‘Sister Wives:’ Even Kody Brown’s Mom Thinks He’s Garbage?

Kody Brown Telll All Sister Wives

Old footage of Sister Wives reveals even Kody Brown’s own mother, Genielle, thought her son was a piece of garbage. In chatter on Reddit, Sister Wives fans discussed old footage of Kody’s mother giving him some pretty sound advice on managing four wives.

Being typical Kody, however, he shot down the advice. In the Reddit thread, fans had zero love for him and thought it was very telling that even his mom knew what kind of man he was. Did she know his spiritual marriage with four wives was doomed to fail?

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Sister Wives: Even Kody Brown’s mother thinks he’s garbage?

It goes without saying that Sister Wives fans do NOT like Kody Brown. They think he is a piece of warmed-up garbage that wanted the joys of having multiple wives without having to do any of the work to maintain them or keep them happy.

During Season 6 of Sister Wives, Kody Brown’s mother gave him some pretty sound advice on managing four wives. She discussed how important it was for him to make sure he treated all four of his wives the same. It was his responsibility as a good husband to make sure he divided his attention evenly.

Being typical Kody Brown, he shut down his mother’s advice as something that just wasn’t possible or going to happen. His mother had the following to say about what kind of man her son was:

As a child, Kody was a handful. One time he was being disobedient when the furnace was on and he was standing right on top of the furnace and he ended up with his hands on the furnace. Kody has not changed a whole lot since then.”

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The Sister Wives star shuts down his mother’s advice

Kody Brown’s mother tells him it is important for him to always be fair with his wives. She noted something as simple as buying a gift for one of his wives meant he needed to buy a gift for all four of his wives. The TLC personality shut down this advice noting it wasn’t possible and too much of a hassle.

“I can’t buy something for my wife worried in my head about what another wife will think.” He argued.

Kody added that he thought it was unfair and disrespectful to the wife he was buying a gift for if he was also supposed to think about the other three wives at the same time.

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Fans blast Kody Brown as a loser

Sister Wives fans admit this old Sister Wives clip was very telling about what type of man Kody Brown was. Other fans thought it was a bit comical that even Kody’s mother didn’t have high hopes for the success of his four marriages.

“This clip highlights the essence of how clueless & insensitive he is,” one fan penned.

A second chimed in: “Loser! loser ! Love Christine’s mom. You can just tell she’s not thrilled with [Kody.]”

“The whole mentality of ‘I can’t worry about what a wife thinks about a gift I get for a different wife’ is the reason he’s terrible at polygamy. I’m sorry, but you have to keep things equitable at all times. Not equal, but equitable.” A third agreed.

Janelle Brown/Kody Brown/Robyn Brown via YouTube
Janelle Brown/Kody Brown/Robyn Brown via YouTube

Do you remember this old Sister Wives clip? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest news on the Brown family.

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  1. Kody brown is an ass and he is married to one woman an that is Robyn he is a man that has his cake and eat it too lucky for him not so much for the ladies I don’t know what they see in him

  2. My opinion is. They all knew what plural marriage. Is Christine was jealous. Of other wives. Then don go into a plural marriage..Mary. Needs to pick up her pride and pack up..if. The catfish wasn’t a scam she would be gone already so get over it ya did it own it

  3. I don’t see where Kody’s Mom calls him trash. That would be an awful thing for a mother to say. She said he was hyper and did not listen.

  4. Kody favors Robin because she is subservient he doesn’t even know her he thinks he does , he thinks he’s perfect he’s so stuck on himself he can’t see what a jerk he is and that his kids are fed up with him they don’t even respect him as a parent yes the wives knew it was polygamy but you’re not supposed to get a man that acts like Kody, he just wants to be in charge, he is not a true polygamist the wives knew it was a polygamist marriage they just got the short end of the deal they all need to divorce him I admire Christine for divorcing his ass and moving on with her life !

  5. I think meri and janell should leave that ass kody. He is a cry baby and talks bad at his wife.s and children. He and Robin Are so bad.she is an cry baby too im glad Christine left him.

  6. To begin with, this is just another reason plural marriage is wrong. It hard enough for one husband and one wife to make a good marriage much less more partners… Mary should have left when she went through the catfishing event, she was looking for love. Janelle is a hard worker but tries to get along with others( but she had Christine was her free babysitter for years).And I don’t think Mary ever cared for her… Christine needed more attention from a husband and don’t think she was a good candidate for plural marriage… And Robin, well they were all jealous of her, and why not younger, pretty and most loved of the other wives…. Cody, of course he thinks he is gods gift to women….He doesn’t keep one women happy much less four….And the sad part of all of this is the Children!!!!At least they (the older ones) seem to be nice…I pray for the little ones….

  7. I’m sure Kody’s mom’s comments have been twisted for this story, which is very disrespectful to her. But Kody is very much one who hears only his own voice and sees only his own opinions. Nothing – and nobody – matters more. He’s giving up on polygamy now his wives are standing up for themselves. He has lost control, meaning his ego and God-complex are both severely dented. It’s not fun anymore. And the kids? Well, it seems they are their mothers’ kids, not his. Selfish doesn’t even scratch the surface.

  8. Meri…. You have so much life & love to offer .. find someone to share & give back to you… You so deserve it…. I feel so bad for your life with Cody… Let Go & Love again 👍❤️💯🤗🥰😀

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