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Tammy Slaton Canceled? She Has Finally Pushed Fans Too Far

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Tammy Slaton has angered fans by the way she acted during a trip with her family on an episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters. Viewers began to tweet at the sisters, sharing how they would have handled the situation. Now, it’s very possible Slaton is on the road to being canceled. Here’s what happened.

Tammy Slaton Is Apathetic About Weight Loss

Slaton has been apathetic about her weight loss journey. In fact, she seems fairly indifferent about everything. Tammy has gained 10 pounds during a timeframe she should have been able to lose 25. Her family has stood by her every step of the way, even though she has literally thrown tantrums. There have been plenty of arguments among the family members, both on and off camera. Despite all of their differences, they try to support each other. When it comes to Tammy though, the effort seems to be a bit one-sided.

Tammy Slaton

Credit: YouTube/10 Minute Plus Films

The family planned a trip together, including Tammy in the vacation. They drove 12 hours and, at the end of the day, everyone was tired. One final obstacle remained and that was to get Tammy up into the cabin they’d rented. Moving Slaton anywhere is an ordeal. As soon as she saw she had to walk, Tammy had a breakdown. For the most part, fans have stood by Tammy even though she’s acted poorly in the past. However, her actions during the vacation episode may have finally pushed them too far.

Why Fans Are So Angry

She could be seen in the back of a van throwing a fit and fake crying. Even though accommodations had been made to help Tammy get to the rented cabin, she refused to walk. People watching the show almost immediately started tweeting. One viewer said, “I would have carried myself to bed and left Tammy’s a** in the van fake crying. She would’ve figured out how to get in the cabin or how to get home.”

Tammy Slaton

Credit: YouTube/10 Minute Plus Films

Others joined in to share their thoughts and most of them were disgusted at how Tammy was acting. Not only has she been negligent in her weight loss journey, but she is disrespectful of her family’s time and efforts. As one person on Twitter pointed out, she would’ve probably been upset if they’d gone without her too.

There still is no telling as to whether Tammy will change her attitude to not. For her health and livelihood, she should probably consider. Fans have made one thing clear though: they’re tired of it. Some people are even calling for her to be removed from the show. You can stay updated on Tammy and her sister, Amy, by tuning into 1000-Lb. Sisters on Mondays at 10 p.m. EST.

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  1. I have decided to stop watching the show because of the way Tammy is allowed to act!!
    I think you should make the show about Amy and her family they’re funny, sweet,new parents & you can do so much with a story line with them. 1st birthday for Gadge
    maybe a renewed wedding vows for Michael and Amy. More of staying on track with weight loss. Bike rides in the countryside. Gardening! So many adventures!
    You are a big network… Make lots of$ from this show gift them some damn new furniture!! This show was all about changes and unless you start making some changes people are just going to get fed up and stop watching also show more of Chris his wife and the one sister that’s been on the show.

    Please stop with all the filthy sex and sex choices already!!

    1. This gal is a fool and has mental illness and blames everyone but herself. If she passed away it would be a blessing to all of us as bad as that sounds. She is a dreadful person and has no intentions of making her life better. She has sucked the life out of her family and the people who watch this show ! I am one of these. What she does on the next show drinking with trash that came to visit from the internet. Shame on all of us to put up with this horrific woman who just does not care and know I don’t either.

    1. I believe that she wants to lose weight but, she is so addicted to food she can’t do it. Same as an alcoholic, drug user, smoker etc. They have to be the one to do it. Others nagging seems to make it worse.

  2. Tammy needs to be left on her own to see how she would cope she is disrespectful to everyone and treats her family like shit she needs sacking I won’t be tuning in again

    1. Agree…her family needs to make serious changes. Just like the family of a drug or alcohol addict. Either make changes or she is cut out completely I know they love her, but she treats them horribly, she makes no effort to lose weight, she dates shady guys she meets online on sites where guys are basically chubby chasers with fetishes, and I have just read an interview where she says she just hangs out with friends now and drinks alcohol and vapes. So great…no she not only is addicted to food but she is on her way to be addicted to alcohol and whatever the hell is is she is vaping…nicotine, marijuana???

  3. I got the same problem I know how Tammy feels I’m 300 lbs and I need to loose 100 lbs and I got food addiction problem it’s hard to say no to sweets what I do is I walk right by the sweets and I ask myself do I want them or do I need them or not go down that aisle. This will help you to get back on track to loose weight and you’ll be happier and get better to get the weight lost surgery this will save your life do it for me. I love you and your family.

    1. Tammy doesn’t give a damn. She is a narcissist. She prefers the fake attention and will never lose the weight. She will die inside that blubber. I got gastric bypass surgery after weighing my heaviest at 313lbs. I’ve lost about 120lbs give or take. You can only lose it and keep it off if you want it and Tammy does not want it. Some people cannot be helped and she’d manipulate you into helping her kill herself. You’re too kind of a person to be placed around someone as toxic as her.

