‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Season 4 Not Happening? Tammy Doesn’t Want It

Tammy Slaton - TLC/YouTube

Wait, is 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 4 not happening? Tammy Slaton has been spilling her guts via TikTok Live and she recently gave some inside information about the future of the show. According to Tammy, no one in the family has renewed their contract for the network for another season. Moreover, Tammy admits she isn’t even sure she wants another season to happen.

Do fans even want 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 4 to happen?

Truthfully, fans have mixed feelings about Season 4 of 1000-Lb. Sisters. There are a lot of fans who grew beyond frustrated with Tammy Slaton’s behavior this season. These fans aren’t exactly interested in seeing more of Tammy.

Some fans have argued they would be open to 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 4. But, they would like it to be without Tammy Slaton. Fans would love to see more of Amy Halterman’s family. They adore Gage Halterman. Fans are also here for seeing more of Chris Combs’ weight loss journey as well.

1000 pound sisters TLC YouTube
1000 pound sisters TLC YouTube

Season 3 was renewed so fast

Fans will recall TLC confirmed Season 3 of 1000-Lb. Sisters so fast. There is some speculation the quick turnaround on the renewal was to keep the family from spilling too many details on social media. Amy Halterman and especially Tammy Slaton are known for spilling way more information on social media than they should, resulting in a lot of spoilers for the series.

TLC not immediately renewing Season 4 in the same fashion could have some fans concerned it won’t happen. It really boils down to a few factors including how popular the series was this season compared to Season 2. If the network is losing too much money making the series they might decide to drop it.

Amy Halterman - YouTube/TLC
Amy Halterman – YouTube/TLC

Furthermore, the willingness of the cast is also a factor. Tammy Slaton has said on TikTok she isn’t sure if she wants to return for another season even if the opportunity is offered to her. Perhaps Tammy Slaton is done having production in her life.

The Season 3 Finale of 1000-Lb. Sisters airs tonight only on TLC. Viewers with Discovery+ can also stream it via the streaming library. Are you bummed to learn 1000-Lb. Sisters might not return for Season 4? Does it surprise you that Tammy Slaton isn’t sure she wants to return for more? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I got fed up with Tammy’s attitude as well, however I was so excited to see her change of heart. She has been belittled as a child by others and she has to have emotional baggage that she has been carrying around for years. I personally want to see how she can grow beyond it and heal. I also want her to deal with her food addiction whole heartedly. I really want to see Season 4 with Tammy.

      1. Speak for yourself. I want to see more of Tammy. i want to see her regain her self respect and succeed. Where there is life, there is hope.

    1. I really love this family, I love Tammy and I want her to make it. We should be encouraging her not putting her down. Her family loves her also. Slaton family I hope you return God bless all of you. You will be missed

    2. Oh please don’t cancel. The show it’s my Monday night fix on life …I love the girls and Chris ..I think of everyone leaves Tammy alone may be she will.figure her life out..get married and be happy..She 35 yrs old she had a bad childhood and no one did anything to get her help as a young child ..I feel sorry for her but then again I don’t if you get that big and don’t try to help yourself nobody to blame but herself..She needs to grow up and be a adult not trying to put blame on the other family. She with them all and nothing had improve …Thank you Amy and Chris for all your effort ..God bless this family

      1. I wish you would keep the show going to I look forward to seeing this show on every Monday night I love this family

    3. That really sucks, not that Tammy isn’t coming back but I was hoping Amy an her sisters and brother would get together as a team and do a show☹️🙁
      I really really got burnt out on all Tammy’s issues.
      I mean good luck for her but I don’t care to watch her. let her work on her mental issues and her weight gain
      Cuz that chic has a lot to work on.
      As for the family hilarious love em 💕💕

      1. I hope the family comes back I love watching them they tremendous love for each other and I think the fans deserve to see the family continue there progress and hopefully see Tammy resolve some of her medical and mental issues and succeed in her weight loss journey. So please Slaton sisters do season 4.

