‘DWTS’ Could Lindsay & Rylee Arnold Get A Reality Show?

Rylee and Lindsay Arnold from Lindsay's Instagram

Could Dancing With The Stars pros Lindsay and Rylee Arnold end up with their own reality show?

Fans would absolutely love to see the women, along with their other two sisters, have a show of their own. Now that several of the Arnold sisters are married with children, there are plenty of fun family members to join in too.

Keep reading to see what other DWTS fans had to say on the subject.

Could Lindsay & Rylee Arnold Star In A Show Of Their Own Soon?

Long-time fans of the Arnold family know there are four sisters total: Lindsay, 30; Jensen, 26; Brynley, 24; and Rylee, 18. They all have dance backgrounds and are based in Utah with their parents, Josh and Mindy. All the sisters except for Rylee are married and have children. They document their lives on their YouTube channel, The Arnold Sisters.

But is it time for the family to expand beyond YouTube?

Jensen Arnold, Brynley Arnold, Rylee Arnold, and Lindsary Arnold from The Arnold Sisters YouTube
The Arnold Sisters/YouTube

According to Reddit, there have been talks about a reality TV show based around the family already.

“Is it true that the Arnold Family was offered a reality show but turned it down?” a curious Redditor asked online.

“They didn’t turn it down. They were picked in the end bc there wasn’t any drama between the sisters,” another Reddit user promptly replied. All siblings squabble now and then, but the Arnold sisters genuinely seem to get along quite well.

Eagle-eyed fans spotted the sisters in the audience during DWTS Season 32 to cheer on Rylee and her celebrity partner, Harry Jowsey.

Jensen Arnold, Brynley Arnold, Harry Jowsey, Rylee Arnold, and Lindsay Arnold from Lindsay's Instagram
Lindsay Arnold/Instagram

Other Reddit users added they would love to see Rylee, Lindsay, Jensen, and Brynley have their own show. Comments included:

  • “I could actually see them doing this. Especially now with 3/4 sisters having kids, and Rylee being so popular and making big life decisions. I would watch it 🤣”
  • “I think so, Lindsay, Jensen, and their mom have all mentioned it on separate podcasts. But yeah they said they turned it down because they thought their family wasn’t dramatic enough.”
  • “That’s so funny. The thing I admire about their family is that they’re all so positive. On DWTS, Lindsay and now Rylee have always had such a sunny and happy disposition. Like they’re always laughing and smiling.”

What’s In Store For DWTS Season 33?

Rylee Arnold will turn 19 this summer and is just starting out with her professional dance career, so it stands to reason she will return to DWTS this fall. However, things seem a little more up in the air for Lindsay. She chose to sit out last season to focus on her two daughters, Sage and June.

Fans would love to see both Arnold sisters compete against one another on stage. But right now, there are still a lot of uncertainties.

What do you think? Would you also love to see the Arnold sisters star in their own reality show? Would you like to see Lindsay and Rylee compete against each other this fall? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments.

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