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Is Amy Halterman’s Husband Michael Halterman Underappreciated? Fans Love Him

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The cast of 1000-Lb. Sisters contains quite a few colorful characters. With big personalities like Tammy Slaton and Amy Halterman, it’s sometimes hard for others to find their voice. Some fans now believe that Michael Halterman, Amy’s husband, is one of the most underappreciated characters on the show.

If you take a quick look online, it’s clear to see that many of the show’s fans absolutely adore Michael.

Michael Halterman earns a lot of love and attention from fans

There is a Reddit thread where fans comment on how much they really love Michael Halterman.

“1000% Michael is the chillest most gentle human being. Pushing/driving Tammy’s ungrateful booty around, living next door to her, helping Amy through her weight loss journey along with her emotional trauma, ALL WHILE BEING A NEW DAD!!BEJEsus 😫” the original comment begins.

Amy gets visibly frustrated with Tammy’s behavior from time to time and Michael likely does too. However, he rarely ever says a word about it. Instead, he steps up and helps his wife’s sister whenever she needs him.

“I just wanna be as strong as Michael. 😅 dude has the best workout routine pushing Tammy around,” says another Reddit user.

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However, not every fan feels that way. Some actually believe that Michael Halterman is actually enabling the sisters.

“This guy is the ultimate enabler. He supports both Amy and Tammy in their terrible decisions, and allows both of them to live in their little fantasy lands when it would be easier for him to put his foot down and say No than it would be for any of the rest of them,” pointed out another Reddit user. “He’s not sweet and kind; he’s a doormat and a willing participant in the train wreck.”

Are you a fan of Michael Halterman or do you believe he’s contributing to a bad situation? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Fans respond well to Amy’s husband’s kind demeanor

No matter what you think of Michael Halterman, many fans really appreciate his soft, supportive demeanor. With big personalities like Amy and Tammy, it’s nice to have a nice balance.

During one of the episodes this season, Amy decides to hire a professional cleaning crew to help get her home in order. She has an emotional breakdown during the episode, but Michael reminds her that many people have the same problems. Even though many fans didn’t love the fact that the Haltermans had a dead mouse in the their house, they did like how supportive Michael could be.

So what do you actually think of Michael Halterman? Let us know what you think in the comments. Keep watching 1000-Lb. Sisters and let us know where you think the season is headed next.

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