Tammy Slaton Has Major Breakthrough: Is She Done With Excuses?

Tammy Slaton YouTube TLC

One thing that really frustrates 1000-Lb. Sisters fans when it comes to Tammy Slaton are all of the excuses. The TLC personality never takes accountability for her choices. And, it hardly feels like she’s making an effort toward losing any weight. But, an exclusive preview from People Magazine reveals something may have changed. Following her COVID-19 diagnosis and recovery. Has she finally had a breakthrough? Is she done with the excuses?

Tammy Slaton gains weight but has a huge breakthrough

As we previously reported, Tammy Slaton’s last weigh-in did not come with the numbers everyone desired. Turns out, she gained a significant amount of weight.

Dr. Eric Smith agrees Tammy gaining weight is not an ideal situation. But, they have to look at the positives. And, this situation isn’t all bad. Why? Well, because he admits Tammy could have made all sorts of excuses as to why she gained the weight. Excuses such as COVID or not getting out of bed. She didn’t. She admitted she has a problem. An addiction to food. He considers this a breakthrough. A problem they can work on fixing.

Her mental health may need to be addressed first

Food addiction is a real thing. Tammy Slaton is not overeating because she’s hungry. It is an addiction she’s formed over the years. And, she has a hard time stopping. Dr. Eric Smith notes that continuing to teach Tammy to make the right choices with her food might not be the best approach. There is another issue they need to address first. Her addiction. That need to eat simply because she is addicted is a very powerful one. But, it is something he hopes they can fix.

Is Tammy on the right path now?

Dr. Eric Smith seems extremely hopeful by the end of this short preview. Finally, Tammy Slaton admits she has a problem. She’s stopped making excuses. And, admitting she has a problem… Well, that’s the first step in fixing the problem. Sure, her gaining weight isn’t ideal. But, he’s hopeful this is a move in the right direction he’s been waiting for. He still seems hopeful Tammy can turn her life around. Is this the breakthrough everyone has been waiting for? Is Tammy Slaton finally on the right path?

Tammy Slaton YouTube TLC

So, do you think she’s finally on the road to recovery? Fans will see the full virtual doctor session during next week’s episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters. For now, you can stick with us for the latest Slaton sister related news.


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