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Tammy Slaton Pulls Wool Over Nurse Tisa’s Eyes, Leaves Her In Tears

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During tonight’s episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters, we see Tammy Slaton pull the wool of Nurse Tisa’s eyes. The conversation comes after Tammy and Tisa got into a heated discussion during last week’s episode. Nurse Tisa admits the conversation she has with Tammy moves her to tears. Keep reading for the details.

Warning: 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 3 spoilers

Nurse Tisa and Tammy went head-to-head last week

Tammy Slaton went head-to-head with Nurse Tisa last week. Tisa entered the house admitting she hoped for an apology from Tammy. She, however, was realistic. She was not expecting Tammy to apologize. As fans recall, Tammy refused to walk when she got out of the pool. She wanted Tisa to push her from the pool all the way to the van in her wheelchair.

1000 LB Sisters Tammy - Nurse Tisa Slaton Youtube
1000 LB Sisters Tammy – Nurse Tisa Slaton Youtube

Tisa crucified Tammy during the entire car ride home. She pointed out that Tammy was capable of walking. And, she explained that pushing Tammy around in the wheelchair was killing her back. She thought it was necessary when Tammy could walk.

Not wanting to fight or say something she would regret, Tammy opted to say nothing. She just completely shut down.

Tammy Slaton pulls the wool over Tisa’s eyes

During tonight’s episode, Tammy Slaton pulls the wool over her home health aide’s eyes. She explains that there was a reason why she was refusing to walk. And, it wasn’t just that she didn’t want to. Tammy admits that she wasn’t walking because she was in pain. She insisted she slipped into extreme pain the moment she got out of the pool.

Tammy Slaton
Photo Credit: TLC | ‘1000-Lb. Sisters’

Tisa becomes a bit emotional. She admits that she had no idea Tammy Slaton was in pain. Nurse Tisa admits she was getting a bit emotional and felt like crying. She didn’t want to push Tammy if Tammy was in pain. Tisa, however, adds that she isn’t going to let Tammy use it as an excuse to rot in the chair. Viewers at home, however, worry Tammy is just pulling the wool over Tisa’s eyes so she can continue to play the role of a victim.

Tammy Slaton YouTube TLC
Tammy Slaton YouTube TLC

Do you think Tammy Slaton is just pulling the wool over Nurse Tisa’s eyes at this point? Does Tammy need to push past the pain and walk anyway? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below.

1000-Lb. Sisters Season 3, Episode 6 titled “Man vs. Scale” airs tonight only on TLC. Viewers can stream the 42-minute episode early via Discovery+.

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  1. Tammy is using her weight as an excuse. Yes she probably is in some pain but it’s her own fault. She has put on so much weight that her joints are going to hurt. She doesn’t care about anyone or herself. It’s sad, she has this help where most people don’t. And she absuses it.

    1. I respectfully completely disagree. I actually know she is in pain in a way that prevents her from doing activities. Yes she needs to find a way to exercise. But she needs to adapt rehabilitating type exercises in a way that she can build lower body exercises to prevent damage when she walks. *Exercises that will not cause further damage.* She is walking bone on bone at her weight – sometimes just not possible. Exercises to help her back and core. Tisa was wrong. I understand her back issues too. But I hope Tammy keeps doing water aerobics.

      1. I agree with you. I think that we should take into account that Tammy was in a pool. Weight is not an issue in water. However, upon feeling like a feather, leaving the pool she probably felt every pound on those knees.

      2. How do you know her joints are bone on bone? Are you her doctor? Her Dr. Is telling her to walk 75 steps adding 5 each day! & she was walking that in rehab! I’m sorry she’s lazy & abuses everyone around he, I love the show & like her but I’ve seen it many times! It’s very sad because if she DON’T start talking to the therapist instead of evading questions she doesn’t like she’ll never change & sadly die! She needs to go back to the rehab & even stay there for a year after the surgery otherwise she’ll never lose weight and keep it off! Good Luck Tammy, we love you!

        1. I just can’t that there isn’t some behind the scenes things that we are left in the DARK ABOUT. How can Tammy gain weight with out all the EXTRA HELP ETC. that the PRODUCERS THINK WE ARE UNAWARE OF. It’s a lot of Scripted scenes that makes us not Feel Any Sympathy for TAMMY Cuz she can’t do it for herself

      3. She was NOT doing water aerobics! She was playing in the water. Tina was trying to do them & encourage her but she definitely wasn’t doing them. In order for her to exercise in any form requires participation and she doesn’t do that, so?