    4. Well Tammy does have an attitude the show would not be the same without her she is the only one that has not done her bariatric surgery yet everybody else has and they haven’t lost any more weight after the surgery will not much they all look the same I’d like to see them take it all the way to the end it seems like they got to a certain way and they stopped Tammy has not done her weight loss surgery yet I’d like to see her do that I like to see where it takes her I still think she can do it and who knows when she gets her bariatric surgery she might just pass them all up and lose more weight than any of them she makes the show interesting even though she does have a mouth on on her without her being in the show the whole show would be boring I’d love to see her get that surgery and see what happens that would make the show really interesting not only that I’d like to see her get all the way down to go like 150 lb or something none of them I got past 270 something I sure hope they do a show with Tammy in it and I hope that she gets her bariatric surgery that would be exciting to see her get it finally

      1. That just goes to show you though that bariatric surgery is not a cure-all for everything they still have trouble losing weight even after the surgery so it just tells me you still have to work hard to lose weight and that the bariatric surgery does not do all the work I’ve learned a lot from watching this show I’ve learned that bariatric surgery does not take care of everything you have to put in the hard work and the exercise to get it off I really enjoyed watching this show because some of the things that I was going through or the same things they are going through like for instance I was using food for comfort I was using food for a friend I couldn’t believe they were saying the same things I was I can really relate to this show this show really encourages me to lose weight and how important it is to lose weight for your health I really enjoy this show by watching this show as an encouragement to me when I feel like I don’t want to diet anymore Lift Me Up and keeps me going

  2. After the full extent if just how lazy and entitled Tammy is came out. I honestly don’t see fans expecting her do do more than commit slow suicide while further abusing her family.
    She’s a bitch and no one’s rooting for her to expect her sister to cook for her and her brother to play cheauffer any more.
    Park her ads in a home and forget her until it’s time to buy a triple wide casket…that should be in about 6 months at the rate she’s going.

    1. Tammy a very nasty person
      Her family is there for her and she don’t care ! If Tammy does want to the next season just cut her off ! I prefer her siblings better than her!!!

      1. It’s time to cancel this clown show. Get the family off the TLC gravy train. It’s not just Tammy who has problems; Amy has a track record of doing shady things. I don’t think any of them are cute or funny- except Gage. I feel sorry for that little guy being raised by this family.

    2. Well said Tempest I agree with you 100% I’m so tired of Tammy self-sabetizing and acting so entitled .
      When she said at the meet an great she was excited to show ppl how far she’s come LOOK AT ME NOW !!! I was like like OMG I would be embarrassed for ppl I went to school with see me fat ass ever and an absolute Bitch.
      Tammy’s maturity level is like an elementary school child …. And she can barely lift a leg there’s no way in hell she bath’s herself lies lies Narssasistic
      I’m over the fat bitch I would love to watch the family thou 👍

      1. She can take care of herself who does she think she is kidding! No way is see able to whip herself, let alone keep the fat rolls and creases clean, they smell.

    3. Wow I didn’t know Judgwment Day was here and all the Tammy haters filled tat position, I thought that was up to God!!!

      First off where do you all get off speaking for all the true Fans of Tammy and her family?
      Secondly have you thought maybe they don’t want to come back because they are sick of being trashed for their mistakes, life choices and how they were raised??
      There is no such thing as perfect people and I’m sure if you take a good long look at yourselves there’s things your not proud of or embarrest about.
      Yes, Tammy, her sisters and brother and certainly their mother may have made choices we don’t agree with but life is a lesson we are taught everyday. If we see it clearly we learn from it if it takes a while then get it does that make us Bad, hell no it makes us human!!
      I think it would be a boring world if we all got life’s lessons at one time again that don’t mean we should judge, trash or hate someone.
      God made us All special not equal, he didn’t make us all skinny, beautiful and smart right from birth!!!

