‘1000-Lb. Sisters:’ Who’s Footing the Bill For Tammy Slaton’s Rehab Stay?

Tammy Slaton has been in a voluntary rehab facility for several months now. According to her siblings, the notoriously hefty celeb has lost more than 100 pounds since admitting herself to the facility. While her weight loss has yet to be officially confirmed, many are wondering how Tammy’s medical bills are being paid for. Is the network picking up the bill? Have the siblings pitched in to keep up the tab? Read on to get the nitty-gritty on the financial side of Tammy’s rehab care.

Tammy Goes Back to Rehab

At the end of 1000-Lb. Sisters Season Three, Tammy Slaton finally makes the decision to take control of her health. She opts to readmit herself back into the rehab facility in Ohio where she was back at the beginning of the season.

While the show makes everything out to be hunky-dory, there were definitely some details that weren’t shared with fans in the season finale of the hit TLC show. While fans were aware that Tammy and her sister, Amy Halterman had been living side by side in a duplex apartment, the show did not reveal what it cost them to live there. According to The Sun, the 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom brick residence is located in Dixon, Kentucky. Despite being in a very rural area, the home was priced at 239,000. After seeing the state of the home inside and out – that number has left many fans wondering why such a small space had such a high price tag.

Healthy or Homeless

Despite starring in a hit TLC reality show, Tammy is not living high on the hog. As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, it’s been estimated that the sisters make roughly $5,000 per episode. This rounds out to roughly $50,000 per completed season of the show.

Tammy and Amy Slaton's Duplex
Photo Credit: Google Maps

While TLC likely chipped in for some expenses, they are not known for being generous. Numerous outlets have reported that TLC reality personalities are the lowest-paid television stars on the market. So, it’s very probable that the trips to doctor’s offices, family adventures, and vacations were all funded by the family themselves.

According to The Sun, the sisters initially split the monthly cost of the duplex home down the middle. Each sister occupied a portion of the space and they shared the financial burden. Towards the end of Season 3, Amy Halterman and her husband moved out of the duplex and into their new home roughly thirty minutes away. While this gave Tammy more space, it also increased her financial responsibility, laying the entire monthly cost on her shoulders.

As fans know, Tammy’s size prevents her from holding a regular job. This meant that her income consisted of her monthly social security checks along with what TLC was paying them. According to the SSDRC, the average SSDI payment in Kentucky is about $1250. According to Amy, what Tammy makes was not enough for her to keep paying the duplex rent on her own. Unfortunately, this has resulted in Tammy not having a home to go back to once she leaves the rehab facility in Ohio.

Photo Credit: TLC

Who is Paying For Tammy Slaton’s Rehab Stay

Tammy is living full-time in the facility in Ohio while she receives treatment for her food addiction. While she only made it through a month or so of treatment on her first run, sister Amy Halterman reveals that this trip could be substantially longer.

The once-again-pregnant celeb told media outlets recently that Tammy Slaton would likely be staying in the rehab facility for at least a year – maybe even two. She also said that the length of the stay is not important so long as her sister gets the treatment she needs to get her life on track.

Photo Credit: TLC

Intensive residential treatment isn’t cheap. As some fans may know, TLC paid for Tammy’s first trip to rehab earlier in the year. Fortunately for them, she only stayed a fraction of the time they had initially planned for. This go-round, it looks like Tammy is on her own financially. According to Amy, TLC is not paying for Tammy’s rehab treatment. In fact, the facility is using the entirety of the celeb’s SSI check each month to cover her treatment. As of the time of this writing, the network has not offered to help with Tammy’s medical costs for this trip to rehab.

Amy also reports that because her finances are unstable at the moment, Tammy will have to stay with her sister when she comes home from the facility.

“Tammy’s social security pays it, it takes her whole social security check, the show isn’t paying. That’s why I hear she doesn’t have a place to live because she can’t afford the rent. When she comes out she’ll stay with me for a little bit, soon as we find a place she’ll go there.” – Amy Halterman

How long do you think Tammy Slaton will stay in the rehab facility? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. Tammy undoubtedly gets Medicare and Medicaid assistance as well as some form of state housing (section 8) and food assistance.(SNAP)
    Amy would as well as she’s legally blind.
    Everything else would come from their YouTube and TV income.
    Possibly gifts from fans.

