Christine Brown Disrespects Kody On New TLC Cooking Show

The latest webisode of Cooking With JUST Christine is live on the TLC website and her delicious white lasagna isn’t the only thing Christine Brown is dishing on. This week, the newly single celeb is cooking with the eldest daughter, Mykelti, and fans definitely caught the shade vibes she was throwing towards ex ‘husband’ Kody. Why do fans think that this reality celeb was talking smack about her ex? Read on to get the ‘saucy’ details.

Christine Brown’s New Cooking Show Is A Hit With Fans

Over the many seasons that Christine Brown has been on Sister Wives, fans have continuously commented on how delicious all of the celeb’s cooking looked. From her biscuits and baked goods to her pasta dishes, Christine’s fans and family have been trying to dupe her recipes for years. So, with all the hype, fans were excited when Christine’s webisode-based cooking show, Cooking With Just Christine was finally announced.

Christine Brown
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So far the web-based mini-episode cooking show has released two segments. They are available to view on the TLC site.

Christine Recently shared an episode of her web show with fans on Instagram and the response from fans was electric. The video clip has received upwards of 200k likes and more than 1,000 comments so far.

“Thanks, Christine! Love your show and will make it a habit every Sunday,” wrote one fan.

“Christine, You have found your calling! Your recipe and directions are easy to follow and you are a natural,” added another follower, “I love how you explain,” this is your recipe” Your enthusiasm for what you are doing makes me want to try this recipe ASAP! Your love for what you are doing shines through!”

Many of her viewers were more than happy to praise her cooking, her contagious spirit and many pledged to keep watching in hopes they eventually give her a prime-time, full-length cooking show.

Christine Dishes Up More Than Pasta

In this week’s episode of Cooking with Christine, Kody Brown’s former wife settled in with her eldest daughter, Mykelti to make a family favorite recipe, White Lasagna. This delicious-looking layered pasta included some tasty fresh mushrooms, spinach, and sausage along wither her own homemade alfredo sauce.

Christine Brown Instagram Fan Comments
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As mother and daughter prepped and layered the pasta and their array of fresh ingredients, Mykelti mentioned not being the biggest fan of mushrooms and said she would likely pick them out before eating. Christine smiled and reminded her that in cooking – you get to make your own choices.

The longtime TLC personality to her daughter and her audience that once a recipe comes into your home, it is yours. She goes on to say that unless you are “absolutely married to it” you can do whatever you want. If you want to eighty-six the mushrooms or do chicken instead of pasta – let nothing stand in your way.

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Was Christine Brown Throwing Shade At Her Ex-Husband?

While the tone of the conversation was very light and upbeat, the conversation about ‘making your own choices’ definitely struck a chord with TLC viewers. Christine Brown expressed the joy of being able to make your own choices and getting rid of anything that doesn’t make you happy. She continues by telling viewers to remove anything “you aren’t absolutely married to.” The TLC personality’s play on words let viewers know she was talking about much more than mushrooms.

As long-time viewers of the show will remember, Christine Brown was never legally married to Kody Brown. Meri was his first legal wife and they legally separated when Robyn came into the family so that he could marry her and adopt her children. The lack of a legal bond made it quite simple to remove Kody from the “recipe.”

While certainly not malicious, the subtle nod at the major change in her life let her fans know that she is living life on her own terms and couldn’t be happier about the way things are going for her.


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