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‘1000 Lb. Sisters’ Chris Combs HUGE Weightloss Update

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A fresh photo of Chris Combs reveals a promising weight loss update and a transformed man.

1000-Lb. Sisters doctor Eric Smith had a special visitor drop by and say hello about a week ago. His visitor was none other than Chris Combs. Eric snapped a photo of himself with Chris that has since made rounds on social media. Dr. Eric Smith shared a second photo as Chris wasn’t the only one to stop in and visit him. Turns out, Chris also had his adorable little grandson tagging along. Eric was happy to sit down and snuggle the little one while snapping another photo.

Chris Combs TLC
Photo Credit: TLC| ‘1000-Lb. Sisters’

This photo served as a weight loss update on Chris Combs that 1000-Lb. Sisters fans have been waiting for. The photo revealed a transformed man with tons of weight off his newly slender frame. Chris Combs was also rocking a clean-shaven face which was a little unusual for him.

Check out this transformed 1000-Lb. Sisters stud

Chris Combs of 1000-Lb. Sisters has transformed into a slender stud that fans almost don’t recognize. Between the incredible weight loss and his clean-shaven face, most fans admitted they didn’t immediately recognize him in the photo.

Most 1000-Lb. Sisters fans agree Chris Combs really seems to be alive now that he’s shed several 100 pounds. He’s gotten to a place where he can live his life. Everything about him seems more vibrant. Even his smile feels happier.

Check out his incredible before and after snaps revealing how much weight he’s dropped:

1000 lb sisters Chris combs youtube


Fans react to Chris Combs’ weight loss update

1000-Lb. Sisters fans could not believe how incredible Chris Combs looked in this photo. Many fans were worried Chris Combs would fall off of the wagon after getting his weight loss surgery because the show made it appear as if he was only dieting to lose enough weight to get the surgery. Tammy and Amy’s brother, however, looks like he’s living his best life and feels more alive than ever.

1000 lb sisters Tammy Slaton 0- Chris Combs Youtube
Chris & Tammy – YouTube

Here’s what some fans had to say about this incredible photo:

  • “Very happy to see him doing well. You must really love when patients stop by knowing what an impact you’ve made in their lives!”
  • “OMG I didn’t even recognize him.. that is so awesome. Great job on the weight loss.”

Several fans wanted to know exactly how much weight Chris has dropped. Per a contract with TLC, however, fans assume he isn’t allowed to reveal this information.

1000 lb sisters Chris combs Youtube
Chris – YouTube

What are your thoughts on this Chris Combs weight loss update? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on this TLC star?

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