        1. I agree her Doctor knows best. Tammy this sexual thing you have. I think you made up. Tammy just get a. Vibrator that’s exercise. Tammy you are lucky to. Have a sister that cares for you. My sister’s don’t care about me. I love when you too kid around. I would love to hangout with you ladies. I am a caregiver would help you so much. Merry Xmas Diane

      4. She just needs to loose weight! What a freaking joke having a nurse and so on… who the heck paying for that! It’s a shame to put her on any platform, beside a scale, and sad that anybody would watch it…

      5. Excuse me Tammy needs to DIET and lose weight if not she’s going to die that’s a fact one you didn’t mention She been playing games on this show making excuses for not losing weight she left rehab program . So stop with the pain excuse it’s not helping her she Tammy doesn’t need embalmers she needs the truth needs to follow a diet get off her ass start losing weight. If not she is going to die . I didn’t see you mention these facts .It’s people like you who enable her your not helping in fact your hurting her

    2. I agree with you . She did this to herself, shes the only one that can lose the weight. She is going to hurt tilnshe starts losing alot of weight. Hey if she thinks she can go to vegas she. She can walk a little

      1. Needs to be left alone….she’s on the road to self destruction….I’d just let her die.
        Completely a waste of time and effort

        1. Your so right leave her alone if she wants to die let her go. Not worth trying to help
          People have their on lives to live. If she doesn’t care why should anyone else.

        1. Tammy is beyond a joke she wants people to wait on her and she eats like a pig and she who looks like one sorry but that’s just the plain facts and Amy I like her she’s got a good attitude and she is trying and she has lost weight more than Tammy can say so I wouldn’t bother you to just let her die if that’s what she wants she’s not worth it

    3. Yes when u put pain on ur joints it does hurt to walk. I know. I am in a similar situation but I can still walk some. But I have other health problems besides being obese that is the cause of my pain. When you put pain on ur feet and legs and back you don’t want to walk. Try putting urself in other peoples shoes that can’t walk for some reason. I put myself in this situation. But you don’t know what happened to me and as to a reason why I have a hard time walking.

      1. I feel that. I was born with cerebral palsy and clubbed feet. The right one could never be corrected and I lost the ability to walk by 11 years old. Parents put so much stress on trying to get me walking again, they didn’t put focus on keeping me active in other ways. Unfortunately I am now obese. I am losing it, just slowly. I feel like even portion control could do wonders for Tammy.

      2. Thing is she was walking every day in the rehab because they didn’t take her excuses. She is going to hurt either way sitting in that chair or walking, so she should at least be up doing something to help herself get closer to living! I know this I at my heaviest weighed 416lbs! I worked 2 jobs and was a was a live in Nanny. I did hurt but I knew i couldn’t give up or I wasn’t going to make it much longer. Tammy is lazy and she thinks everyone owes her something! If Amy and her husband and Chris and now her Babysitter would just put their foot down and tell her that if she wants something she will either get up and get it or she won’t have it! I be darn if I would stran my body like her brother and sister’s do to haul her 600 lb butt plus the weight of that chair just so she can be babied . She thinks that if she is in a wheelchair people won’t think its because she is fat its because she has something wrong with her that makes her unable to walk… you do Tammy you’re lazy asf! Get over thinking everyone owes you anything, and its great you don’t want kids because it’s apparent to me that you have your mothers attitude and personality!

        1. I totally agree with you. She is in pain either way. I don’t understand how she can continue to eat enough calories to maintain her weight. She has to be walking to the kitchen at night when she is alone so she needs to made to walk. Tammy’s fits need to be ignored. She needs to be treated the way you would treat a toddler who wanted to “throw down” everytime they didn’t get their way.

    4. I couldn’t agree more. She is slowly committing suicide and she obviously doesn’t care. She is a manipulator and knows how to play everyone she comes in contact with. She knows what to say, when to say it, and who to say it to. I just hope for her sake that the switch turns on upstairs before it’s too late because, I’m afraid she’s getting closer and closer to the point of no return. Bless her heart.

    5. Tammy is so addicted to food she’s willing to die for it but in the meantime she’ll take pity from anyone who will give it. She needs to be back in the rehab and serious daily therapy. She needs tough love. Not pity.

    6. Yes you or right everybody is trying to help her but she bitting the heads ppff I can’t do this or that lose some wait or stay in pain you throwing your life away not wanting to listen. If you fell like they always picking on you. You or killing them having to push you around i wouldn’t do it you at ghr point where you even hTe to stand up .

    7. Tammy doesn’t want to lose the weight! She says it all the time when she says I just want to be happy, she doesn’t even try! I understand her family don’t want her to die but she has to want to lose weight and she don’t want to!

    8. I weigh 150 it really hurts to walk and when I weighed almost 200 it hurt too. But I bet there are people out there who still weigh more than that who get everyday and go to work. They don’t sit around and let people wait on them and then dispect them. She should have been working at 16. Maybe that would have helped.

    1. She likes the attention she gets that’s y she does it😊her sister needs to back off nd let her be take care of her baby nd husband they need her😎let Tammy nd her boyfriend deal with it👌

    2. Tammy is a whiny baby. She wants everyone to jump and do her bidding while she cries that nobody is there for her. I use to like her too, but now I watch for Amy, Michael, and sweet face Gage. I hope Amy sees the light and just let Tammy be, it’s what she claims she wants. Tammy is a user and abuser.

