Many are speaking out on social media, accusing Tammy of being absolutely delusional when it comes to how bad her condition actually is. Viewers believe the celeb is lying to herself, even though it’s obvious to everyone around her that she is floundering.

After the episode aired on Monday, fans took over Twitter and were not mincing words when it came to Tammy’s delusions.

“Tammy is two Skittles and a wish away from being bedfast,” wrote one viewer,  “and she’s talking about how grateful her family should be. She’s delusional.”

“Tammy is not willing to address the psychological [issue] of her food addiction which is mandatory FOR ALL BARIATRIC PATIENTS,” quipped another, “Your family should be thankful your not bed bound? Do you hear yourself? Tammy get psychological help before it’s too late.”

Additionally – fans and viewers were not shy with their memes – here’s just a few of what we found after Monday night’s episode.


What do you think? Has Tammy Slaton really lost touch with reality? Is she lying to herself to make herself feel better? Tell us in the comments!

You can check out next week’s potentially explosive episode next Monday night on the TLC network.

Nikki Desrosiers


  1. Oh man, is this woman delusional!! She also states that her family is selfish and doesn’t care about her. That they aren’t doing enough for her, and that she is independent. What the heck is she thinking?

    If she is so dang independent, then her family needs to leave her alone completely. Let her figure out how to get to the store and buy her own groceries, get her meds from the pharmacy, go to her own doctor’s appointment, and then take care of her home and personal hygiene. She has so many people doing these things for her, and she sits all day in that wheelchair getting fatter.

    On the other hand, while Amy is doing slightly better, she is also delusional in that she thought she could get skin surgery. She still has way too much fat, as she’s not losing that much weight. By now, she should have lost at least 200 pounds total with weight loss surgery. She needs to also get her act together and get back to Dr Proctor and the nutritionist to start over.

    1. Amy is still overweight. She needs to lose more weight before she gets skin removed. My opinion only

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