‘Dance Moms’ Chloe Lukasiak Celebrates HUGE Success

Chloe Lukasiak from Instagram

Former Dance Moms star Chloe Lukasiak is no longer the little girl she was on the Lifetime series. Now, she’s an adult and just crossed a major achievement off her list.

As the premiere date for the Dance Moms reunion special looms, fans grow eager to learn about Chloe’s adult life.

Read on to see what the former child star is up to these days.

Chloe Lukasiak Shares Her Latest Success With Followers

Many Dance Moms fans were big supporters of Chloe Lukasiak and her mother, Christi, while the series ran on Lifetime. Now that Chloe is 22 years old, she has plenty of ambitious that span beyond dance.

This weekend, she just crossed a massive milestone off her list.

Chloe Lukasiak from Instagram
Chloe Lukasiak/Instagram

Over the weekend, Chloe Lukasiak graduated from Pepperdine University with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing, according to her latest Instagram post.

I’m officially a college grad 🫶🏻” Chloe shared on Instagram, along with several photos with her family. In the pictures, she proudly wears her vibrant blue Pepperdine University graduation robes and hat.


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Several of Chloe’s former Dance Moms costars left encouraging words on the post. Paige Hyland wrote, “Proud bestie moment.” Meanwhile, Paige’s sister Brooke added, “Beyond proud of you.”

Other Instagram users remarked on how mature Chloe’s younger sister Clara looked now. They watched the little girl toddle around the dance studio on Dance Moms. Many more offered up congratulatory words, writing:

  • Aww your sissy is all grown up! Congratulations, Chloe. ❤️”
  • Congrats Chloe!!! ❤️ also Clara grew up so much you guys are so beautiful”
  • “Congratulations to college graduate Chloe Elizabeth Lukasiak! 👩‍🎓💙”
  • “Congratulations, I am sooo happy for you💓!”

The Former Child Star Admits She Might Pursue Therapy

Since leaving Dance Moms, Chloe Lukasiak has had an incredibly full life. However, filming the reunion special dug up a lot of difficult feelings. She admitted in a recent PEOPLE interview that she might need therapy to help her process everything.

Being a child in the public eye is difficult enough on its own, but Chloe also asserted that many of the adults on the Dance Moms set manufactured drama for the sake of viewership.

Regardless of the painful childhood memories, it seems that Chloe is on the right path for a very successful future.

Did you feel proud and excited to learn that Chloe Lukasiak just graduated from college? Do you remember watching Chloe perform on Dance Moms when she was young? Share your thoughts and favorite memories in the comments.

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