‘1000-Lb. Sisters’: Tammy Slaton Vibes With Mystery Man At Rehab

Tammy Slaton 1000 LB Sisters

Tammy Slaton of 1000-Lb. Sisters shared a video of herself vibing with a mystery man at rehab. Fans suspected this was likely another patient at the rehab facility. He also appeared to be larger in size and he was wearing a face mask while hanging with Tammy.

Unsurprisingly, fans of 1000-Lb. Sisters fans did not waste any time sharing their thoughts on this mystery man. What did fans have to say about this mystery man? Do we know anything about who this man is? Keep reading for the details.

Flourishing in rehab

This time around, rehab seems to be doing wonders for Tammy Slaton. As we previously reported, Tammy Slaton dropped over 100 pounds during her first month in rehab. Chris Combs clarified she lost 115 pounds during 30 days. 1000-Lb. Sisters fans know it has been two months since she checked into rehab. So, they hope she’s been able to keep to that pace. If she has, she would now be looking at 150-200 pounds lost.

Tammy Slaton - TLC/YouTube
Tammy Slaton – TLC/YouTube

Tammy Slaton has also posted a few different videos of her on TikTok hanging out with a variety of people. Hanging out with them and doing things other than drinking and smoking. In one video, Tammy appeared to have a friend that was helping her do her hair and make-up. She also appears to just have had a few people come to visit her. Moreover, it looks as though she’s even made a few friends inside of the rehab facility.

One of those friends being a mystery man that she shared a video of herself vibing with.

Tammy Slaton vibes with mystery man at rehab

According to TikTok, the mystery man’s name is Tony Capone. Unfortunately, Tony Capone only has three videos on TikTok. Moreover, he doesn’t really have any information on his bio. One of his three videos on TikTok is his video of himself vibing with Tammy.

In the comments of his very first TikTok video, someone did boldly ask if he was Tammy’s new boyfriend. He responded simply with the word “no.” In her videos featuring herself and several other people, Tammy has been quick to clarify in the captions that these people were merely her friends.

Tammy Slaton - TikTok
Tammy Slaton – TikTok

In the comments across all the videos, fans point out the last thing Tammy Slaton needs right now is another man in her life. And, they hope she’s focusing on her weight loss.

What do you think about this mystery man Tammy Slaton is vibing with on TikTok? Do you think this is just a friend or could it be something more? Moreover, what do you think about what fans are saying about this mystery man? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this TLC family.

Trisha Faulkner


    1. Hi Tammy Louie here I know you have lost 150 now so proud of you. I have watched your show since the beginning. I am so glad you went back to rehab. I also have diabetes, and my husband was flagged at his 6 month doctor’s visit. good luck sweetie I will follow you and your progress you have alot of fans on your side, and your family loves you more than you know

          1. I pray she has lost the 150 lbs. No, I don’t see the progress yet, but it could show more around her tummy first. Proud of her!

          2. When a person is as large as Tammy, you’re not going to see the difference with 100 lb loss. Her mobility is limited. But the fact that she’s in rehab and has lost 100 lbs is freaking awesome.
            I have never been Tammy’s size, I weighed 328 lbs in 2020 & have been fat since I was 5. Been on every diet, etc. Weight loss surgery is how I lost it and I’m still trying to loose another 50. Food addiction is real. I still crave food, I crave the xomfort of it. It’s not easy. Even though I’m struggling to weigh in at 170-180 lbs, I fuckin want those chips, the real ones not the Quest ones! I want rice and gravy not cauliflower…just like an addict wants that hit off the pipe or a line or a needle…its an addiction. No one can force you to get help or help yourself, you have to want it for yourself.

      1. I know it’s very confusing, a lot depends on what the show will allow the public to actually know. They don’t want to give away any plot lines from next season. But it is amazing how close to death she’s come. And how many times! Also her sister Amy looks like she’s packing it on again. Every time she is on camera she’s eating something fattening. She’ll be in rehab next.