    3. I agree with you.. Tammy is so bitter & mean but that’s because she is miserable with herself. I think Tammy can do it if she would try to help herself, but you can’t make someone lose weight when they don’t appreciate themselves or others.

      1. She feels like they should do everything for her stop and she will have to do it herself or do with out if she talk to me the way she talk to them I will show her who need who than trusted she well change.

    4. If every one pushing her heavy a** around, she would lose some weight!!! I sure feel sorry for her brother inlaw!!!
      She needs to *WALK*!!!!
      if I was Amy, & she treated me like that, I would break free & wish her lots of prayers & beat feet away from the ingreat Tammy, & let her grown a** fly!!!!
      God Bless

    5. I’m sure she is in pain when she walks but she can walk sharply she is pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes around her. very very sad.

  2. I think Tammy is in some amount of pain but not as much as she claims she wants everyone to do everything for her and not take responsibility for anything she does. She does not want to lose weight because if she did it wouldn’t matter how much pain your in you would push through it she just wants all the attention

    1. I agreed with a lot of you.If I weighted 600 lbs my bones and joints would hurt too.The reason they hurt because she sits all the time.If you don’t use your body you will hurt.She is lazy and treats people like dirt.If I was her sister I would wash my hands with her.She is so hateful.

  3. So over Tammy. Hard to believe Tisa hasn’t watched this program to see how Tammy has treated family much less others. I’m at the end of watching this program.

    And as for Amy and Michael, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know how to clean and to take out garbage.

    Let Tammy throw all the tantrums she wants, but stop enabling her unhealthy eating habits. Any and Michael should get in their car and leave Tammy to take care of herself.

  4. Tammy what is it going to take to realize people are trying to help you.. You have to want it, this is as serious as anything gets!!

  5. I really don’t understand Tammy, she can walk she is just lazy!! What would she do if her sister or anyone else in her family were there to help her what would she do then?she would habe no choice but, to get her butt up and do for herself. I think she should be put to the test. I think she should be left alone by herself for a week and, see what she really would do. Just a thought.

    1. I agree…I bet she would walk to the mailbox if you put her favorite meal next to it. Everyone should ignore her for a week, she’ll wake up then and her attitude towards others would change. If not, just let her be and take care of things herself…

  6. Oh she is absolutely! She doesn’t want to walk. She doesn’t even want to lose the weight or else she’d be all in with doing it not gaining back 15lbs etc. Get with the program ffs!

  7. Having Dr. No would be a waste of his time. She wants to be overweight, she gets a lot of attention. Losing weight she will give up her security of food and people will not pay much attention to her.

  8. Tammy is nothing but a big fat lier. Everyone keeps letting her do whatever she wants. Stop it already! She didn’t wanna walk because there was more people around than when she got in the pool and she saw people staring.

  9. If TAMMY had been in real pain she is not the kind to keep it to herself. TAMMY is a user, she will stop at nothing for a attention. It breaks my heart the way she does AMY.

  10. Tammy is nothing but a narcissist. She is bullying everyone. It’s time for everyone to STOP enabling her! Why is this so complicated?.? She eats as much as a family every single day, then complains she hurts? Well duhhhh! It’s her own fault, at this point I would take her somewhere she can’t leave, give her enough food for her a NORMAL amount. Only fruits, veggies, proteins and water. Excercise must come before a meal or no eating. Watch how fast she goes then! No phone, just a tv that only works from like 7-10 pm she can read or walk or how’s this write down her feelings instead of abusing others!

    1. I totally agree. Michael, Tisha n her brother need to stop pushing he big butt and I bet she would get behind that wheelchair and walk then. She’s Just mean and evil. She doesn’t have to many issues she is constantly looking for men and thinking about screwin….. she’s going to break everyone down that pushes her…

  11. Tammy causes more pain by not moving. It breaks my heart but after watching the journey the sisters have gone through I am fed up with Tammy. At some point you have to take responsibility for your own actions. Your attitude it what has you beat, Tammy.

  12. Tammy wants to stay in that wheelchair so that someone always has to take care of her. She don’t want to lose weight and be independent. She is nasty and disrespectful and thinks somebody owe her 600 pd behind something

  13. Tammy needs to grow up. She is the only reason she is the way she is. People keep giving her excuse. If she wants something she gets it. She Beggs for more attention than gage. She is upset Amy put Gage first. Rightfully so.

  14. It’s unfortunate that Tammy has been completely reliant on family for so many years. Not only does she not appreciate their help, but she also expects it. She needs to take a hard look at how she has selfishly taken advantage of her family, but I don’t see that happening.

