‘Sister Wives:’ Why Did Kody Brown’s Family Move to Flagstaff?

Credit: YouTube

Kody Brown has moved his family to Flagstaff, Arizona and fans have a lot of questions. It is a major chore to move a single family from state to state, so imagine moving three Sister Wives-sized households?

As recently reported by TV Shows Ace, life within the Brown family is changing. There have been moves, divorce, and changing of the guard among the wives Meri, Janelle, Robyn following Christine’s departure. So what is the reason behind the major move?

Per The Sun reports, Kody Brown was really left with no alternatives but to relocate his huge family from their four homes in Las Vegas. Kody claims that the hustle and bustle of Sin City were just too much to bear. He felt it was not really a place to raise his family. So off to Flagstaff, Arizona the family went.

Kody Brown - YouTube
Kody Brown – YouTube

It’s All About Robyn Brown’s Kids?

The move took place quickly meaning that the family’s four homes were vacated before they were sold. Janelle Brown stayed back in an attempt to sell the homes. However, Christine has revealed that the move was a tremendous financial hardship for the family. Christine Brown claims that the move just left the family financially drowning as they struggled to sell the Las Vegas homes.


Fans have their theories about the reason behind the move though, with the majority placing the blame on Robyn. They believe that Robyn forced the family to move by convincing Kody it was all for the best. However, fans feel it is because Robyn’s eldest son Dayton Brown recently started college in Flagstaff, and Robyn couldn’t bear to be so far away from her son.

One fan took to Twitter to state, “You know what’s incredibly sad and weird,” Robyn? Forcing a million kids and 3 other grown women to sell their beloved homes and move across the country because Dayton is starting college in Flagstaff.”

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

Does Robyn Brown Control The Family?

Many others feel that since Christine and Kody’s split, Robyn has done everything within her power to prove to the others that she is now in control of the family. Robyn seemingly claims otherwise. There has been a lot of drama between Robyn and Christine when it came to Kody. Fans believe that Robyn is the main reason behind the split.

Following Robyn marrying into the Brown family, Christine admitted she experienced some jealousy. Despite the women making an effort to get along and build a stronger family bond things fell apart between Christine and Kody. It has also been suggested that Kody’s quick-hot temper began to rear its ugly head more than Christine could take also causing friction between the couple.

Sister Wives/TLC
Sister Wives/TLC

Kody Brown’s Favorite Wife

In the end, the Brown family seemingly agrees now on one thing. That thing is that the move was absolutely necessary stating, “Flagstaff is where we’re supposed to be, it feels right.”

So at least publicly for now united the Brown family stands on their decision.  Despite what fans feel the real reason behind the move maybe that’s their story and they’re sticking to it, at least for now. Do you believe the Browns moved to Flagstaff to save their children from the corruption of Las Vegas?



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    1. That show has become boring. Meri and Ribyn too quick to bring on the tears. Poor babies…put on your big girl panties.
      Of course the move was for Robyn’s son. I am sure neither Kody or Ribyn will admit that.

  1. I’ve been watching Sister Wives since the beginning. Dayton applied to college in Flaffstaff after Kody announced they were moving. Also comparing the location of Nevada moving to Arizona was not moving the family “cross the country.” People learn your geography. Arizona is next door to Nevada!

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