‘Sister Wives’ Season 16 Finale Recap- Jan. 23

Sister Wives Credit: TLC

Last week on Sister Wives, the family had to do their best to quarantine for Christmas. In order to do so, Kody felt it necessary to take his sons, Gabriel and Garrison aside. He tried to reinforce the importance of his pandemic rules and why they have been put into place. Yet, he has some bold sons with Janelle and they were not stepping down. Gabe let his dad know that Christine all but raised most of them so being away from family was probably the hardest on her. Furthermore, their mother would put her life on the line just to hug the whole family again so maybe Kody should do some self-exploration.

Gabe also wanted his dad to see they have drifted apart but Kody did not grasp any of that. It came to the point where Gabe wanted his confessional over with. Sadly, the familial quarantine was interrupted when Janelle’s mother passed away. After she returned, Robyn came by and the women discussed plural marriage. They also chatted about rapid COVID tests as everyone who attended the funeral had to take one. Luckily, everyone tested negative and Christmas went as planned. However, Kody still felt “blue.”

Sister Wives Celebration

The whole family has been safe since Christmas so now, Robyn’s youngest daughter Ari is demanding the family celebrate her birthday together. Since testing is easily accessible for them, they are all doing what is necessary. Christine admits the tests make it easier for them to hang out but it does not fix all the damage the family has gone through. Kody put them through a lot with the rules and regulations, she admits this. Ariella is now five and everyone can be all over one another.

Sister Wives Credit: TLC

Kody is excited they are gathering yet he is still upset with the disrespect he received from his older children. He said it ruined his holiday season but tried to find the reasoning behind the anger. The show flashes to the conversation he had at the logs with Gabe and Garrison. He said how they had rules and regulations at work so why not within the family. Garrison was quick to point out how Kody needs to communicate verbally in a better manner.

Kody tries to believe this has to do with him not being there enough for his kids, i.e. Ysabel’s surgery. Possibly not at Janelle’s house during the pandemic. Yet, he goes back to his younger children and says that’s where his obligation is at. Janelle says they never pushed their kids out of the door at eighteen but now, he is changing this. However, at Robyn’s home, there are kids over eighteen there. They are following his rules so it’s okay. He has a lot of conflicting ideals.

Hopes For The Future Dashed

Everyone has so much fun at Ari’s birthday. They toast to her and she is just a firecracker. When Christine is complimenting her, she points out how red her sister wife mama is. Everyone just cracks up and they note how being together is so much fun. They begin to look to the future and Kody’s impending birthday one week away. Then, it says “three days later” and that is never a good sign. Robyn is self-filming, sharing that the day after Ari’s birthday, her nanny tested positive for COVID.

Robyn and Kody Brown TLC

Kody flips out because he wonders how she and her husband got it when they’ve been following the rules. Robyn feels Kody is validated now that getting together might be too much of a risk. Now everyone has to get tested and a part of Robyn feels bad that it could have come from her home. As for Christine, she is chuckling a little bit because it’s ironic. This has come from his own nanny. Janelle feels the same as she kept safe and she’s broken some of Kody’s rules.

Christine wonders if this will stop the family hangouts. Yet, it was really hard for her to hang out with Kody as their marriage is in a bad spot. As she has said before, she struggles with seeing him have functioning relationships. Apparently, her girls say he is different when she is not around so maybe it is best if she is not around at all. So, what is next?

Sister Wives Split Apart

In a self-filmed confessional, Christine is getting very introspective. She shares she and Kody had been putting in a door at her home. As they are doing it, he is talking about her cat and keeping the cat away from her inventory. Finally, she asks him if he has installed the door as a barrier for the cat or to prevent them from being intimate. He responded that he was not really interested in having an intimate relationship anymore. Kody explained he did not like her behavior, he wanted to see if she could be a better sister wife.

A woman in a yellow swear sulks as a man in a plaid shirt looks on
Credit: Christine and Kody Brown via YouTube

Furthermore, he said other people do it all the time when she said she could not have an intimate-free marriage. She does not understand how he gets to be intimate with other sister wives but not her. Christine admits her heart is shattered and after the conversation, he continued to work on the door while she went to bed. He woke up and made himself breakfast. Apparently, he told her a while ago he was not attracted to her and she knew this but this is not a real marriage to her.

