Kody Brown Not Allowed To Leave Meri Or Janelle?

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Sister Wives fans already know that the wives don’t all get along. In fact, family patriarch Kody Brown doesn’t even seem to like all his wives. After Christine Brown left the family, many fans speculated that other wives may follow suit.

Fans clearly see that Kody really only has feelings for his wife Robyn, so some believe that he may be the one to leave them. But other Sister Wives fans have a theory that Robyn Brown might be the reason Kody keeps the other wives around.

Keep reading to learn more about the intriguing theory.

Reddit users believe Robyn and Kody Brown have a manipulative plot in mind

Reddit users frequently discuss what goes on in the Brown household. But there’s a new thread that speculates that Robyn Brown is influencing Kody to keep Janelle and Meri in the family.

“Theory: Robyn won’t let Kody officially leave the other women,” the original poster begins the thread. “Kody doesn’t care what ‘his church’ says about whether or not he can leave the other women. Does anyone actually believe that Kody is still a believer in this religion? He says the church won’t let him leave, but I actually think he doesn’t officially leave them all because Robyn won’t let him.”

“She says she doesn’t believe Kody and Christine are divorced because their church didn’t approve it so maybe she does still believe in this religion. Maybe she is afraid of the public and personal backlash if he does officially leave the other women to be with just her,” OP continued. “I dont know but I think if it wasn’t for Robyn, Kody would have ‘divorced’ Meri, Janelle, and Christine a long time ago. He has all but explicitly stated that he wants to be done with these women but “can’t” leave them. They are standing in the way of his goals.”

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The Reddit user concludes their theory by suggesting that Kody “neglects and emotionally abuses” the other wives so that they will leave him. The user believes he does this so he and Robyn can say the other wives chose to leave on their own.

Many other Reddit users offered their support for this theory. But what do you think? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

The TLC star even has trouble winning over his family’s approval

As the Sister Wives drama continues, Kody Brown proves to be pretty unpopular with fans online. We recently reported that even Kody’s mother wasn’t a fan of his behavior.

If you recall, she even said this during Season 6:

“As a child, Kody was a handful. One time he was being disobedient when the furnace was on and he was standing right on top of the furnace and he ended up with his hands on the furnace. Kody has not changed a whole lot since then.”

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