  15. Tammy is a lazy spoiled lady.she only wants people to feel sorry for her and do everything for her. She says it hurts to walk,then lose weight women…she is very spoiled also…l would love to be here caretaker cause I would make her get off her lazy ass and walk.her family needs to stop treating her like she is a baby. OMG LOSE WEIGHT…

  16. Tammy probably is in pain, but feeling sorry for her won’t help her. We all as adults experience pain in many different forms, but most of us push through the pain to get to our destination. She very immature and needs mental help. I pray she opens her eyes before it’s too late and rights her wrongs.

    1. Tammy is at least 30 years younger than i am. Tammy weighs 300 pounds more than i do. Yes, it hurts me to walk, too. I am counting steps after hearing tammy’s doctor tell her to do that. It’s not that hard to push myself into 65 steps a day. Two weeks ago i could only do 16 steps and now i can do 60 using a walker. Yes it hurts and i am totally out of breath when i sit. It is my fault i am in this condition because no one forced me to overeat or drink 2 liters of soda pop a day. It is up to me to do the best i can daily to make the changes i need to in order to keep living.

      1. Congratulations Kathy, keep up the good work! I’m proud of you. It takes a lot of soul searching, taking responsibility for your actions, & hard work to change your life. I am NOT a nutritionist or know much about dieting, but I was a nurse. I have a sweets addition, but am only 30 lbs overweight, at 76 years old. I have been blessed not to get too obese. From watching the shows, it seems like a deck of cards sized piece of lean meat, chicken, fish/protein & vegetables (no potatoes, rice, bread, noodles) salads are good, but dressings aren’t, is most of their menu. Nothing fried or breaded, make it grilled, baked, broiled or boiled. Experiment with herbs/spices instead of salt. Water is always a good choice to drink, adding lemon, lime, orange, watermelon slices can help flavor it, if needed. I hope this can help you along with your walking. Keep up the good work & don’t stop moving! Rome or your weight, wasn’t built in a day. Don’t get discouraged, baby steps, a pound a day could result in a 300 lb plus, loss in a year. OR, 5 pounds a month 60 pound a year, slow, but doable! Whatever you can handle or do, is a step in the right direction & better than nothing! It’ll be hard, but keep the faith! Just think, new clothes, new body, better movement, better health, maybe a vacation is in your future. You go girl!

        Now for Tammy, I agree with most of the posts, she is manipulating a lot of people. She will not see the light until she hits rock bottom or death. The family needs to let her know they love her, but are washing their hands of her. Call the places she orders food from, explain the circumstances & beg them not to take her orders or deliver to her address. Tell them they will hold them responsible if she dies, knowing they didn’t respect their wishes. Let Tammy fend for herself, get an Uber, & get her own medicine, doctor appointments, food, personal care etc., for a month, not just a week. Some people just don’t care & never see the light, the family has to prepare for the worse & believe its not their fault when she dies. Amy has to take care of Gage, she is NOT her sisters keeper! The more she does for her, the more Tammy expects & thinks she’s untitled to, or thinks she’s being neglected & has a manipulative pity party, or abusive outburst! Amy didn’t shove the food down Tammys throat, she did it to herself! Just like Amy & millions of other obese people do. But Amy did something for herself, took responsibility & changed her life for the better. Good for Amy! Michael needs a break from Tammy! He should NOT & does NOT need to be pushing Tammy around! He needs to be taking care of himself! What is Amy going to do if Michael gets hurt pushing Tammy around? Then she’ll have Gage underfoot while taking care of Michael AND Tammy! Then Gage will have to grow up to take care of Michael if he’s still incapacitated or permanently disabled & maybe Amy if she gets hurt by taking care of Tammy. Poor Gage, its a vicious circle. I hope Amy, Michael & Gage DO move, they need to re-think their priorities. As for Tammy, no sympathy here, unless & until she shows she is helping herself, goes to rehab, bring her own bed if that BS story will help, gets the bypass surgery & sticks to the diet after surgery for 6 months or so. THEN & only THEN, will I MAYBE, support Tammy. I don’t wish death on ANYONE, but I don’t see a good end for Tammy.

  17. I am sorry Tammy I went through pain everyday 24/7.I get up everyday I walking by myself…When first started walking down six steps to the car,then I walking with a walker to a cane.I was on oxygen for a few weeks. Quit the belly aching and enjoy life. It is all to her to get moving.Everybody need to quit doing stuff for her.,and hindering her
    Sincerlybeen there done that.,Tammy BartonFox

  18. Tammy needs to quiet blaming everyone for her weight problem . And grow up and help her self. I once wS 400pounds myself . And now am 187 pounds . If she really wants to have this weight loss surgery . She has to help herself and do what the doctors say . And she needs to get up and walk .I live in pain every day . And it’s no excuse for it ! And she needs to quiet trying to make everyone feel sorry for her. And she needs to stay off the BBW websites . Those websites are stupid. Because to be honest if she change her out look on life she could lose the weight . I would love to have 2 minutes along with her so I could talk some sense into her ! And she shouldn’t talk to Amy like she does she should be grateful for everything Amy has done for her !

