‘1000-Lb. Sisters’: Chris Combs SHOCKING Weight Loss Update

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1000-Lb. Sisters star Chris Combs dropped a shocking weight loss update on fans a few days ago. TLC viewers are elated to see Chris has continued to be successful with his weight loss goal. As Season 3 progressed and Chris Combs got his weight loss surgery, fans admitted they had concerns for his long-term success.

Why were fans concerned Chris Combs couldn’t be successful with dropping the pounds? What shocking weight loss update did he drop on social media a few days ago? Keep reading for all the details and a stunning photo of what Chris Combs looks like right now!


1000-Lb. Sisters fans doubted he could be successful

As we’ve previously reported, 1000-Lb. Sisters fans had some serious doubts that Chris could be successful with his weight loss. On the show, Chris Combs discussed how sick and tired he was of dieting just to get almost to the surgery and not get it. Fans struggled with hearing Chris say this because they thought he was putting too much power on the surgery and would not continue to eat right after the surgery. Other fans, however, had more faith in him and clarified he just wanted to get approved for the surgery instead of feeling like a failure.

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Like Chris, Amy Halterman also has fans in doubt of her long-term success with weight loss. Fans believe she only got the surgery and lost the weight because she wanted to have children. Now that she’s had Gage and she’s pregnant with baby number two… Fans don’t believe there’s any real motivation to continue to lose weight.

Chris Combs shocking 2022 weight loss update: See photo of him now

Chris Combs and his family recently celebrated his son’s birthday. Chris posted a few photos of himself, his wife, and his family on Facebook. This was the first time in a little while 1000-Lb. Sisters fans got to see a super recent photo of how he looked. This 2022 weight loss update was shocking. Fans admit it looked like Chris had lost well over 100 pounds.

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There were hundreds of fans that poured into the comments to gush about how great Chris Combs looked in the photo. They were so excited to get this shocking weight loss update from him. It looked like dropping the pounds was really allowing him to live his life to the fullest.

What do you think about Chris Combs’ shocking weight loss? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on 1000-Lb. Sisters.

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  1. Bravo….! Determination pays off. It all comes down to one thing. “How bad do you want it!”
    You look amazing Chris. Pat yourself on the back and keep going. You’re half way there.

  2. I’m so happy to see Chris continues to lose weight. He’s the character I really root for on the show because he’s the most likeable.

  3. Chris, I have absolutely no words!!!! Man, you truly look AMAZING!!! To see your smile you had on your face when you came out in your suit, brought tears to my eyes!!!! Great job Chris! Keep going!!

  4. When Chris put on that suit & hat and was beaming in the final season episode, I teared up. He’s so darn proud of himself and SHOULD be! What an accomplishment! He looks awesome and the suit looked fantastic on him. He’s a kind, gentle soul who deserves all the happiness in the world!

  5. Chris you were handsome when you were larger. But boy how handsome you are now. So very proud of you please don’t back slide. You are so lucky to have a family that stood by you.

  6. Chris is actually my favorite on the show. I felt so bad when he went on the ride at the amusement park and and the first seat wouldn’t close. I teared up when he was given another seat that fit; he wanted to ride so bad. In the family photo in the cowboy outfit showed us how handsome and personable he really is. But, him coming out with that suit and hat on was extra special. Stick with that diet Chris and you will enjoy life even more. Your self-esteem has to be right up there.

  7. U look fabulous! U r an inspiration to me. I was 104 now I am 260. After my fiancé died I gained so much weight.. I can’t even look in the mirror. I wear sweatshirts in the summer cuz it’s the only thing I’m comfortable in. I wish u well & congratulations on ur weight loss.i hope I can lose the weight. If u can do it hopefully I can too.

  8. I so happy hes continued to lose the weight, hes looking great, hopefully his sister will start to think about her health,and dump all the men who dont give a damm whether shes killing herself with food,they dont care about her,she should listen to her family and the doctors who care about her wellbeing

  9. Chris tell your sweetie sister Tammy to take care of her self and to keep up the great work and the weight loss I am so proud of you and Tammy. Tell your sister to call me anytime 215-561-0721

    1. Awesome job Chris !! My son and I had watched 1000 lb sisters every show that came on .. So proud of your weight loss keep up the great work .. We will be missing you all , sad there will not be another season from my understanding from reading online .. Chris get your own show we’ll watch you ..
      Great Job to all of you


      1. Chris I am so happy that you lost all that weight you look terrific and keep up the good works you’re doing a great job I’m sure you feel a hundred percent better too may the good Lord look over you over your sisters

  10. Chris Combs you look absolutely amazing. You we’re already handsome, but you are sexy, hot, and slim. So proud of you! Keep up the good work.

  11. way to go chris i watch the show all the time and you seem the most wanting to loose this weight so that you could enjoy life more and you look amazing now keep up the great work

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