Chris Combs Proudly Shows Off Huge Body Transformation

1000-Lb. Sisters star, Chris Combs is showing off on Instagram. The 41-year-old reality personality recently went through some HUGE life changes and wanted to stop and share his progress with his social media followers. What has Chris accomplished that he’s so proud of? Read on to find out what was in the Instagram post that TLC fans are going crazy over.

Chris Combs Is Getting His Just Rewards

While 1000-Lb Sisters was initially meant to focus on Amy Halterman and Tammy Slaton, the network included big brother, Chris Combs in more and more episodes after season one. Fans enjoyed his bluntness, his jovial laughter, and his sense of humor. After having been a supportive role in his sisters’ weight loss programs, he too decided that it was time to get his own health under control.

Fans of the show will remember that in order for Chris to qualify for his surgery, Dr. Eric gave him the goal of getting himself under 400 pounds. In order to meet that goal, Chris had to lose just over 40 pounds. This would have made his initial weight between 440-and 450 pounds. Despite having to battle with his own eating habits and his personal health struggles (including a bout of covid) Chris was able to get himself to his goal and was approved for his procedure.

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Less than a year after surgery, Chris is down more than 140 pounds– and fans can’t help but notice the difference.

According to this celeb, the hard work and struggles that he endured in order to lose weight have made the results extra sweet. In his latest post, Chris reveals to fans that dropping the weight was both the hardest and most rewarding thing he’s ever accomplished.

What Motivated Chris to Lose The Weight?

In Chris Combs’ latest Instagram post, the reality star celebrated his success with fans. Sharing some very personal photos, the TLC star highlighted summed up his weight loss journey from beginning to current. The first photo was of Chris at his largest. The second was a much more recent picture of the reality star. Fans in the comments say that the difference between the two pictures is mind-boggling. You can hardly tell that the two pictures are of the same person.

Despite having some visibly loose skin as a result of the drastic weight loss, Chris looks much healthier than TLC viewers have ever seen him. His face and chest are noticeably slimmer. Many were quick to note that the excess heaviness that sat on his chest and up through his neck area is nearly gone. The father-of-one has always held that one of his main motivations for losing weight was his family. He has expressed on multiple occasions how frustrating it is not to be able to play and be active with his daughter and younger family members.

In the past, Chris revealed that the memory of his father is one of his strongest motivations. In an interview with In Touch WeeklyChris revealed to readers that his father passed away much younger than he should have – and his weight was a huge factor in that.

Chris Combs Shows Off Weight Loss Transformation
Photo Credit: Instagram

“The main reason why I want this surgery is because my dad passed away at 57,” Chris confessed during his interview “And [my dad] was between 400 and 500 pounds. I’m 41, I want to be around for the kids to grow up, the grandkids to get up. I want to be able to teach them everything I know,” he continued, “I want to be around for my family. They’re my everything.”

Fans Celebrate Chris’ Amazing Transformation

TLC viewers in the comment section had nothing but congratulations and encouragement for Chris. After having watched the show document his struggles with Covid, an open wound and certainly not having as much personal support as his siblings, fans have really rallied behind Chris and are proud of his success.

“Congrats on your progress!! Looking great,” said one supportive fan.

“Happy for you and all you’ve accomplished on your journey,” Cheered another

There were even several TLC fans from the UK who stopped in to tell Chris what an inspiration he has been to them and that they have enjoyed watching his weight loss journey.


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