Why This May Be The End For Tammy Slaton?

Despite two of her siblings having made it through the process of having weight loss surgery, Tammy Slaton has not yet achieved that goal. Now, 1000-Lb Sisters fans fear the worst. That the end might be near for Tammy. Read on to find out why TLC viewers think that Season 4 of the hit show might not happen.

Tammy Slaton’s Progress – Slower Than Her Walk To The Mailbox

Many fans of 1000-Lb Sisters have been around since the very beginning of Season 1. Initially, both girls committed to doing whatever it took to lose the weight. Their size was drastically affecting their health.

Tammy, clearly the larger of the two siblings, was really in a more dire situation. Way past the markers for morbid obesity, Tammy Slaton weighed in at just over 600 pounds. This was nearly 200 pounds more than her sister, Amy.

Very early on in the first season, Amy made the decision to get serious about her weight loss goals. She committed to accomplishing what Dr. Procter had asked of her and before the season ended, she was approved for her weight loss surgery. Everyone hoped that seeing her sister have such quick success that Tammy would follow in her footsteps. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

The next two seasons of the show continued to highlight Tammy’s ‘attempt’ to lose weight. Fans quickly became agitated with her because she never put in any effort. The reality personality is notorious for finding excuses for her failures. Initially, viewers tried to rally behind Tammy, hoping that the support would motivate her. Now, two seasons later, Tammy Slaton has still yet to prove that she has made any progress.

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Was Rehab a Publicity Stunt?

At the end of Season 3, viewers watched in shock when Tammy Slaton finally agreed to return to the rehab program she initially ditched earlier in the year. After a massive downward spiral, and a mental health crisis that included some heavy alcohol binges and hospitalization, the heavyweight celeb finally told Dr. Eric she was ready to change her life. Fans were hopeful that this time Tammy would really commit to turning her life around – but no one is holding their breath over it.

In fact, at the end of the season finale, Tammy’s big brother, Chris Combs, revealed that Tammy had been in rehab for some time already. He reported to fans that in her time in the facility, Tammy had managed to lose somewhere in the region of 100+ pounds.  Fans, however, aren’t feeling so apt to believe it without proof.

Throughout her stay in the food addiction program, Tammy Slaton has remained active on social media. She updates her followers as often as she can and often posts videos of herself lip-syncing to various trending songs on Tik-Tok. Despite her regular postings, fans are still unsure with the TLC star has actually lost any weight.

Any time Tammy posts a video, it tends to be selfie-style. In most, only her face or a small portion of her upper body is visible. Her comment sections are nearly always filled with viewers debating whether she is using a filter to appear ‘slimmer’ or not. Many are convinced that readmitting herself into the program was a last-ditch effort to show the network that she has something left of value worth sticking around for.

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Will Tammy Slaton Make It To Season 4?

In her social media updates, Tammy Slaton has ‘revealed’ to fans that the fourth season of 1000-Lb. Sisters is coming. According to Tammy – they have just haven’t started filming it yet and ‘it could be a while.’

While many fans were elated to hear that the show was coming back – there are quite a few who aren’t so sure that they want to bank on that as fact just yet. Why? Fans across the internet have a sneaking suspicion that the end is coming for Tammy Slaton — at least in regards to her reality television career.

The whole concept for the show was to document Amy Halterman and Tammy Slaton’s weight loss journey – before and after surgery. For three seasons, Tammy has stalled, making little to no progress on even the smallest of goals. Having made no effort, viewers are clearly starting to lose interest in following Tammy’s story. If ratings for the show drop enough, this could very quickly prompt TLC to pull the plug on the project altogether.

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Despite the fact that Tammy clearly wants to continue filming – it’s clear that her motivations revolve more closely around growing her status than losing weight. Her sister Amy has already accomplished the goals she set out to reach and has since fallen off the wagon when it comes to her continued weight loss. Amy has also mentioned that she doesn’t want to be as involved in filming if the show continues, which would force the producers to focus more on Tammy’s storyline. Unfortunately, as of now, there doesn’t seem to be much for them to work with.

Do you think that TLC will Tammy Slaton before Season 4 starts filming? Tell us in the comments!

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