‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Responds To Drug Addict Allegations

Jenelle Evans from Teen Mom, MTV, sourced from YouTube

Teen Mom fans know that controversial figure Jenelle Evans is navigating an incredibly messy court battle at the moment. She and her ex-husband David Eason split, but the breakup has been anything but amicable.

Now, Eason has brought up drug allegations against Evans. Needless to say, that made an impossibly catastrophic situation even worse.

This situation is far from over, but Jenelle Evans did briefly address the accusation on X. What did she have to say?

Jenelle Evans Defends Herself On X

As TV Shows Ace previously noted, Jenelle Evans is facing drug accusations in her current court battle against David Eason.

Jenelle Evans and her daughter from Instagram
Jenelle Evans/Instagram

“David accused her of being a drug addict, and said that Jenelle has taken Xanax the whole time they’ve been together,” an insider reportedly told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup. “Jenelle rebutted the claim that she’s a drug addict, and said she was prescribed Xanax and has been taking it for the last three years to help with her esophagus spasms. She told the judge that if she gets nervous or anxious, it will flare up her esophagus spasms and she will throw up.”

Now, Jenelle is responding to the allegations.

An X user asked the Teen Mom star, “There’s an article talking about you being hooked on Xanax. True?”

“Funny thing is… I take them as prescribed so obviously there’s no problem,” Jenelle replied.

The Rest Of The Internet Isn’t Sure They Believe The Teen Mom Star

While the response made sense to Jenelle Evans, other internet users weren’t quite so convinced. Over on Reddit, fans discussed the post and weren’t quite sure they believed the MTV star.


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Even if she was simply taking Xanax as prescribed, a patient can still display addictive tendencies. Reddit users shared their own personal stories about Xanax and similar medications. Several others expressed concern for Jenelle’s overall wellness.

Redditors wrote:

  • “My script for Ativan said ‘take every one to four hours as needed for anxiety.’ Guess where that got me? In rehab twice.”
  • “Not to mention how quickly some tolerance build up can happen. You end up using double to feel the same for a while before realizing what’s happening.”
  • “It’s insane that she’s been regularly taking benzos and drinking. Really easy way to accidentally die. Also, as I’m sure she’s doing, when you write-off the ‘as needed’ part of the script, that’s not taking them as prescribed.”

What do you think about the situation? Is Jenelle Evans in danger, or do you believe she’s actually taking Xanax as prescribed? Share your own opinions and thoughts in the comments.

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