‘DWTS’ Cheryl Burke Says She Financially Supported Ex-Husband

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Former Dancing With The Stars pro Cheryl Burke and Boy Meets World actor Matthew Lawrence were married from 2019-2022. The pair seemed to divide their assets and split relatively quickly, compared with most Hollywood divorces.

Now, Lawrence has moved on with TLC singer, Chilli. Cheryl Burke is still single, but has plenty of work projects to occupy her time. Most recently, she appeared as a guest on a podcast and dove into many details of her personal life.

She even admitted she financially supported Matthew Lawrence during their marriage. Keep reading to see what Cheryl Burke had to say.

Cheryl Burke Confesses She Was The Breadwinner In Her Marriage

Splitting up isn’t easy, but professional dancer Cheryl Burke often speaks candidly about her marriage and divorce. Most recently, she admitted she was the breadwinner in her household.

“I tried to not obviously, I didn’t buy my ex-husband, but, like, I definitely would say I was the breadwinner,” Cheryl admitted as a guest on the Amy & T.J. Podcast. “Like, I supported us, and I don’t think it’s black and white.”

Cheryl Burke and Matthew Lawrence interview with Yahoo! Life on YouTube
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“It’s like — it made me feel good, but then it didn’t necessarily make the relationship good,” the professional dancer described the sensation of earning more than her ex.

“I had a false sense of security,” show hostess Amy Robach added. “But it’s also emasculating, and so it creates an awful dynamic.”

Cheryl went on to say that she isn’t sure she wants a partner who takes care of her in that way. She’s very independent and wants a partner who understands that.

“I want someone who wants to evolve, like, that wants to consistently and wants to, like, work on himself, be able to take accountability when needed,” the 39-year-old continued. “Because, like, you can blame all day long, but at the end of the day, you’re stuck with you for the rest of your freaking life. You better like yourself.”


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As for the perfect partner, Cheryl concluded that she needs, “Someone who’s supportive, someone who is not — confident is the wrong word — worth. Confidence is just, I believe, ego, like, comes from, like, the foundation of maybe a little ego.”

Podcasting Has Gotten The Former DWTS Pro In Hot Water

Quite a bit of surprising information came out in Cheryl’s interview on Amy & T.J. She also revealed it’s entirely possible she’s burned all the bridges she has with the Dancing With The Stars exec team.

In the interview, Cheryl admitted some of the exec team members probably don’t appreciate her podcast or the sensitive information she shares. In all likelihood, she believes podcasting is why the execs didn’t invite her back for the Len Goodman tribute.

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