'Sister Wives' Brown family via YouTube
‘Sister Wives’ Brown family via YouTube

Kody says they have had trouble for twelve years and it flashes back to the fights they’ve had over the seasons. He has called her a cry-baby and such. It has not been healthy at all.  Now, she has decided she does not want Kody in her room anymore. It is a special place for her and nothing special happens with them though he knows people with romance-free marriages. She says he can visit the kids but that’s it. He thinks it’s a phase or an awakening.

A Phase?

Kody claims Christine has been saying she is going to leave him for years. He also claims she has murdered their intimacy with betrayal. That betrayal is her threatening to leave. It is a constant back and forth with her according to Kody. He does not understand why he is so surprised and does not know if he should believe it. It is almost time to believe it as she will make it a reality. In the meantime, everyone tested negative so Robyn is over the moon. It is also time to head to St. George for Christine as it is Mykelti’s baby shower.

Mykelti Brown Padron Instagram
Mykelti Brown Padron Instagram

Christine is feeling a transition and does not want to stay in Flagstaff. This has been her feeling for a while. She flashes back to telling Kody she did not want him in her room. He kept saying they would discuss it but for her, there was no discussion. Furthermore, she wondered what it would be like when he came over to pack up his stuff. She felt he would come by and pack but not spend time with the girls. So, she took it upon herself to pack for him and put it in the garage.


She is breaking down over the life she had, what she knew, and the family she has lost. Christine knows she wants to move and be where people love them or rather her. Over at Janelle’s, both Gabe and Garrison have tested positive for COVID. Now, she and Savanah must go test. As for Kody, he is at Christine’s where he has found all of his belongings packed up and he is in shock. They did not discuss this so how could it have happened?

Kody’s Been Moved Out On Sister Wives!

All of his stuff has been moved out. He wants to talk to Christine about this and says he has been moved out of his house. It feels like it is Christine’s home. She feels relieved like she can breathe and settle for a bit. There are about a dozen boxes there for him and he does not want to move any out. He claims he did not know she was this serious at all. Christine has no idea what the future looks like but she knows he will come by and see the kids. Then he can leave and go elsewhere.

Credit: TLC

Kody is not angry, he thinks it might be a game. He still does not know why and says he is “ambivalent.” Kody says he almost does not care. In their church, they release you spiritually. As far as Christine is concerned, it is between her and God. Kody is concerned about it “karmically.” He thinks the system is anti-divorce but then realizes that is hypocritical as he has been divorced. Plus, he is married to two people who have been divorced (Janelle and Robyn). He keeps saying he is unbothered and that it is his house.

Kody also says he feels relief from a loveless marriage. Yet, he is not talking about how he really feels because that is still an uncertainty. Next week, one-on-one with Kody, Meri, Robyn, Janelle, and Christine in a Sister Wives exclusive. Don’t miss it next Sunday on TLC.




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  1. Kody, stop playing games! You’re not much of a man! A lot of women would kick you out of their bedroom. You think you’re the greatest! You’re not a God!!!!!! Robin seems to be the only one kissing your ass. Go with her! The other woman seems to have their life with out you! And to the ladies do what you want. Kody, you are just pissed because they turned on you and walked away from you! I don’t believe you are all that in bed. So I don’t believe anything that comes out of your mouth.

    1. Kody…I believe you have to high standards for yourself. You act like God and all the women are to bow down to you. Take a look at your self in the mirror. What woman would find you attractive. You spend money on hair styles, maybe to try to make yourself look better, but you look like a clown. The look on your face when you are mad is evil looking. The girls don’t need you, you are ruining their lives, and the lives of the kids.

    1. Totally agree Meri, Janelle and Christine need to just give him the finger and move on; all he’s done is rely upon his wife to work; they need to just sue for child support or ask that he get a vasectomy

  2. Kody has become more and more arrogant over the last several years. It’s almost impossible to listen to him rant and rave and play the victim over and over with wives and kids. Is it just impossible for the guy to man up for once and actually be a husband and a father? It’s as though he thinks this is “The Kody Show” instead of “Sister Wives”. His relationships with Mary, Christine and Janelle have dwindled to the edge of non-repair. Most of his confessionals sound like am immature spoiled brat who excepts no responsibility for his actions or lack there of and blames either the wives or the children. Basically he’s sinking the show and I don’t see how it can continue at this point.

