‘Sister Wives’ Mariah Brown Turns 25, Instagram Followers Snub Her

Mariah Brown Instagram

Mariah Brown recently turned 25 and Sister Wives fans seemingly cared less. In fact, some might argue she was snubbed by her own Instagram followers on her birthday.

Mariah Brown remains inactive on Instagram, followers didn’t acknowledge birthday.

Noticeably, the Sister Wives star has 130,000 followers on Instagram to date. This is just a fraction of her mother Meri’s 455,000 followers. It, however, doesn’t appear as if Mariah’s followers think very highly of her.

Now, Mariah hasn’t been very active on Instagram as of late. In fact, the last time she posted was over a month ago on June 1st. Typically, fans of a celebrity will take to their most recent Instagram post on their birthday to shower them with well wishes. This, however, didn’t appear to be the case for Mariah. A quick scroll through her most recent Instagram posts doesn’t reveal any birthday wishes.


Have her Instagram followers snubbed her completely? It sure seems to look that way.

Some of her followers actually blasted her on her birthday.

Now, there was some activity on her Instagram posts in the comment section on her birthday. But, there wasn’t much in the way of positivity. In fact, many of her followers slammed her for her involvement in the black lives matter movement. In Facebook Sister Wives fan groups, Mariah was slammed as being a disgrace and disappointment to the family. They didn’t care it was her birthday. And, they were not interested in seeing photos of her. There was a significant amount of hate building up for Mariah.

Mariah Brown receives birthday wishes elsewhere though.

Both Meri Brown and Audrey Kriss wished Mariah a happy birthday yesterday. Meri included several snaps of Mariah when she was a baby as she gushed about her daughter. Audrey, unsurprisingly, also had nothing but great things to say about her “babylove” as she affectionately called her.

While there was not any love on her own Instagram page, followers of Meri and Audrey joined in wishing Mariah Brown a happy birthday.


On Meri’s birthday post, many praised Meri for giving such a kind tribute. Most, however, just penned simple variations of “happy birthday” in the comments.

“Happy Birthday!! Hope you have an awesome day celebrating!” One follower gushed on Audrey’s Instagram post.

Audrey’s Instagram comments were also mostly just variations of “happy birthday.” So, perhaps Mariah was snubbed because a lot of trolls follow her on Instagram.

Either way, most Sister Wives fans wished her well and hoped she had a special birthday!

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