    1. Exactly and even if they just got Tammy a room at a rooming house for $500-$600 monthly she’d be able to make it and have the other tenants as friends bc she’s always saying she needs a friend. And she’d have $$ left over for extra curricular activities bc like u said I and I KNOW she’s receiving food stamps (?snap) and her Medicaid/ Medicare benefits along with all the $$ she makes on social security. Tiktok alone only asks a person for 10k followers and 100k views in a 30 day period to pay u $1 per view therefore that’s $100k on each tiktok vid that get 100k view’s in 30 days and Tammy’s ALWAYS goes viral! She’s a viral Queen. Her networth is easily a few hundred grand. So I don’t understand why she can’t buy a small cute house and be happy, healthy and make a season 4, 5 , 6 and so on bc I love this family and only want the best for them all! Blessings and love to all, Shan 🙏🏼💞 •💋

    2. Medical Social Worker Here

      Rehab, nursing home, and skilled nursing are all different things. It’s technical per Medicare and insurance. The designations are universal.
      She had a few ways to pay pending her classification
      For her disability to pay for her stay, The “rehab” must technically be classified as a long term care facility (fancy word for a custodial nursing home). The facility would keep all of her check save $60 per month. True “rehab” in the medical world means a skilled nursing facility or an acute rehab (these are Medicare definitions ).
      Many facilities are dually certified for skilled nursing/rehab and long term/custodial care.
      If she has been on disability for a while, she will have Medicare.
      Medicare pays for a “bucket” of 100 days of skilled nursing per episode of need (which requires a hospitalization of 3 or more midnights). The first 30 days are covered at 100%, days 21-100 at 80%. A supplemental policy or Medicaid should pick up the extra 20% -if not she had to pay).
      To qualify for another 100 days, she would have to be hospitalization and rehab admission free for 60 days. Then she gets a new “bucket “ of 100 days. It does not go by any calendar or need. The renewals are case by case pending on the last facility dc was.
      There is an extra one time only “bucket” of 100 Medicare days called lifetime reserve. She can enact that but I believe has to pay the copays. This will never renew if she uses her “LTR” days. MEDICARE DOES NOT PAY FOR LONG TERM/CUSTODIAL CARE, EVER.
      My guess is
      She went to rehab under Medicare. Let’s say she was there a month. Medicare used up 30 of her 100 rehab days (20 days at 100%, 10 days at 80%. Medicaid paid the extra 20%). She now had 80 days at 80% for rehab.
      After she went home, she did not pass 60 days without going back to the hospital so she still only has 80 days of rehab at 80% coverage.
      Once they determine she is at her baseline, she will convert to a custodia (traditional nursing home) patient (not much PT/OT) and her disability will pay her room and board.
      Clear as mud? Welcome to Medicare and Medicaid.

      1. As confusing as “the system” is, I have yet to witness a long term care facility that delivers the care stated once a patient is placed in their care. I have visited many as friends and relatives were residents in long term care facilities–every patient in these places need someone to visit daily and for extended periods of time. Be sure to visit at different times –never at the same time each day. Your explanation of the financial end of these places is enlightening Sissy Bodhiman.

  2. TLC should be paying for Tammy’s care in rehab. This show would not exist if it weren’t for Tammy and Amy in the first place. The show has a lot of followers. TLC should show their customers who watch their channel that they have great care and concern for the people they hire to do the shows for them. Tammy could then save her monthly income in order to find a nice, comfortable, new place to move into when her rehabilitation is done. Taking this stress off of her as to where she will live will help her to succeed and recover quickly. She deserves something wonderful in her life. It would be nice to see some compassion and kindness from TLC. Something this world needs a whole lot more of!

    1. That’s not how Medicaid Medicare work.. the reason Tammy’s ssi is covering her rehab is because she has nothing and is poverty level at this point. And Medicare takes all but maybe 30 to 60 bucks a month. If she has other finances , they will reduce her ssi if she passes a financial threshold. She’s allowed to make so much a month but it screws with her Medicare an Medicaid..

      1. She has an income from TLC so she may not be on SSI or Medicaid( or whatever her state calls it) any longer. Most states there is a maximin that anyone can make and it is very low.

