Chris Combs & Wife Brittany Enjoy Florida Getaway

Chris Combs and Brittany Combs from 1000-Lb Sisters Sourced from Instagram

1000-Lb Sisters stars Chris Combs and his wife Brittany recently enjoyed some fun in the sun.

As indicated by social media, several members of the 1000-Lb Sisters cast went to the Sunshine State for a family vacation. Fans can’t help but wonder if TLC film crews are with them to document the trip for future episodes.

Whether TLC filmed the trip or not, it seems like the family genuinely had a great time during the getaway. Keep reading to see what Brittany and Chris Combs had to say about the trip.

Brittany & Chris Combs celebrate several “firsts” on vacation

1000-Lb Sisters fans love the Combses. Chris and his wife Brittany seem incredibly down to earth compared to some of the other family members.

While the sisters in the family tend to be a bit more chaotic, Chris and Brittany are calm, cool, and reserved most of the time. But it seems like the couple was more than happy to join the rest of the family for some Florida escapades.

Chris Combs and Brittany Combs from 1000-Lb SistersSourced from Instagram
Chris Combs/Instagram

Chris’ sisters Tammy Slaton and Amy Halterman have posted plenty of their own Florida vacation photos. Now, Brittany Combs is adding her voice to the conversation. On her Facebook page, she shared several photos of herself and Chris enjoying the beautiful scenery.

“Pensacola was fun. I did some firsts while there,” Brittany captioned her Facebook post. She tagged Chris in the photo dump. “I rode on a plane for the first time and I also rode on a boat for the first time. It was so fun I really enjoyed myself.”

Chris Combs and Brittany Combs from 1000-Lb Sisters, TLCSourced from Facebook
Brittany Combs/Facebook

So far, Chris hasn’t publically said much about the vacation. But fans were delighted to see that he and Brittany went along for the ride and had such a great time together.

If the whole family went for a trip together, it’s highly likely that TLC filmed the trip for a future season.

Fans pray for news of 1000-Lb Sisters Season 5

Long-time TLC fans know that the network likes to keep new content a secret up until the last minute. So far, there isn’t much information available about 1000-Lb Sisters Season 5.

However, fans are growing increasingly interested in Tammy Slaton’s weight loss journey and life post-surgery. TLC knows that a fifth season would definitely draw in many viewers, which means more money. In a nutshell, it’s not a stretch to think that the network is already filming Season 5.

The family hasn’t taken a trip together since they went to Tennessee in Season 3, which proved to be disastrous. Hopefully, the Florida trip went much more smoothly. Fans are excited to see it all play out onscreen.

What are your thoughts on the family’s Florida vacation? Are you excited to see it all play out in future episodes? Leave your thoughts in the comments and check back soon.

There will be more news to share about 1000-Lb Sisters very shortly.

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