  19. I honestly think Tammy will die soon, she never showed any discipline after all these years and even gained weight.. If it reaches to that point, it’s no one elses fault but her. I don’t feel sorry for her at all. Look at my 600lb life and how much they lose weight. Tammy refuses to make effort and despises everyone who did.

  20. Tammy is so lazy she is selfish can’t do this can’t do that get of u azz and it
    Her sister needs 2 move away from her she as her own life 2 sort out an a baby an hubby she can’t clean her own home for doin for tammy
    I feel so sorry for her sister my heart broke 💔 when I saw how she did not no how 2 clean properly I think if her sister moved tammy would then have 2 do stuff at the min she’s relying on her sister 2 do it all even order her meds it’s not hard 2 pick up the fone an order them her self
    I pray she gets of her butt an start doin things for her self

  21. Tammy is good at manipulation! Poor Tisa, not ready for this family of sharks! I hope Tisa gains something for her efforts but it is unlikely! Tammy and Amy have been taught by good grifters like their mother!

  22. Tammy is her own worse enemy. I won’t even watch that show anymore as she just grosses me out, both how she looks and her stupid attitude. It would be worth watching if she really wanted to help herself & put some effort into it, but she seems to think she’s some great celebrity & that doesn’t help.

  23. Tammy is the Master of Manipulation. She will use any excuse on the face of the earth to NOT have to do anything for herself, she enjoys having every step and fetch for her. If she ca. Crawl in bed with a man, if she can get to the refrigerator, shimmy and shake in that chair, she can walk. I have never in my knife seen a lazier I dividual than Tammy, she wants to be pushed around in the chair that way she expends zero effort, all this crying and lying is just that. She is pathetic. Quite honestly I believe she should be put in a nursing ho.e and left there before she kills everyone around her. She doesn’t deserve any sympathy she needs a strong kick in the butt not kid give treatment just so the don’t have to listen to her foul mouth and her pose pitiful me garbage. I have zero empathy or sympathy for her. She’s sickening.

    1. You are so right. She can turn those tears on on like a water fountain or pout on cue. She only cares about herself or she wouldnt expect poor Micheal to push ,tug, pull her like she does I wouldnt take her anyplace. And Amy is not tammysr mother I dont blame her for being fed up if I was Amy I’d move. far away and not answer my phone. Let tammy go to Vegas and staybet shed do more cause that sick ass man isn’t going to take cars of her

    2. You nailed it! Manipulation at it’s finest. They’ve got to stop enabling her pushing her. Her ass can walk and they should make her or let her sit there! I betcha she walk to food she wants quick and in a hurry. She’s just lazy as hell!

  24. I think Tammy wants everyone to feel sorry for her she wants attention she put herself in this situation nd doesn’t want to do anything about it all she cares about what she will eat next she needs to get off her ass nd start doing things for herself nd not treat her like a little kid I’m sorry but I don’t feel sorry for her

  25. I think it’s very likely that Tammy is in an EXTREME amount of pain. I don’t think she’s lying about that. The human skeletal and muscular systems just aren’t made to support that kind of weight. I really feel for Tammy and wish her the best. I am also severely disabled (though not from weight related causes) and it sucks when people constantly doubt you when you really can’t do something or they don’t believe your pain just because they can’t see it.

  26. Think a lot of ppl including family were feeling sorry for Tammy. I’m disabled and in severe pain & I don’t play up on it. Tammy needs to be taken to a health retreat for 6vmonths.and keep kit Chen locked. She needs to get of her lazy butt&start doing something or she’s going to die. Sorry but she is not helping herself. Good kick up the butt would help hopefully

  27. She didn’t slip getting into the pool. She was laughing and about to float away . She’s lazy and spoiled . Whenever someone says anything she doesn’t want to hear , you can honestly see her demeanor change and the redness in her cheeks. She was even getting mad when her dr was talking to her.

  28. Tammy is, imho, manipulative and a sad piece of work. Start loving or even liking yourself, and I’ll keep watching. As of last night, no more watching a person make an idiot of themselves

  29. As cruel as it may sound, the best thing they could do for Tammy is to get rid of that wheelchair. No excuses, get rid of it as she doesn’t need it and it’s actually detrimental to her health. The more she moves, the more her joints and pain will improve but she has to want to do it. Tammy is using the pain as an excuse and it’s an insult to many people who genuinely deal with chronic pain.

  30. It’s 75 steps a day for crying out liud. Most of us, even fat or elderly, start out with a goal of 7,000 to10,000 steps.