      I am looking forward to seeing Season 4 and hope Everyone including Tammy is in the show. I want to see her succeed in her weight lose and prove all you cruel hearted people eat your words because when we hit rock bottom and crawl out from under that rock it makes us choose to be the best we can and I believe when Tammy got CMP and had to get a Tracheotomy she hit her bottom. I think when Amy had Gabe then bought her home Tammy did some major thinking and that is what made her go back to Rehad to better herself. It was her CHOICE now its time to Stop hating and give support to her by sending her messages, cards, mail ect!!! Sugar is always sweeter then Vinegar!! Kindness goes much further to ones self esteem the negativity.
      Your nastyness can Make her or Break her!!!
      Best Wishes to you Tammy, Amy, Chris, Mike and to that adorable beautiful Gabe!!!
      Congratulattions on the New Baby as well.
      Looking Good Tammy keep up the hard work its definitely paying off your beauty is shining through!!

      1. You explain everything right Jacqueline. Threw GOD we can do anything we put our mines too. I want to wish the best for Tammy and all her family. We can only help people who want to help themselves.. And I’m so fed up with people who makes remarks about other people. Look in the mirror guys. Stop judging everyone. GOD LOVES EVERYONE.

      2. Are you out of your rabbit ass mind? And who are you to preach to us for the way Tammy has us feel and think. She is nothing but a lazy fat ass. She is nothing but a lying using narcissist. You tell me you would put up with her ungrateful ass. If she ever intended to lose weight she would have done it along time ago. To which she has no intentions of doing. She has been in some life threatening situations and it hasn’t made any impression on her. Every so called boy friend she’s had when they break up or more like leave her then she keeps calling their family trying to start some crap lying to them. No man in their right mind would have anything to do with her. She’s nothing but a bully. If she wasn’t so self centered she can walk we’ve seen her do it and every time I saw Michael push her in her wheelchair I wish I was there so I could jack slap some sense into her. And making excuses for her from her growing up years is a crock. My growing up years was much worse but your supposed to learn from then and change things as you grow. But not her she uses it as a crutch. Let’s face it she is NEVER going to change. She will ALWAYS be a lazy ass user bully and will always expect someone to do for her.

        1. This! My wife and I have been praying she is left out of season 4. Her brother and 2 other sisters (and amy’s family of course) are far more enjoyable. But I guess drama and these holier-than-thou’s will push for her to be back.

          All of this God loves everyone sentiment. There’s another saying – God helps those who helps themselves. God has better people who actually care about other people to worry about.

        2. Total agreement here. I think the family gives in to Tammy all the time, they never give her as she deserves, she says something snotty and the siblings shut up and go away. Tammy is so nasty, so unappreciative and needs some serious emotional/mental help, not a tv program. I would love however to see the show built around all the siblings including Amy and how THEY’RE doing with THEIR commitment to losing the unhealthy weight. Let Tammy stay out of it, she’s an emotional wreck, an immature, demanding “baby” sister. The show, yes, Tammy , NO!!

  3. The finale gave the fans the relief we have been waiting for. Season 4 could be the season where Tammy loses the weight if so im all in, if she doesn’t lose the weight like the finale just showed she was then will be another frustrating season.

    1. I.feel that alot of Tammy’s negative behavior is the result of her health issues. She is grossly overweight, unable to function on a normal level and feels uncomfortable and miserable every day, as a result. I believe that Tammy feels that her situation is hopeless and that she has basically given up and is extremely depressed, as a result. So sad

  4. We want another season! Love the show, maybe less of Tammy and more of the rest of their family. They seem like pretty good people and it would be great to see a show like this continue so we can see their progress. Maybe Tammy might actually get on the wagon and lose weight.. So many of these type weight shows never show the success beyond an episode or two, be great to see a follow up on shows like 600 pound life and see the final result of their efforts.

    1. We want another season! AT first I was lobbying to kick Tammy off and just have the show be about Chris’s weight loss journey as well as about Amy and her family too. But the season finale changed my mind. I see now that Tammy wants it and has dedicated herself to fully doing what it takes to get the surgery and lose the weight. I am so encouraged and happy for her. Now I want to watch again. I am surprised that Tammy wants to not do another season. This surprises me cuz she loves the attention from being on camera. Please don’t cancel it. After the finale I”m all in again.

