Tammy Slaton Weight Loss Update: Is She Making Any Progress?

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1000-Lb. Sisters fans are looking for a weight loss update on Tammy Slaton. As she’s made crystal clear on all of her social media platforms, she is under contract. Being under contract, Tammy Slaton cannot give a concrete weight loss update. That being said, fans can form their own opinion pasted on what they see via social media photos.

Tammy Slaton shed pounds, in love a month ago

A little over a month ago, we reported Tammy Slaton had dropped some serious pounds. She also declared she was “in love.” Fortunately, it wasn’t Jerry Sykes she was declaring her love for. Tammy Slaton wanted the world to know she was finally in love with herself. Most agreed this was a pretty healthy step for Tammy to take. And, they loved seeing her weight loss progress. In fact, here’s a side-by-side picture of her progress.

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Some 1000-Lb. Sisters fans questioned if she’s actually lost weight. They noted Tammy was hiding a lot of her weight with angles and filters. Tammy clapped back by posting photos with no filters. She noted, however, there was only so much of her body she was legally allowed to show on social media.

Unfortunately, her recent social media activity has fans thinking she’s gained all the weight back.

Tammy Slaton weight loss update: Putting on the pounds?

The chatter on social media and Reddit suggests Tammy Slaton has put the pounds back on. So, this makes for a pretty sad weight loss update. Unfortunately, we aren’t too sure if Tammy has made any progress with her weight loss at this point. Here are a few recent photos compared to older photos.

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And, here is a closer look at the most recent snap we have of Tammy Slaton.

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Has she gained pounds?

Unfortunately, it appears as if her eyes and chin are starting to disappear back into her face. Fans also believe the fat folds around her face have grown since previous photos. Her oxygen also appears to be a lot more snug on her face. This indicates she’s gained weight in her face leaving less room for her oxygen line.

Is her new boyfriend encouraging this?

Turns out, Tammy Slaton is now in love with a new man. As we have previously reported, we don’t know much about her new boyfriend. Just that he’s well-known for being a chubby chaser. He, however, has posted videos on TikTok noting he would leave a girl if she lost too much weight. So, fans are growing concerned he isn’t too interested in helping her lose weight.

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He, however, has clapped back at fans on TikTok noting he doesn’t want Tammy to die. He just doesn’t really like women under 300 pounds.

Are you bummed by this weight loss update? Do you think Tammy Slaton is putting on the pounds? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Allie Johnson


  1. She was looking good if that bottom picture is cutrent. She’s gaining it back. Sad. She was doing well. … with a gentleman in her life maybe she”ll start again…. Like she said she has to love herself!!!!!

  2. This show is disgusting. How can anyone watch a show about 2 sisters that are grossly overweight, undereducated, and horrible to look at???

  3. Tammy is just horrible to look at Amy is at lease trying. Nasty Nasty to look at.Tammy it look like u stinks all those folds u know u cant whipe ur ass nasty nasty nasty

  4. People have gotten to the point where they are just didgusted with her. A lot of people have encouraged and been behind her for sometime now and it’s done nothing but fall on deaf ears. It’s like it’s a joke. I truly believe she has never lost an ounce and she looks like it. She has intentions of never losing weight. I’m just hoping and praying Amy doesn’t let her come live with her. Amy will not have a second of peace. I can just imagine how bad Tammy smells. I had an aunt that was horribly stinking and all she did was try to hide behind powder and cologne and it never helped. They just have their own odor. And that alone you’d think they want to change things but they don’t. OH WELL

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