  32. Tammy is full of bs. She is just lazy. If she is not gonna try then they need to stop wasting their time with her. Her attitude is too nasty for me. I couldn’t and wouldn’t do it

  33. Tammy is so full of it and she has gotten so use to people doing for her that she’s not even trying to do for herself and she’s not comprehending the seriousness of her health. She’s rude to people and have burned so many bridges with her family. Even though Amy, Chris, and Misty is tired of Tammy’s b/s, they are still willing to help her with her weight. It couldn’t be me because she would’ve gotten her feelings hurt.

  34. I have an Ongoing Chronic Pain condition, I experience extreme pain when I get out of a pool, it is my body readjusting to gravity after being weightless. It is a horrible feeling of burdened heaviness and I am not anywhere near as heavy as Tammy, I can empathise that it would be an overwhelming feeling. I can observe that Tammy is emotionally needy, she is the product of an emotionally deprived childhood, this requires ongoing Counselling to address this. Tammy needs a lot of nurturing and a caring approach to her care, which she needs. However, the Nurse should not be risking her Back Health by pushing Tammy… she urgently needs a motorised Wheelchair.

  35. I was once nearly 600 lbs and I had a long road with help to get to the 155 I am now. If people are unwilling to take the steps and make the effort then the solution is to leave them to figure it out. I’m sure that if people stopped bringing her meals and enabling her she would have no choice but to change or die. No loss to this world other than a TV network losing income by taking advantage of a pathetic human being to entertain other pathetic human beings..

  36. She needs to start putting effort into losing the weight and she sure isn’t trying at this point. They should have left her at the rehab centre until she hit her goal so she could have the surgery. Amy needs to focus on her own life and lose the 160 pounds so she can get the skin removal surgeries.

  37. She is acting like a stubborn, spoiled, brat. You have family and friends helping and wanting you to survive!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! if Tammy doesn’t do something about it now, she won’t be around much longer to enjoy anything in life…. quite sad really

  38. Living at her size can’t be comfortable, no doubt she’s in pain. But at the same time, so are heart surgery patients and we have them walking the day after surgery. What is necessary isn’t always comfortable and what’s comfortable isn’t always what’s needed.

  39. I would be more stricked with Tammy. I can tell as she crosses her arms, and gives that snarly look, that she is just being an ungrateful person. She doesn’t want to do anything she’s supposed to do. I’d love to smack her. She needs to wake up about what she needs to do. Otherwise just leave her be. She’s not worth the programs time or money, if she doesn’t want to help herself. I feel sorry for her.she has all the help she can get, and then there are others like myself that can’t get any help at all.

  40. She’s just lazy I would have left her in the parking lot. She enjoys being waited on hand and foot; if she can bed up with a man she can do more for herself!

  41. Tisa you need to tell her to get off her lol lazy butt and get moving because if she wants that pain to go away she has to lose the weight! I know why her family doesn’t give up on her. They love her for some reason, God only knows why, I mean she treats all of them so poorly! Maybe she’s a better person when she wasn’t so heavy, I don’t know, but Tammy, get off your lazy butt and do the work or die! Why can’t people like her be forced into a mental hospital where they can control her eating habits as well??? I think she’s trying to commit suicide!!! She won’t exercise, she won’t follow through with any program and now she’s trying to get her nurse to push her everywhere. Yes…I would say she’s trying to kill herself!!!!!!!!

  42. This show has went downhill fast ….Yes, it’s hard to watch someone that’s overweight and enables herself because this shows paying for it. They found 2 lost overweight girls and tried to help them with a Physician and surgery. Honestly, nobody’s following the program with eating better and exercise. They’re counting on this show and money. She says she can’t walk. But, she sure hauled ass when she walking into the therapist office. I would kick her off the show for being so mean and rude to her therapist. She wasn’t court ordered to be there. My God she has it made and the producers of this shoe should remove her and find someone that truly wants to lose weight and be happy like their brother. I’m pretty much done with this show. Seeing the dirty home with her baby and cockroaches. This is horrible. This show should have boundaries. If they want to participate on this show they must get well otherwise find other people that truly want to get better AND THEY WORK HARD AT IT!! It’s encouraging to see someone not do crap and almost be 700lbs. 🙁 IF SHE DONT LOOSE WEIGHT GET NEW PEOPLE THAT TRULY NEED THE HELP. THIS SHOW HASN’T HELPED ANY VIEWER BY ENCOURAGING THEM TO GET WELL. I’M NOT WATCHING ANYMORE. RUDENESS TO PEOPLE THE TV SHOW IS PAYING FOR IS UNCALLED FOR. I’LL PRAY FOR THEM..

  43. Tammy is lying. She wants to be a fat overweight woman and they need to stop helping her. Poor Michael he has to push her big butt around and she never says thanks or anything she is pathetic.

