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Slaton Family Bands Together As ‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Fate Remains Uncertain

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1000-Lb. Sisters fans have really high hopes for the series and hope that it will come back for Season 4. However, TLC still hasn’t officially renewed the show yet.

Tammy Slaton seemed to indicate from her rehab facility that Season 4 was indeed coming. But is that entirely true?

Now, it seems like the Slaton family is banding together and holding strong as they await news of the show’s fate. Keep reading to learn more about the family’s current situation.

The family from 1000-Lb. Sisters have a lot of love for one another

If you read one of our previous articles, we wrote that Amanda Halterman really shared the love with her siblings on social media. She wrote a heartfelt note to her siblings and expressed how much they meant to her.

“My prayer for you always!” Amanda began her sweet Facebook post. “No matter what people say I will always love you through it! The good, bad, ugly and everything in between!”

Now, it seems like the other siblings are rallying around Amanda too.

1000-Lb. Sisters/TLC

In another post, Amanda tried to tag her siblings and wrote, “We have a bond that most people just simply cannot understand. Love y’all.”

Tammy wrote back that she agreed and added, “I might not always say it or act like it but I do love y’all with everything in me and truly honored and blessed to have a family like y’all.”

You can see the sweet exchange here:

Tammy Slaton SS

The family appears to fight a lot on 1000-Lb. Sisters. But fans are really happy to see that there’s still a lot of love between the siblings — no matter how often they bicker and argue.

Will Amy Halterman make an appearance if Season 4 happens?

We can’t say for sure if the popular TLC series will be back for another season. But even if 1000-Lb. Sisters returns, one star may not. Amy Halterman is expecting her second son this summer and wants to devote more time to her family.

However, TLC also provides them with quite a bit of money. It will be much easier to raise two children with that extra income.

But even so, many fans would still probably tune in to keep up with Tammy, Chris, Amanda, and Misty. The siblings bring a lot of life to the show and are really entertaining to watch. And viewers really want to see where the siblings go next on their weight loss journeys.

Would you keep watching 1000-Lb. Sisters without Amy Halterman? Be sure to let us know in the comments. Keep following us online for more information on the show’s future and to see what the siblings are up to. As always, we will be here to keep you filled in.

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  1. Whatever happens we love this family. You-are very nice and entertaining. I am giving away my age but when I was small my mom would listen to One Man’s Family on radio. Lots of twists and turns but real family going on. Omg , great reminder that all families have these drama traumas @nd we are all not so different. Stay the course, you are good people!

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