    2. I think the fans deserve another season to see where this family goes in terms of meeting there goals . I would like to see Amy’s new baby.

  5. Gage is cute but I can’t imagine a show about him. What would that be? There is no way these people are gonna walk away from this paycheck. We want to see how everyone is doing. Let’s face it they are all still struggling in their weight loss. Tammy might finally be on the right track. I personally would love to see her not only succeed but surpass the others. Please bring it back.

    1. Well amy is unhappy with her gender reveal Amy said only two kids but since she didn’t get what she wanted she is going to be pregnant again.

  6. Unbelievable the rude comments on here. Let’s be positive folks. I hope it gets renewed. They’re likable family and willing to let us in their home. I’m rooting for Tammy!!

    1. Yes I agree people trash talking Tammy isn’t helping, she went through alot growing up it is hard. What if God turned his back On us and we had no more chance like everyone on here are doing to Tammy, it’s ashame people can’t be nice…

  7. I would like another season if Tammy smartens up. I love Amy and her family but concerned Amy is gaining weight again. Why does Chris’ wife always have that silly head band on. Would like to see her without it just for once. Love Chris.

    1. I like the show I want it to come back on I want to see how Tammy is doing I hope she gets on tight track it was not good the Tammy was but she I want see her back and hopefully losing the weight the rest of the family they seem to be nice people please bring Chris Amy misty and Amanda back on with Micheal and Gage and Amy having another baby hopefully she does not gain a bunch a weight Chris he made the show he was funny give Tammy a chance see what happens

    2. Chris’ wife wears those headbands to cover up her hair loss. She is almost completely bald in the front, possibly from alopecia. I wonder why they never talk about weight loss surgery for her as well? She could certainly use it.

      1. I agree! I, for one, would like to see more on Chris’ wife’s life and what she struggles with as well as her ‘new’ life with Chris..He is doing so well with his weight loss..I’m very happy for him..

    3. I wonder what her hair looks like with that head band off.I guess she likes it, but doesn’t look becoming. But if she is comfortable with it, I guess that is all that matters.

  8. My opinion is this – losing weight to have gastric bypass isn’t the answer for Tammy. She lost 115 lbs or whatever it is on 30 days because she was in a freaking coma! It’s not because of hard work and dedication. If she does somehow magically hit the weight her idiot doctor requires, then that’s one step. So what happens after the surgery? Maybe she can lose for a while, but she’ll just go back to her old ways and grossly over eat. Her stomach will stretch back out. It’s pointless. The family is focused on her overall health, but they’re crazy if they think this surgery is going to change her life.
    This girl is such a doofus. She was trying to “ween” herself off of her oxygen in one of the episodes, and then decides to start smoking in another. If you can’t even speak a full sentence without losing your breath, maybe work on that instead of damaging your lungs even worse than they already are. Those organs and that body are holding on for dear life. It was no surprise her lungs shut down.
    Her arguments are always ridiculous. SHE is ridiculous. Talking about how lucky her family is because they don’t have to wipe her ass (yet.) Like that’s something they should be thanking her for. Everybody waits on her hand and foot, and I don’t recall hearing her thanking anybody ever.
    Tammy’s attitude is friggin rubbish. She pouts when she doesn’t get her way, flips the fuck out, or does the silent treatment/shuts down. She just doesn’t seem like a nice person. Oh, and it’s not really cool to party all the time in your 30s and puff your chest out like some sort of bad ass.

    1. You are right on point. She’s a liar and is only happy when she gets attention in a good way. If anyone criticizes her, she sulks and says she’s hurting. But let a guy show up and she flirts. She said she’s done doing for other people. Now she’s putting Tammy first. When hasn’t she put Tammy first? She doesn’t want to stop eating. Pure and simple. She’s jealous of everyone in her family. I adore little Gage. He’s cute and so smart. I love how Amy interacts with him. Like picking out his wall color. I would watch Amy and her family and Chris. The rest are just extra. GET RID OF TAMMY. She’s jealous and a liar. Not good TV.