  44. Tammy is over 600 pounds, I’m sure it’s very hard for her to walk but, her Dr. wants her to walk daily. Tammy is a manipulator, to her advantage. I don’t think she wants to do the hard work to lose the weight. She doesn’t realize that the surgery isn’t going to change the bad eating habits, that’s why the Dr. Wants her to lose weight first to change the bad habit. I don’t think there is any hope for her, what a shame. She will die before she turns 40.

  45. Wasn’t there a episode where she got into a swimming pool w/ Amy and says she “feels better” meaning that her knees didn’t hurt as much or at all but all of sudden in this episode they do when she’s getting out of a pool🤔🤔🤔?

  46. Tammy, get off your lazy butt and get some pride. Get up, walk, exercise and QUIT feeling sorry for yourself. Every pound you have on your body you put there by being a glutton. grow up.

  47. Tammy just wants everyone to wait on her hand and foot and if she doesn’t get her own way sulks,cries or yells……to me she is one spoiled brat…she expects way too much from her sister…she has to realize her sister has a baby and a husband she is to look after nit just her….

  48. Tammy is a sick overweight woman who needs to stop being so self centered their are so many people trying to help her but she won’t take it. She expects everyone to wait on her that’s selfish we seen her walk to the van walk into a doctors office get up Tammy and lose that weight

  49. Something or someone has to wake Tammy up. She is going to die. I do not feel sorry for her. She is very fortunate to have help. Many dont. Get up off your a$$ Tammy.

  50. Tammy has been giving help by so many people. Their are people that care about her. Tammy needs to believe in herself that she can do it.

  51. I know how Tammy feels some days as I am also over weight but I don’t let it stop me from going out and living my life. That scowl she gets when she doesn’t want to do something is disgusting and childish. She has gotten away with too much. If I was her family I would do something like take control over her money legally and any decisions that need to be made and put her back in the rehab until she loses the weight for surgery. My heart broke when her mom got upset because she has never showed any emotions like that for her kids.

  52. Tammy should have her nurse or health aids taken away from her & given to people who really need, want & will use the help.
    In addition will be thankful for it. She has created this life for herself, now let her just be.

  53. If Tammy was in that much pain why didn’t she just say so! I highly doubt that as she is just lazy, that’s why she is fat! Bad attitude and lazy! If she thinks she actually has had sex that’s funny!

  54. Tammy is a very sweet person she likes a lot of attention but she do need to lose weight may the Lord bless her

    The more she walks the better she will feel in the long run.
    If her can eat she can exercise !!!

  56. Tammy, stop playing games. You eat more than you say! And stop using people. You’re not a fooling anyone! I had the surgery and I didn’t blame anyone. Same as you’re weight is you’re fault no one else! And I believe you enjoy hurting other’s. Stop eating so much. I will never believe you. Get off your ass, and do the work. If I was your health caregiver. I would have walked out on you! No one has to listen to your crap. Grow up!

  57. Tammy just needs to be left alone and no one go over to help her and her family give her tuff love. She knows just what she is doing and her family falls for all her crap. She wants the attention and they give it to her. I want to continue to watch the show but i want to see Chris lose his weight cause he is trying. Amy needs to keep losing but Tammy is a joke.

  58. I couldn’t agree more Tammy has got to be the laziest most selfish person I have ever seen!
    I have zero sympathy for her anymore.
    My respect to her family for trying to help but OBVIOUSLY its not working! Chris never should have picked her up from the home she was in it was the only way she made any progress.
    If everyone backs off and leaves her on her own she will then have no choice but to go back because she cannot take care of herself.
    Thats the only way to save her. And if Amy keeps having Michael push her around shes going to end up with a handicapped husband.
    All that money shes making off the show why can’t she have a special extra wide electric chair made??
    No-one should have to push all that weight around.

  59. It’s really pathetic that she fell for Tammy’s BS. Tammy lied about being in pain because she’s too damn lazy to walk. She feels entitled and thinks she doesn’t need to do what is right for her health. At this point, if I were her siblings, I’d make it known to EVERYONE that Tammy isn’t going to do what needs to be done, and that if they want to enable her like they are, then they can spend the rest of Tammy’s life taking care of her. I would also inform Tammy she will NO LONGER be in my life until she learns to treats everyone with the respect she thinks she’s owed. And even then it would be unlikely for her to be welcomed back into my life. She’s pathetic and no one is telling her the truth and or giving her the biggest ultimatum (which she desperately needs)

  60. Tammy is lazy. She will never lose the weight and have surgery because she really doesn’t try. She always insists she can take care of herself then blames everyone else for not taking care of her! Ridiculous.

  61. Tammy is so mean ……I would have left her fat ass right in the parking lot. Tisa quit u are so nice she does not deserve u.

  62. Seriously why do they have a show? Just to watch someone who is in the situation she is in because of HERSELF nobody else-the fact that she acts like a victim because she’s morbidly obese is just mind blowing & that she expects everyone to do everything for her-can not stand it anymore- only was watching this season because of the baby-Tammy needs to go!

