Tammy Slaton Shocks With Sexy Side Amid 400-Lb Weight Loss, Pic

Haley Michelle and Tammy Slaton from Instagram

Long-time 1000-Lb Sisters fans are delighted to see Tammy Slaton live her best life and explore the world with friends. For a very long time, her health and well-being prohibited her from venturing very far from her home. Last season, she traveled to Florida for the first time and enjoyed time on the beach.

Now, Tammy is off on a new adventure with her friend, Haley Michelle. Check out the photo the women shared and see what Tammy Slaton looks like today.

Tammy Slaton & Friends Head Off On A Girls’ Trip

Fans who follow Tammy Slaton on Instagram know she’s out and about with her friend Haley Michelle at the moment. The women headed off on a girls’ trip along with some other friends.

Haley Michelle and Tammy Slaton from Instagram
Haley Michelle/Instagram

And one recent post really caught fans’ attention.

“Spiritual Sisters, our powerful connection we don’t have to explain anything to anyone. You are my Best Friend 💙” Haley Michelle captioned her Instagram photo. In the image, she and Tammy embrace one another with a beautiful lake and clear skies in the background. Both women are dressed in black, with Tammy sporting an off-the-shoulder gown. It’s definitely a much different outfit than fans have seen her wear on television. And it suits her.


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A post shared by Haley Michelle (@misshaleymichelle)

Although fans agreed Tammy looks incredibly happy and healthy these days, many expressed concern that Haley Michelle is using Tammy to boost her own platform.

This isn’t the first time Haley Michelle and Tammy appeared in photos together, but fans are worried nevertheless. The comments section overwhelmingly contained comments warning Tammy to be careful.

Instagram users wrote:

  • “Girl just be careful, good friends are very few and far between”
  • “Tammy did say she is a [free] lover. Just watch your heart in the hands of other people. This lady don’t know her. But there is this disgusting vibe I get when I see her face. I could be wrong. Protect yourself.❤️❤️”
  • “Oh man, it’s always so creepy to see people being used who are too vulnerable to know better. This chick is bad news.”
  • Be safe and smart Tammy. You have too big of a heart. It’s ok to find ppl you connect with. In any relationship both parties are getting something out of it. Be happy Tammy live your life. ❤️❤️❤️”

1000-Lb Sisters Fans Find Haley Michelle Suspicious

Although fans have seen Haley Michelle with Tammy and Amy online before, her Instagram page has fans increasingly concerned. Several people think she’s taking advantage of the sisters and posting them online every chance she gets.

What do you make of the situation? Is Haley Michelle using Tammy Slaton for clout? What did you think of Tammy’s outfit by the lakeside? Add your voice to the conversation and share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Leave Tammy alone she looks great!!!
    Also I think your feelings are just jealousy!!!
    How many of your friends are using you ?

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