      1. I fully agree if you cater to her the less she will move and the sure determination to [email protected]@s off those whom care about her gives her a greater pleasure than food I believe.
        She packed this weight on no one is shoving the food into her pie hole it’s her choice.
        Leave her to fend for herself and that means every wich way hand her a emergency alert pendant and go.

      2. I concur 100%. Tammy is a narcissist. It enrages me the way that she talks to her family and her expectations of them. I would have let her sleep in the van

        1. Tammy is the most vile oerson I’ve ever seen.
          Kick her off the show, her behavior is not entertaining at all, her behavior makes us all miserable watching it, it’s torture to get through the episode with her in it.
          For ince TLC do the right thing and get her off, just fire her it’s that simole.
          No one pitys her anymore we don’t like her so why should she be shoved down our throats.
          What’s it gonna take for all of us to stop watching the show and you lose ratings all becuz you won’t listen to the viewers.
          No one likes Tammy anymore, she’s likely one of the most hated ppl besides Big Pred and Steven Johnston from 90 day.
          I know I’m done i don’t know about anyone else, either fire Tammy or I’m not watching the show anymore

          1. BYE!!! Just because you don’t like it….or so you say…doesn’t mean the rest of us should be deprived of watching Tammy’s terrible antics….you obviously are entertained by it too because it’s not like Tammy just started acting this way

            Stop trying to be so righteous and just enjoy some mindless tv
            Go and spout your beliefs somewhere else

    2. I think her family should back off from her and let her get a reality check. It seems like she is a attention hog. All eyes on me, no one else exist. Wake up Tammy, your not the only person on this planet. Believe it or not. Many people would give anything to have the opportunity you do.

  4. Tammy is a narcissist! She only thinks about herself and her own needs. I really think the show would be better off without her!

  5. Everyone must Stop encouraging her bad behavior. I have never seen anyone treat the people she needs so desperately so badly. Tammy needs to go.

  6. Just like the doctor has told Tammy to contact him when she has decided to follow weight loss goals, TLC should also insist that she needs to change her attitude or leave the show.

    1. TLC ENABLES her food addiction because it gets them ratings and ratings means money for the executives and share holders. They enable quite a few people’s toxic behaviours and manipulate fake tension for ratings. They will never get rid of Tammy. They’ll get rid of everyone else first.

    2. AGREE! She’s just wasting her life away & trying to make everyone else feel bad about it. She needs to take responsibility for her own laziness . She’s SELFISH.

  7. I think that she acts worse than a toddler! She needs to be given a alternative, either start to loose weight and get healthy or she’s off the show!!!

  8. The time that Tammy uses to whine , gripe and self indulge could be used for sure determination and will .
    Your whole family may be obese but they are trudging forward to fight the battle and Tammy is holding them back and wasting precious time none of them can get back.

  9. It would be a COLD DAY IN HELL that FAT BITCH would treat me that way! 1 SURE way to get her ASS out of that chair would be to take her laptop & her phone & hide it. Then let her throw her tantrums. If you notice she’s CONSTANTLY on that phone! I would bet she’d get up & go berserk😂😂 LOOKING for them! I also AGREE that TLC NEEDS to give her an ultimatum. All their doing is CONTRIBUTING to her addiction. Tammy HAS the skills of a 10 year old. She’s severely mentally challenged. She’s uneducated & probably has a reading level of a 3rd grader. With ALL the time she has, she SHOULD TRY to BETTER HERSELF! I’ve ALWAYS said, you can do ANYTHING if you put your mind to it! Also you can ALWAYS TRY TO RAISE YOURSELF ABOVE YOUR RAISING! Just saying……

    1. It’s people like you that makes a star like Tammy not wanna change if we all had such negatively towards one another IT would be a sad situation for someone to better themselves take a good look at yourself before you judge Anyone.

    2. There is no need to insult her. I get that she doesn’t want to loose the weight and that’s on her. In my opinion she needs a better doctor. It’s like telling someone who has drug addiction, stop taking drugs. You need to work with the person and help them to understand. But saying that she has the reading level of a 3rd grader. That’s not tammys problem that’s yours. I find it very upsetting when people insult others. The part that upsets me the most is the fact that you put laughing emojis. You don’t need to bully her. You might need to get out your bible because you need some Jesus.

      1. How much more help can you give her for real everyone has been helping her and she don’t care. I do agree with everyone else i don’t want to watch the show because of her. After I watch an episode of everyone pushing her around in that wheelchair my bag hurts. I feel for Amy’s husband he always has to push her cuz she is to lazy to walk. Amy has a nice little family she should enjoy them.

      2. I don’t think you get the whole picture. She needs a better doctor? Please, the doctor has been very professional and caring. He can do no more. Tammy feels entitled and wants everything and everyone to cater to her. She’s beyond hope now and everyone tried. Everyone tried much more than Tammy.

  10. She is a baby brat who thinks she is entitled. Like everyone needs to bow to her. You better get your life together or you won’t be here to see another year. So many people have tried to help you, get your crap together.

  11. They need to get rid of that useless bitch,I like the show but she needs to go.she’s a rotten Miserable bitch

  12. I agree with what everyone is saying about Tammy. Maybe she needs to go on the show Intervention??
    Aside from Tammy can we all agree that brother Chris is the cutest?? That little boy grin, I love it!!