  3. I do believe that she gets assistance with Medicare Medicaid food stamp housing assistance so what does she do with the money that she gets from TLC for each episode where is that money going why can’t she still pay her rent until she comes out of rehab.

    1. In CA, a person has to make less than $25000 a year and have only $2000 in the bank to get public assistance. Her state may be different.

      1. Kentucky is the same. More than 2000 disqualify from snap benefits. She might be on Medicare but with earning money from show she would not get medicade.

    2. Agree that a shit load of money tobe getting state or federal cash help plus food stamps!!!
      We have truly thousands of disabled old and young getting nothing if they have income is over $800 a month or have over $1000 in their bank account PLUS if you live with others their encome counts
      This is the law from Seattle Washington… I know a shit load of people wishing they live there

      1. When I read what she gets a month for disability really irritates me. I have asked the question many times how someone who has barely worked a day in their life gets more than I do in retirement. Especially when you get disability because of your life choices. I started working in 1971 at 16, after school, in an insurance office. Throughout my lifetime I worked one, two, or three jobs to support my family. Never have had food stamps or any other government assistance. I want to understand why my income is just now $890.00 a month, and someone who gets disability because she can’t stop putting huge amounts of food in her mouth gets $1250.00? 😡

        1. I couldn’t agree more! I love the show, I really do! But when is everyone going to stop catering to Tammy’s every’s little whim? She gives you those looks to kill if you don’t do what she wants or say something she doesn’t want to hear. Tammy needs to grow up and decide on life or death and stop depending on her family! Tammy I love you but it’s time to get it in gear girl! And there’s time like the present!

  4. Amy will never get rid of Tammy once she moves in with her and Michael. She better really think about that. Tammy will be like having another child but WORSE!!

    1. 2 adults, 2 babies AND TAMMY using one tiny bathroom?!! And your right….. she will never ever leave. They will end up having to wait on Tammy 1st and the babies will get shortchanged!

  5. I thought she lost 110 while she was in hospital with induced coma. Is the 100 in this article in addition to that?

    1. Apparently not. She SHOULD have lost an additional 100 lbs ONLY IF she is eating how the Dr ordered; HOWEVER, her postings always shows fast food wrapping on bedside tables AND jars of candy in background….

  6. Please, you are all pathetic. The minute she leaves the rehab she’ll go back to her old ways and stuff her face till she gains all that weight back. She’s a lying self centered cry baby who manipulates everyone around her.

  7. I don’t see why she went to rehab. There was nothing wrong with Tammy, she didn’t need to lose weight. She was beautiful the way she was.

    1. Ppl like u are truly huge part’s of the obesity problems in the world because there is absolutely something terribly wrong with Tammy and the way she looks… anyone who weighs 600+ lbs and can’t stand longer than 5 seconds needs serious help! I can only imagine what/ how your family look’s like and tf you feed them…🤮 I think no I know it’s time u get help! Go get some help bc ure sick Luke slew was !😨🤮

    2. If you believe this, Donna, then you need professional medical help because you are Crazy. Tammy can’t even breathe! Her heart and lungs are smothered under the weight of all that fat. She will Die. Do you understand? She will die. Very soon. And dying ain’t beautiful.

    3. I agree Donna. Not everyone has to be a twig or a size 2. She was perfectly fine as is. Society has created an illusion of what the perfect woman should like, and anything that deviates from that has no value. Tammy was living her life as she see fit, and that’s her choice. There’s nothing wrong with being a big beautiful woman, enjoying the food you eat.

    1. I like my women big, like real big! I like em where they just lay in the bed, and don’t move.
      Tammy ain’t big enough for me! If she lost 300 pounds I’m out!

  8. I have represented applicants trying to get Social Security Disability benefits or SSI (Supplemental Security Disability Income benefits).
    They are two different programs.
    Tammy has probably never worked, or worked less than 10 years, meaning her benefit amount would be no more than $1000 a month, and she couldn’t get Medicare.
    She could get Medicaid, but unknown whether her state would pay for her Rehab.

