‘1000-Lb. Sisters’: Tammy Slaton Comes Full Circle, Ready To Change?

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During the course of 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 3, fans see Tammy Slaton come full circle. Is she ready for a change? This is the question the Season 3 Finale answers for us.

Warning: Article contains spoilers from the Season 3 Finale. 

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1000-Lb. Sisters Season 3: Tammy Slaton Comes Full Circle

The very first episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 3 was titled “Welcome to Rehab.” Tammy Slaton agreed to go to a rehab center. Her doctor wanted her to stay in the facility until she dropped at least 100 pounds. After dropping 60 pounds, however, she was DONE with the facility. She called her family and insisted they bring her home.

Tammy Slaton’s family agreed to come and get her from the facility. Chris Combs explained to the camera that forcing her to stay at the facility was not going to help her lose any weight. He added it was something she had to want on her own.

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By the end of Season 3, Tammy confirms what Chris Combs said at the very beginning of the season to be true. She called Dr. Smith and told him she was ready for rehab. He made the arrangements and Chris Combs was happy to drive his sister back.

Talking to the camera, Tammy explained it was HER decision to return to rehab. She was putting herself first and making the decision to change because she wanted to. This was exactly what Chris and Dr. Smith said needed to happen. It needed to be Tammy’s choice to change.

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Is She Ready For Change?

By the very end of the episode, Chris Combs tells us Tammy Slaton has already lost 100 pounds. She dropped 100 pounds during her first 30 days with the facility. Tammy had told everyone she planned to stay at the facility for a year. So, her family can only imagine what her continued weight loss will look like.

Dr. Smith even promised Tammy if she gets down to 500 pounds while she’s still at rehab, he will make arrangements for her to come directly to him to have surgery when she’s finished with rehab.


Do you think Tammy Slaton finally hit her rock bottom and is ready to change? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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  1. I honestly don’t think she’ll last 6 months at that rehab facility let alone a full year. Only time will tell.

    1. I love the 1000 pound sisters show , l pray 🙏 ❤️ for Tammy people are not fair, they judge to easy , but they never been in her shoes . We’re all different and l know she needs a lot of support , people positive and loving around her. I hope we can see more of the show . I want Tammy to overcome all bad pass, and be happy , live a long happy 😊 life . I love you Tammy and l always pray for you , send you all my love and blessings 🙏❤️

  2. Well I’m praying for her to achieve what she need to do but I was mad at the stupid things she was doing but kudos Tammy you can do it you guys are so competitive so I t know she will she don’t like to see her siblings do good it’s like she is so jealous of them notice how Chris put on his first suit when Amy brought her house but when her older sister get up out that chair and make her that’s all I needed to see I almost died 😂😂😂

  3. If this is the last picture of Tammy. Which I hope it’s not. It looks like she gained weight not lost it. Hopefully she’s on the right track and this last health scare will make her realize that’s either to live or to die!

  4. I too was angry at Tammy, But in the finale I really felt for her she looked scared and looked like a lost kid. I want her to lose all that weight and then she can have a life of her own maybe get married to a decent guy like Michael. I love watching them, at first I didn’t like the show I thought it was dumb, but they got better n better I love it. I hope TLC renews their contract and we get to watch the rest of their journey…

  5. I hope she had a change of heart to get weight loss for real. It is possible. Honestly though, I don’t think she will last long in rehab. She is too ignorant, stubborn, and selfish.

  6. I see where Tammy coming from. She didn’t have the fun things to do when she was younger. She just wanted to throw her wild oats for awhile. Now she sees how pretty she looks with make up. She’s going lose the weight. She likes what she sees. Good luck Tammy. You can do anything if you set your mind to.

  7. I am very happy for Tammy! As a mental health RN I know from taking care of others that rehab, be it for food, drugs, alcohol,etc, the person has to be ready themselves. It won’t work if they’re doing it for loved ones or anyone else. They usually have to hit rock bottom. I also think it’s great that she’s making friends and having some fun. The can lose weight and enjoy herself at the same time. I was also very moved by Darlene’s words to Tammy. I confess I teared up.
    I am concerned that Gage’s first word will be “Bitch”.
    I wish Tammy the best and pray she will be successful. I hope they agree to at least one more season.

  8. Tammy is too young to be that over weight. I really want to see her lose that weight and have the life she deserves. She will feel so much better and her attitude will change. There’s so much to life out there for her and I want to see her suceed. Life is too short. Prayers for Tammy.

  9. She’s is a selfish person. And wanting her family to help her all the time. She needs to grow and quit relying on her poor family.. which she uses all the time. I thinks she very ungrateful. I hope she does get that weight and Grow up. Spoiled by everyone.

  10. She’s a spoiled brat. That needs to grow up. She’s wouldn’t need anyone if she stayed fat. Then she wouldn’t get attention. That’s the whole Show is her. What about Amy and how great it is she lost the weight and had her dreams come true. Good for Her. Tammy always have a excuse. Gets old of watching same old crap.

  11. If she is not on Wegovy or Ozempic, she should be! They are good for the heart, help with metabolism, make you feel differently towards food, and make it difficult to eat very much at a time. I’ve been taking Ozempic for 10 months and have lost 50lbs without being on a diet!

    1. Shouldn’t you at least try changing your dietary habits or is living on meds the only way to live.
      I lost 130 pounds by making small changes.

  12. I pray 🙏 she can do it ,I enjoyed watching the 1000 pd.sisters from day 1. I loved to see her get under certain amount and reach her goal and prove she can do it

  13. Tammy will lose weight because the trach tube will limit how much food she can cram down her throat. It also keeps her from giving out the rehab address to men on fetish websites so she can’t get food delivered day and night.
    The moment she’s released she’ll go back to using her family as personal slaves.
    Chris is her cheauffer and Amy her cook and nurse maid.
    She’s lazy and spoiled.
    She admitted she expects Amy to cook for her rather than even accept a delivery service.
    If she gets bariatric she’ll eat until she re stretches her stomach back to size. (Its not a guaranteed permanent fix!)

  14. U have to hit Rock Bottom. I know, nobody can tell u anything. When u are so far down the only way out is up. I learned to except G-do’s love. Angry and distressed was inside. When I got up from my knees I felt a load of bricks being lifted of my shoulders. Something happen couldn’t explained what just happen. There’s a name for this sensation Being Born Again.

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