    2. I Honesty Don’t think it is no one business really sounds like someone is Jelious because she has friends and yall don’t think she made up her mind proved her point got tired of everyone’s butting in and she is proving she is doing it on her own Get it done Tammy do what you have to do be happy do not let anyone get in your way

    3. It’s good to have friends as long as they don’t deter you from your progress. It sounds like your now on the right path and doing you for you. Nevermind what other people say, listen to your docs and you will accomplish what you set your mind to. I’m proud of you an you are a very beautiful young lady inside and out. I’ve been watching you and your sister for quite some time. Hey everyone needs to let loose at one time or another, so maybe now that’s out your system for a while. Who the hell “needs” a man anyway. Friends are way better, positive friends. If they can’t be that for you, kick they ass to the curb. Good luck and keep pushing forward.

  1. Tammy I been watching 1000 sisters and I am praying for u to loss the weight because I know u can do it keep on listening to the doctors

    1. Wow girl that comments a little HARSH don’t you think! There is nothing wrong with her “Vibing” with friends that give hher Positive help and encouragement!!! People really need to back of with the Shit comments and send her positive comments and encouragement. Some people are not as strong as others and suffer from depression and self worth it’s not easy to pull yourself out of a hole being criticized and negative talk.
      Personally I think she needs someone who is Not family related either going thru this challenged life changes or one who has been thru it to work with her. Someone that will take personal grooming, makeover sessions as she loses weight to show her that she is not only beautiful on the inside but is on the outside as she faces her life changes. This can build her up to positive thinking and self worth. Tammy you go girl you got thus and CAN do this!!! Prove them all Wrong Girl!!! I’m pulling for you!!

      1. U tell them cause I thank Tammy is doing a very good job. And if u ever need a friend I am here for u Tammy. Your friend Tina

      2. You are wrong. What we need in our darkest times is family. Call em white trash or call em whatever you want (she got more family then i do). She has a good strong support system through blood. More than most of us could say. Keep it up girl. So so very proud of you!!!

      3. Preach it Sista!😍💋 It’s not like she’s in Prison! She’s punished herself enough. We all need friends. You go Tammy, let your Little Light Shine! Brightly

    2. Instead of knocking her with Yr nasty comments, show her support people like u really annoy me, got nothing nice 2 say, don’t say anything.

  2. Well Tammy, you’re the one that has to carry your fat ass a round. I’m done worrying about you! If you are the only one that can lose the weight. No one can do it for you. So I’m done! You don’t care about your self and you’re family should not feel bad for you! I see that you are doing all of this crap to hurt them for living their lives! God be with you. And if the show is telling you to act out, shame on you!

  3. A friend “yes” a boyfriend “no” you need to focus and having such a loving caring family and also a dr. that is very compassionate about his job and giving you a second life.
    There is nothing to prove to anyone on trying to be hip.
    Focus because you right now only have one chance that was given to you!!!
    Hope to see a season 4 on all the results and caring loving family
    God Bless you and and your family 🙏

  4. Her family deserves a break from her. She’s lazy and mean. Whether she loses weight or not she needs to start doing things on her own instead of using others as if they’re her slaves.
    Next time she tells someone to shut up so I sincerely hope she gets a a hard slap across that fat face.

  5. Proud of you Tammy keep up the good work Dr.Smith is waiting for you for surgery glad your making new friends there. Love you Tammy and Amy. Prayers Tammy.

  6. The family need a Break. I don’t know how they pushed her, and she didn’t care about how hard it was. Their poor backs. And expected them to take care of her😡

  7. Another article stated Tammy is 100% paying for the rehab, not TLC.

    How? How on earth is she paying? If TLC pays her to be on show and she uses that money, then TLC IS paying for rehab.

  8. She will want to get out of there soon! She doesn’t look like she has lost any weight! She is mean and nasty and she will be back to her old habits!

  9. Tammy I understand your frustration but rather taking it out your family, take a look in the mirror. You’re the one causing your difficulties. The hardest person to get honest with is yourself. You can do this surround yourself with positive people.Partying and drinking alcohol is really not good. If these people are real friends they would not be a part of something so destructive.Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  10. Tammy, keep up the good work. You have now lost over 100#. That is so awesome. You are now ahead of the game. Keep playing the game. You Cand do it! Ask God to help you in the Precious Name of Jesus. There is power in His Name. Love God first and yourself 2nd. With God’s help “All things are possible.” Just Believe

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