    1. Ky current Supplemental security payments max out at $820-840. And yes she is probably getting medicaid and some places has so many beds that is for medicaid patients only. But it will take all of her check except 30-50 bucks for her to keep. But this place is in Ohio. Their requirements may be totally different. Tammy DONT DO IT NOT A GOOD WAY TO RAISE YOUR BABIES!!! STILL RAISING TAMMYS ASS..SMH

  9. There’s no way she’s collecting SSDI of $1250/month as payment $ is based on how much $ u made during your working years AND the $5k/episode would immediately disqualify her from disability benefits. Medicare/Medicaid mandates that YOU spend down your assets to $1250/”spending $” AND $2500 “burial fund”. She would be required to cover the “daily cash $” with TLC earnings and income AND THEN, Medicare/Medicaid kicks in. She also wouldn’t qualify for sect 8 or food stamps with her tlc income AND social security. If she has it, she’s not reporting her income. TLC has tried to help so many times; they shouldn’t be footin the bill for her lack of motivation, trying or never really working bcuz of her bad choices. I FOUGHT for my SSDI $ after working my entire life and cancer and in bones left me unable to work.

    1. How does she get 50k from show and still get ss check or medicaid….you can only make so much ….and if you can work which the show is work how she getting all this still

      1. Some people live off of far less than $5000 a month,me included,. $50000a year would make some people fell rich.
        Amy just say NO

  10. 2 adults, 2 babies AND TAMMY using one tiny bathroom?!! And your right….. she will never ever leave. They will end up having to wait on Tammy 1st and the babies will get shortchanged!

  11. Well first of all I’d like to say that even the thought of worrying about who is paying for her rehab treatment is just an all out ignorant topic of conversation – bc to me the answer SHOULD BE “who cares if it is going to SAVE HER LIFE!!” – The girls do make money from TLC and from YouTube and even if TLC opted not to pay for the second time at the rehab the doctor did say he would work something out with them for her to go back.. also if Tammy is eligible for social security she is also eligible for Medicaid for the medically needy, so I’m sure she also has state funded medical insurance for her medications and hospital stays. She also may be eligible for section 8 as well as other programs like food stamps, and the the home health aide they had coming to the house a couple of times a week. Disability does cover some things but so does the county/state agency welfare programs when you make under a certain amount of money and can’t work. It would be interesting to know if she still meets the poverty limits for 1 person with the 50,000 she gets from TLC but I guess that’s between Tammy and the state .. but trust and believe that there are plenty of organizations out there willing to help if she is prepared to invest the commitment to stay there and do the work. We are praying for you Tammy. And are wishing you the best!!

    1. Oh my g … I totally agree !!! It seems horrible but still we watch … but at the end of the day it’s bull crap !!! Wish I was fat !!!!and lazy because TLC would take care of me !!! There is so much distress in the world why the hell does TLC. Focus on fat people… there are so many people in this country starving … me included!!!

  12. Amy, do not let Tammy move in with you!!!! It will be a disaster, you have enough to deal with already!!! You will have 2 kids by then and dealing with Tammy and her ignorant attitude will be a sad situation. She has other family, it’s time for someone else’s turn…

  13. If Tammy has SSI then state Medicaid is paying for her stay. She would not qualify for Medicare as you have to work and pay Social Security to receive those benefits. When the state is paying for long term care your whole SSI check except for $30. or so a month for incidentals goes to the facility. She gets her full benefits back once released.

  14. I feel sorry for Amy and Michael. They’re never going to be able to live their own lives. Their kids will be exposed to Tammy’s foul attitude, and the whole dysfunctional family will continue those new kids coming into it. Tammy needs to go into a nursing facility, not back with Amy.

  15. The whole family needs to say, ” NO!” to Tammy and let her finally hit rock bottom with no one to fall back on but herself. She needs to start acting like an adult, not an overgrown toddler. Amy should definitely not take her in. She will not stay at the rehab as long as she knows she has somewhere to go with people who don’t say no to her, and full access to detrimental foods that she has no business eating.

  16. So we all can sit around, get fatter, do nothing, day in, day out, eat, cry, moan and groan, eat some more act a fool all while getting paid to do it all?!?!?! Shoot I’m in the WRONG BUSINESS.

  17. I think it’s disgusting that these people who are overweight through their own addictions is covered by the show and the government… I got denied for being “ underweight “ for insurance and yet fat people prosper.. makes more sick !!!

  18. I don’t feel sorry for these people who just milk the system!!! I pay $800 a month for insurance and it doesn’t cover crap … maybe I should eat and gain weight so I can be covered for anything !!! This country is trash

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