  63. Tammy needs to get up and walk. I’ve see people in worse conditions than her a d they are still independent and fighting to live. She is just lazy and wants someone to baby her. If she can’t save herself, no will be able to neither.

  64. I have known people like Tammy. Early on she discovered that she could use her weight to manipulate every one around her. She has gotten herself into this situation by playing the victim for so long that it’s become life threatening. She appears to be addicted to not only food but the attention. There is a kind of power in being a so good at manipulation. Last but not least there’s a laziness that adds another dimension of motivation for this behavior. The pain is real but it’s a result of morbid obesity. She uses the pain to justify not walking and a weapon against her support. It’s too complicated to pass judgement so abruptly as I have read. She needs a competent team of professionals to try to change her way of thinking. This is only my opinion. I don’t claim to be anything other than just another human being. I hope the best for her.

  65. Tammy is most definitely using that to not walk. Tammy does not want to get better she wants the pity party and to be catered to. It’s disgusting. Leave her to her own demise.

  66. I’m sick of Tammy “shutting down.” That’s an excuse for when she doesn’t want to talk about something. It’s so rude, like when she talked to the therapist. Not sure who she thinks she is to treat people the way she does.

  67. I do not think any or all the comments here will ever help Tammy help herself. She is so mean and hateful about or to anyone and anything. It was amusing at one time but has turned disgusting now. Hatefulness all over her face is just very ugly

  68. Tammy is a total user, She’s definitely using that against her will to not walk she doesn’t want to lose the weight, I feel sorry for the sister hope she she/bite finds out before their back gets broken I definitely wouldn’t put myself in that predicament..smh

  69. I am getting so sick of this lazy ungrateful fat a** I can’t watch this show in longer due to her. Like grateful people like Chris.

  70. Did anyone else notice that when she was sitting outside , she was trying to hide a Vuse Ecig?
    I spotted this immediately because my husband has the same exact one!
    So not only is she extremely morbidly obese and on oxygen but she is smoking ecigs.
    These ecigs are far more dangerous than regular cigarettes. One liquid pod is equal to ONE PACK of REGULAR (non-filter).
    Dangerous addiction to have .and not one family person or doctor is addressing this.If the drs. Dont know then the family must tell ASAP!!!

  71. I use to enjoy watching Amy and Tammy’s journey but now I can’t stand watching the show. Tammy is so lazy she puts the blame on everyone but herself it’s about time her sister and husband gets a bigger home they have their own family to think about and Tammy will start doing things for herself and quit blaming anyone else. Maybe the show should get rid of Tammy and have it about Chris and Amy’s journey.

  72. People need to also realize something is wrong with Tammy. Check out her forehead. She is mentally challenged. Should have been evaluated when she was a child. But, if her ass can lay down with these guys and screw, she can do more for herself. She’s a bitch and they need to stop accommodating her shit!!

  73. Tammy is mean, spiteful,crude,narsisstic and vulgar. She uses everybody. Her poor brother n law needs to stop pushing her around.They need to stop pampering her. I used to like the show but can’t stand to watch it anymore because of Tammy. All she thinks about is eating and going to motels with men. What man in his right mind would want to go to bed with someone like her.?? Get a life, Tammy..Change your lifestyle now or you are going to die. Your family loves you and you treat them all like crap. WAKE UP!!!

  74. Tammy Slaton has learned how to play people! Unfortunately, just about everyone in her family has enabled her and her childish behavior! It’s a learned behavior and she knows how to use it! People (family mostly) always saying, “Don’t get Tammy mad or she’ll shut down! So what! Let her! She don’t care about anyone but HERSELF! She says people are afraid of her because of her size…..pffffffft! Oh please. She can’t get out of the wheelchair to do anything, so what’s the deal? She’s got a mouth! And a big one at that. Shoot its about as big as she is! She needs a lesson in growing up & acting your age and a big lesson in gratitude! I just can’t stomach her anymore, but I do enjoy watching Amy’s little guy, Gage. GROW UP TAMMY & LEARN TO APPRECIATE WHAT YOUR FAMILY IS DOING FOR YOU!

  75. Tammy is just to lazy and wants to be pushed around not caring how she.is hurting peps back she don’t care as long as she gets her way and can remain lazy is good with her if she would lose the weight she will see the pain will go away. Anyone would hurt doing the way she is she treats everyone that tries to help her like they a dog she needs to be left by herself and let her figure it out only way she is going to get it everyone dose everything for her she has no reason to get up do the work

  76. The family needs to go to court and get her committed as a danger to her self have her put in a place that will make her lose the weight and not let her out till she has lost the weight and shows she can keep it off then have her watched by a impartial party to keep her healthy cause it ain’t Amy or Chris’s responsibility to babysit her when they have their own weight and family’s to worry about LEAVE IT TO THE PROFESSIONALS

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