Tammy Slaton Sister Professes Love Through Good, Bad & Ugly

The family on 1000-Lb. Sisters has their fair share of drama, just like any other family. But there’s also a lot of love there too. Even though Tammy Slaton is in a rehab facility at the moment, she’s never far from her family’s hearts and minds.

Amanda Halterman, one of Tammy’s sisters, recently shared a very sincere social media post expressing her love for her siblings.

Keep reading to see the kind message Amanda shared.

Tammy Slaton and her sisters share the love online

Amanda Halterman made her 1000-Lb. Sisters debut in Season 3. She’s the middle child in the family and fans loved her outspoken attitude. She and Tammy did clash often, but it was clear the sisters just wanted the best for each other.

1000-Lb. Sisters/TLC

Amanda penned the post on March 13 and started by tagging her sisters, Misty, Amy, and Tammy.

“My prayer for you always!” Amanda began her sweet Facebook post. “No matter what people say I will always love you through it! The good, bad, ugly and everything in between!”

She also tagged her brothers before adding that she loved all of her siblings.

Check out the kind message here:

Amanda Halterman/Facebook

Right now, the family is waiting to see if TLC will indeed renew 1000-Lb. Sisters for Season 4 or not. Tammy Slaton seemed to indicate there would indeed be a fourth season, but TLC has neither confirmed nor denied this.

It seems like the family is really banding together amidst all the uncertainty and sharing the love.

The sisters share some really heartfelt moments throughout the show

If you watched 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 3, you probably remember that Tammy Slaton and Amanda Halterman had an explosive fight at dinner. But let’s not forget they also shared a tender moment at the end of the season.

Amanda wanted her younger sister to have one of their grandmother’s blankets. And Tammy absolutely teared up when she received the generous gift.

Revisit this tender moment by watching this clip:

It’s clear that Amanda Halterman has a lot of love for her siblings. After Tammy went to rehab, she immediately had to go to the hospital for breathing problems.

In the Season 3 finale, Amanda and Chris tearfully recounted the situation and said they weren’t quite sure if their younger sister would pull through or not.

But fortunately, Tammy did pull through. She managed to make a miraculous recovery and returned to rehab as soon as she was well enough.

Fans hope that if 1000-Lb. Sisters returns for Season 4, we’ll see more instances of the siblings bonding.

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