‘Dance Moms’ Reunion Is Finally Coming And Here Are The Details

'Dance Moms' season 2 group photo

The former Dance Moms girls are coming back to give fans all the details they have ever wanted. However, three of the main stars are not joining them. Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler will not be there, and neither will Nia Frazier. This is surprising considering those were three of the OG’s. Regardless, fans are ecstatic to hear all of the drama that has gone down and is still yet to come. Keep reading to figure out everything you need to know about the reunion.

ALDC Members Who Will Be In Attendance

There are a good majority of the former dancers who will be in attendance for the reunion show. They include Chloe Lukasiak, Brooke and Paige Hyland, Kendall Vertes, Jojo Siwa, and Kalani Hilliker. Their mothers Christi, Kelly, Jill, Kira, and Jess will also be there to spill the tea. However, three of the main girls will not be there which are Maddie, Mackenzie, and Nia. This simply could be because they do not want to relive their past. It does not seem as though they have any bad blood with any of the other girls. In the trailer JoJo is seen calling them out for not being there, do they all feel that way?

Original 'Dance Moms' cast members JoJo Siwa, Paige Hyland, Brooke Hyland, Kendall Vertes, Kalani Hilliker, and Chloé Lukasiak group selfie in mirror
Original ‘Dance Moms’ cast members JoJo Siwa, Paige Hyland, Brooke Hyland, Kendall Vertes, Kalani Hilliker, and Chloé Lukasiak group selfie in mirror

When Can Fans Watch?

The reunion will be airing on Lifetime on May 1st at 8 pm E.T. The show will contain the girls going over the most traumatic times of the series and how they truly felt about it. Kelly Hyland was shown having a moment and crying while she told her daughters:

“I can’t believe I ruined your dance career,”

However, her daughter Paige let her know that she is still struggling to forgive Abby Lee Miller after “doing so many nasty things”. Abby Lee Miller has had her struggles the last number of years. She was in prison for a year for bankruptcy fraud. She also got diagnosed with Lymphoma which is a form of cancer and is permanently in a wheelchair.

Dance Moms | Youtube
Dance Moms | Youtube

It seems as though this reunion is going to contain all the juicy details fans have wanted for years. Even though there will be some people missing, the drama and details will not fall short. However, it seems like all the girls are still friends and Maddie, Mackenzie, and Nia may not be participating because they do not want to open old wounds. How do you feel about their absence? Are you excited for the reunion? Sound off in the comments below. 

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