Amy & Tammy Slaton Soak Up Sun On Florida Beach

Tammy Slaton and Amy Halterman from 1000-Lb Sisters, TLC Sourced from YouTube

It appears that 1000-Lb Sisters stars Tammy Slaton and Amy Halterman are enjoying some much-needed time away in Florida. Both women are in the process of splitting with their husbands and just want some time away.

Based on social media posts, fans have put the pieces together and concluded that Tammy and Amy are enjoying a family vacation. Hopefully, this trip will go better than the Tennessee vacation from Season 3.

So what exactly are Tammy and Amy doing in Florida? Did the rest of the family go with them? Keep reading to see what TV Shows Ace uncovered.

Tammy Slaton & Amy Halterman leave Kentucky and head for Florida

Without a doubt, fans are excited to see the family on vacation in the Sunshine State. This means that more than likely, TLC is with them to film new content for Season 5. And that’s something that fans can really get excited about.

Fans agree that Season 4 ended with too many loose ends that needed a resolution. At this point, Season 5 really seemed like an inevitability. New social media content more or less confirms that this Florida vacation will be a storyline in the show’s fifth season.

Tammy Slaton from 1000-Lb Sisters, TLCSourced from YouTube
1000-Lb Sisters/TLC

One Instagram user recently shared that Tammy and Amy were spotted having fun in the sun. And there were indeed film crews with them.

The Instagram user uploaded a new reel revealing several of the family members hanging out on a beach, including Tammy and Amy. At least one fan that was also on the beach tried to film them and was asked to stop by the TLC crews.

Mac & Chisme/Instagram

1000lb Sisters will live to see another season! Originally the was supposed to be a Season 4B, but it is rumored that with all the new drama/happenings it will instead be a Season 5,” Instagram user Mac & Chisme shared in a new reel. “Credit for the beach filming: @mamatgar50 on TikTok.”

Check out the Instagram video to catch a peek of Tammy, Amy, and the family on their Florida trip:

The rest of the family shows off their vacation photos

The Instagram video reveals that Misty, Amanda, and Chris were all spotted along with Tammy and Amy. In a nutshell, the Florida trip was an entire family affair.

Tammy shared some sultry photos of herself on her own Instagram page. She hung out on the beach with her loved ones and revealed that she wore a plunging neckline and sun hat, an outfit that fans found adorable.

On top of that, Chris’ wife Brittany posted some vacation photos of her own on Facebook. By all accounts, it seems like this trip went much more smoothly than the Tennessee vacation.

Chris Combs and Brittany Combs from 1000-Lb Sisters, TLC Sourced from Facebook
Brittany Combs/Facebook

Are you excited to see the family back on television? Do you think any drama went down during the Florida trip? Share what you think in the comments and check back soon for more updates.

Stay tuned for more 1000-Lb Sisters news.

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