  9. Tammy really has done nothing until her faithful dr. stepped in so her being in rehab is out of sight out of mind.
    I would love to see the rest of the family journey Chris on his weight loss and Amy on her little family . So please bring back a season 4 .

  10. They need to cut this show permanently anyway their using people tx dollars to get & kp them from working an this bullshit with Tammy she’s to old throw her in the nursing home give her a light an the sister an brother can join her if they still fill guilty but I hate this show an wish it ends ASAP they are sick people still an abusing citizens money using baby gage an NOW another one HELL NAAAAAA

  11. I haven’t given up on Tammy, she suffers from depression an that in itself is a disease an if anyone that suffers with that can be miserable an take it out on the ones you love, although I love the whole gang they all have issues with their weight Tammy is the heaviest an in severe trouble but the others have to realize that they too have to stay on the right path as well because they could gain all of it back an then some, as for Amy she is pregnant again which is dangerous an I know she is happy but is she really doing what she needs to stay healthy. I think she has came a long way to get where she is now buying a house an moving forward with her life. I am just afraid she is moving to fast an not taking advice from her doctor. An Chris needs to get rid of those tan shorts they do not do him justice so proud of him so far he is the one that Is really going to see this through an lose that weight he has left I wouldn’t be surprised when season 4 comes out he will be down in the 200 mark. I just hope season 4 comes out because I feel like I am invested an they are all like family. Please come back. Love the show an I will miss them.

  12. I hope it’s renewed and with Tammy I love the whole family I would love to be friends with them all. If I would ever get to Kentucky I would love to meet them.

    1. I also would like to meet this family one day..just bec they are real, not faking anything..down to earth..As for season 4 of this show I’d like to see less of childish Tammy and more of Amy’s family and Chris’ family as well..

  13. Omg i get it Tammy can be a pain in the butt , however she is severely depressed. I have known a few people who were the same way with that idgaf attitude. The helplessness and hopelessness feelings of depression. Lets face it we only see what Tlc chooses to show us, perhaps they like her being the bad girl. Wouldn’t be the first time. Most every show has one. Furthermore we get such a small glimpse into their lives, one hour a week and from that we all think we know everything. Tammy is suffering internally and sorry folks that can be down right ugly. Yes it breaks my heart. No one sees her relationship with her family beyond her 20 minutes a week of air time. Tammy has made the choice to return to rehab and instead of everyone pushing for her shes being attacked for fs. So whos really being ugly? Tammys family loves her very much and i have a feeling if Tammy were let go the rest of the family would walk. Tammy has choosen to get help for her mental health if that comes with weightloss be it from hard work or coma im happy for her because every pound lost benefits her health and may give her the push she needs. Im sure her family is greatful. If you don’t want to root for Tammy don’t. However you do not need to belittle her, name call and basically do to her what you accuse her of doing. As much as you think you know her, you do not. We have become a society of hatered, kick em while they are down mentality. I myself would love to see a season 4 with Tammy. Ya know i think as we watch Tammy get healthier physically, we will see her get better mentally, but we will not know unless there is a season 4 and like i said i do not think Tammys family will continue without her, their sister whom they love very very much.

  14. Would love to see if this has been Tammy’s rock bottom moment and the wake up call that she so desperately needed. Will she learn and make the necessary changes before it is too late. Praying she does! Bring on season 4!

  15. I personally want the series to continue, there is alot more to the show than Tammy, yet the season finally showed real hope for her. I agree she has been abusive, fouled mouth and self sabatoging, but like I said there is alot more to this family than just Tammy, I am hoping she a got the wake up call she needs and like alot of you I am interested in seeing more of Chris and Amy and the rest of the family and see where Tammy goes from here

  16. Tammy is a vile, nasty piece who needs a come to Jesus moment. Nothing else seems to kick in….maybe they need to bring in an undertaker to explain how difficult it would be to even fit her in a casket and if she needs to be cremated she is too large for some crematoriums. Scare the living hell out of her. Maybe that would do it.

  17. I would like to see another season with Chris’s weight loss & Amy with her pregnancy. Curious to see how Tammy will do this round of rehab.