    1. They need to give Chris his own show I have been rooting for him the whole time and he wants to better himself he is such a positive and uplifting guy and pretty smart too , yea I like his smile too. 🙂👍

  13. I dont understand why people are so entertained by watching miserable fat people in their daily lives.Just looking at that girl turns my stomach.Nasty.

  14. The family members should not come over to attend her every whims and just ignore her for awhile. Let her see how much she needs her family.

  15. Her problems began a long time ago. She has a long list of enablers. All the members are morbidly obese and obviously have an additional problemsThere seems to be no shortage of those willing to feed her and bend to her every request. She and the rest of the family need a serious intervention. She and the rest of the family need lessons in manners. I am a Southerner and disgusted


  16. I love the show but, that damn Tammy gets on my nerves! All that whining and complaining, Bitch please enough already!

  17. I also think that Tammy should be fired! Other than helping herself to food when nobody is looking she should live by herself!! All she keeps saying is leave me alone. Then leave her ass alone! Amy already has a baby she needs to spend time with plus a husband. Baby Tammy needs to do her own growing up! I’m sure Gage is going to pass her up along the way. By the way Amy that baby is so cute. Looks like dad!;);-)(^^)

  18. Tammy’s a Lazy , ignorant, uneducated disrespectful no class unhelpful BITCH that is a waste of human life . Until she changes her ways she will die .

    I really like to see who and how she bathes, how much and what she eats like on
    “My 600lb life” with dr. now he doesnt take shit from anyone I like to see him dealing with her .

    1. I doubt she bathes much. She went to the Dentist and said she brushes her teeth about twice a week. Obviously good hygiene is not a priority for her. Gross!!
      I’d also love to see her go see Dr Now. He’d put her in her place!!
      Good luck Tammy!!

  19. I still haven’t figured out why you have this show. They should both be humiliated and embarrassed that you have put them on tv for all the world to see two uneducated dumbasses in all their glory. Tammy is such a bitch it’s ridiculous.

  20. Tammy and the rest of her family have all the symptoms of sexual abuse. Her reluctance to stop eating hoarding, and her inability to express her emotions are
    a result of suffering in silence as a child. Her family supports her behavior
    because they don’t want to tell the world their shame and secrets. The mother suffered trying to take care of
    herself and so many children. The cycle of poverty and abuse has had a tremendous impact on the entire family.
    Hopefully the show will help then all
    start anew.

  21. I loved it when she told them they should be glad that she can go to the bathroom and bathe herself or they would have to I would put healthy food only in her house and if she wanted something else start walking to the store and if people would stop watching her on line and on TV she wouldn’t have the money to buy all the food she wants her family needs to stop doing for her I be damned if your going to treat me like that she is only nice and not a bitch when she wants something

  22. Yes, the family should just leave her along and may be she,ll wake up some day an realize shes all along. Then she might really do what she,s suppose to . But she,s just killing herself .

    1. I’m 100% with you. She refuses to help herself and treats everyone around her disrespectful. Cut her from the show or me and many others are done! The rest of the family are great people with life struggles like the rest of us. They don’t need to be saddled with that mean, negative, evil mass of flesh.

  23. Tammy either shit or get off the pot you’re not a Marilyn Monroe so if I were you I would get out there and start losing weight because you’re headed for a lonely lonely life and all them men you talk to they want what all men want when I asked to go out with a woman that looks like you they want a blowjob that’s all fat women are good for

    1. I think this is one of the rudest, most demeaning, uneducated and ignorant statements I’ve ever seen. What do you mean, that’s all fat women are good for? 🤬🤬🤬

  24. Although I do not know her personally, I would not want to meet her. The first thing I had to do before my surgery was see a psychiatrist and I quit smoking. I did both. If I didn’t get past the psyc eval, I couldn’t have had the surgery. I realize a lot of people grow up in a disfunctional family. If you take her off tv and off the internet and her family has limited access. She should realize that all of her problems really do stem from her. She really needs a psychologist and get to the root of her problem no matter how long it takes and then ease into weight loss. It’s not easy by any means but TLC will lose people who watch the show and quite frankly, that’s not fair to the rest of the family.

  25. Tammy should be dropped from the show. Or it won’t be long before the show losers viewers. No one wants to watch a fat ugly nasty attitude bitch on tv. We want to see more of Amy, Michael, and baby Gage. We want to see more of Chris and his journey, and the rest of the family. They should all walk away from Tammy and let her fend for herself and let nature take its course, it won’t be long.

  26. This is what i think and by no means am i being rude when tammy was getting help to lose weight she left and it was helping amy has tried to help her and she is so mean to amy and now to the rest of them puts blame to everyone but herself tammy needs to go back and get the help they were giving her but to everyone out there don’t be so mean to tammy if she don’t want the help that’s her decision i think if we all help by being nice try to persaude her to go back where she was losing the weight get help so she can live to see that baby grow up but please pray for her

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