Tammy Slaton 2022 Net Worth Revealed

Tammy Slaton 2022 net worth - YouTube/TLC

TLC’s show 1000-lb. Sisters has brought the Slaton sisters a lot of publicity over the years. Amy and Tammy Slaton have practically become household names. Everyone knows who they are, but what has that done for the sisters’ wealth? Read on to discover the Tammy Slaton 2022 net worth.

Tammy Has Been Losing Her Popularity

Recently aired episodes of 1000-lb. Sisters have had fans questioning whether they want to support Tammy Slaton anymore. Her actions have shown an ugly side of her, one that is unwilling to change or improve.

Tammy Slaton 2022 net worth - YouTube/TLC

Credit: YouTube/TLC

Despite fans starting to lose interest in Tammy’s antics, she continues to appear on the show and many people are still following her story closely. Tammy and her sister were discovered by TLC when the pair weighed a combined 1,000 pounds. Both women were dangerously obese and needed bariatric surgery. Amy underwent the surgery necessary to improve her health and has tried to make significant lifestyle changes.

Tammy, on the other hand, hasn’t done much of anything to make a change to better her health. Fans of the show have watched her go through a few troublesome boyfriends, but there haven’t been many positive changes in Tammy’s life. While the sisters used to lead practically identical lives, Amy has made a complete 180 for the better.

Tammy Slaton 2022 Net Worth: Less Than You’d Think

Believe it or not, Tammy’s net worth only sits around $100,000 in total. TLC stars are some of the lowest-paid celebrities on television. When compared to daytime TV stars or other television personalities, most TLC celebs only pull in about $1,000 to $5,000 per episode. Because 1000-lb. Sisters has been so popular, the Slaton gals are probably getting closer to $5,000 than $1,000. At most, they are making $50,000 per season each.

Tammy Slaton 2022 net worth - YouTube/TLC

Credit: YouTube/TLC

That’s a fairly modest salary. Of course, both sisters have the potential for other opportunities by being on the show. Other TLC stars, like Amy Roloff from Little People, Big World, have been able to pursue other business ventures from the exposure they gained through their show. However, as evidenced by her actions on 1000-lb. Sisters, Tammy doesn’t have much ambition to do anything. It has been reported that the sisters occasionally make paid public appearances at various local events.

Season 3 of the show recently wrapped up. It hasn’t yet been revealed if the show will be renewed for a fourth season or not. If this season proves to be equally as popular as those that have passed, it is safe to assume it will return for another though.

The impact the show’s renewal will have on the Tammy Slaton 2022 net worth numbers is probably little to none though.

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  1. I love ❤️ the show 1000 lb sisters.i really like Amy and the rest of her family. Please don’t stop the show. Tammy isn’t to bad but I kinda get sike of her easy.with her it’s the same old thing.but with Amy she is down to earth.please bring Amy and gage and hubby back.they could make a show of there own..love you patty from bridgewater nova scotia

    1. I hope there is another season. I love the show. Real people, real problems. I pray they do another season. You kinda become involved in their story and look forward to the next week’s show to see how the have been doing.

  2. Without serious therapy Tammy won’t change. Amy has seriously turned her life around which should be the greatest inspiration Tammy could have. Yet she sits around the house over indulging, being mean to those who love her, green with envy and taking no accountability. I’d like to see Amy move and force Tammy to grow up!

  3. I love this show. If you remember J.R. off of Dallas was the most hated actor. I believe in Tammy. Have a little faith. I do.

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