    1. I agree with you I think Tammy makes the show, who else would we have to complain about,I hope they continue with Season 4

    2. Dear God no not Tammy 🥺 put her family an brother together they would be a great show.
      Tammy really burned me out I don’t care to watch her ever again after all the issues she has she needs to work on her mental issues and her weight ofcource “she needs to learn to treat her family with respect and dignity ”
      She’s not on the top of my fan list that’s for damn sure .

  18. I love the show its relatible and makes you feel like TV landaland isnt unreachable.but as for Tammy.shes the most ungratefull ,selfeobsorved,meanspirited human being.i feel for her family doctor and fans that put so much heart,cate and intrest into her.she does’nt prospera becouse GOD DON’T LIKE UGLY.and she’s as hungry as they come.

  19. Tammy has had more than enough support and encouragement from everyone, including her friends, family, fans and the medical community. She has done nothing but spew vile bullsh*t all over everyone and wasted so much money that it’s absolutely disgusting. There are so many desperate and deserving people out there who could have been helped with the resources wasted on her. Bring back a season 4, but get rid of Tammy. We’re all more interested in Chris and the rest of the family now. Let Tammy do what she wants to do, keep stuffing her face and scowling at everyone who goes by.

  20. I’ve never seen such a hatefully and lazy person as Tammy wish my friend had the same support and medical care has she did I think he would be with us today. She fought everybody and all they did was give support love and help. Tammy needs to be dropped for sure. And why didn,’t the rest of the family renew their contracts was it because the wanted more money?

  21. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, fat or skinny, young or older, everyone has a journey through life. Personally, I love this show. Would hate to see it cancelled. There are so many people who can relate to the issues on this show. Obesity for one. Then there’s depression, sibling rivalry, having babies, buying a new home (1st new home), and surviving COVID-19. Tammy should not be forced off the show. This girl needs alot of medical attention. Amy seems to be doing well but hey she’s adding another child. Chris is doing good to and I would love to follow all of them on their journeys through life. PLEASE DONT CANCEL THIS SHOW!!!!

  22. I want nothing to do with another season with Tammy. I am sure the show is her gravy train, but I want nothing to do with her. I would love a season with Chris and his weight loss journey. I know Amy has her hands full and another baby on the way. I would like to see some of her & her family and her as a mother.

  23. I love this show. I hope they all come back. Stop being haters, I believe the haters dont have anyone in their family that strugles with weight. They need kind words. Please come back girls.

  24. Yes I want the show to return. We’ve not seen how anything resolves from Season 3.

    We need to see Chris’s weight loss. We need to see Amy & Michael with their new son & house. We just introduced Amanda. We could see more of Misty. And we need to see how Tammy does now that she is back in rehab & tired of being sick & tired.

    Truthfully I think Tammy wonders why she is doing this with all the haters. Who wouldn’t wonder? Especially when you already have depression. I think she gets tired of all the hate. So why not give her a chance now that she committed to doing this? It isn’t the time to abandon her. I’m not.

    I want to see the show renewed & I want to see ALL of them again. There are many people who can actually relate to this family. Keep them on TLC. There are more fans who want them to continue than not. Don’t remove them just Bc the haters are louder than the ppl who watch faithfully and enjoy. And Tammy we love you and want you back!! <3 <3

    1. If Tammy wants help she needs to quit drinking and smoking and start doing what Dr proctor wants her to do and me and my boyfriend loved watching the seasons and the episodes so we want the season 4 to come

  25. Love the program, yes Tammy is depressed however that does not give her the right to speak to people how she does, she can be funny in what she says but nasty within a few seconds. It would get on my nerves if people banged on and on about how I looked or my weight, in saying this though she is bringing a lot on herself. She should be left alone to sort her own head out with all the issues she has. Mental health is certainly no joke and those who don’t suffer with it will never in a million years fully understand it. Tammy has had her whole family and professionals with her for along time but nothing is getting through to her so maybe, and it may sound harsh she needs to be left to stew things over for herself. Bring on season 4 as I think alit of people would love to continue seeing the excellent progress within the rest of the family

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