  3. Robin is a master manipulator and Kody is her puppet. Kody is a dictator, he’s selfish and a bully. Kody has one set of rules for him and Robin and another set of rules for Meri, Janelle and Christine and their children. I’m so proud of Christine for standing her ground and finally dumping Kody. Christine, Meri and Janelle deserve better. Someone who truly loves and respects them. Kody has all these covid rules but none apply to him and Robin. Kody and Robin go on dates and have intimate dinners and shop at Victoria Secrets for sexy lingerie for Robin and all the while they are not social distancing and not wearing masks. Robin does not need a nanny she should be able to take care of two small children herself. Everytime you turn around Robin whips up the tears and trys to play the victim and acts like she’s so hurt and feels so bad for her sister wives. BULLSHIT! Robin is over the moon with how things are and Robin played a huge role in these out comings. She’s planned it all out since day one. Robin baited her trap and got exactly what she planned out. Her patience and manipulation has paid off BIG for Robin. I don’t even know why TLC continues to give them air time and a show. I no longer watch it but the the posts come through my news page. Time to give the TLC show Sister Wives the 🪓

    1. What you are witnessing on the TV show isn’t exactly the reality of what’s really going on in Flagstaff. I live here, I’ve spoken with Robin before and she isn’t the manipulative tool that some people want to believe. Sorry, but no one should pretend to know what’s going.

  4. Meri is more of an ass kisser than Robyn. She’s hanging in there hoping against all odds that the boy will toss a crumb her way. 🙄🙄🙄

  5. Does Klody think that Christine would want to stay in a sexless marriage? What’s she staying for, his glowing personality? Dude, I’f you’re not laying down the pipe then you’re out of luck. I would love if Christine got a dating show out of this. Christine in the City has a nice ring to it.

  6. Cody is a real jerk… He acts like he’s the only person on earth that knows anything! I don’t know why any of these women have stayed with him…
    He is a poor example of a husband and a man to all of those children he chose to have. I say let Robyn have him. She’ll find out how things are when he picks wife #5.

  7. Kody is so self absorbed he is not looking at any of his responsibilities in this mess. He has emotionally, spiritually and physically neglected his family. He’s too busy stroking his enormous ego that he doesn’t see he’s strutting around like a little tin God. Shame on him. He is weak, narcissistic and I dare say couldn’t lead a bunch of old ladies out of a wet paper bag with a hole in it. Shame on him. His mind is in adolescence. The kids are more mature than Kody. He had hurt his family terribly. Time to send that man child back to his Mother. He doesn’t want wives and children. He wants four Mothers.

  8. Kody is worried about covid, but he’s the one who got it, imagine that! He should only be with Robin because he allows her not to work, has the most expensive house, and has a nanny.Why do you need a nanny if you don’t work. You need to cancel the show so kody and Robin have to get a job!!@!!

  9. I have never responded to a show, but I have to say it is time for Kody to go and meditate by himself. Think about you have 4 wife’s and 3 out of your 4 marriages are spiritually, physically, emotionally dead. All at the same time????
    Man U better get on your knees and start praying and ask ur wife’s for forgiveness. Most of all I don’t feel that you are having a personal close relationship with God as you claim.
    That is where u started out wrong!
    All the council in the world does work when you don’t have a soft heart.

  10. I would love for Janelle and Meri to follow in Christine’s footsteps. They deserve so much more than this. I’d quite happily watch a new series following the wife’s as they live their best lives, far away from Cody.

  11. What gets me is him telling his boys they have to go by the rules for Christmas or not come. So they did what there dad asked and still got covid.


  13. Cody is a greedy man that calls his religion biblical. These women deserves so much better,, what kind of example is he setting for all those children.Christine is right to go on with her life

  14. Christine is such a nag! Can’t stand the way she has a fake accent. Does she ever laugh? Janelle is the same. And boring! Mary should just go. And Robin and kody can live happy ever after! At least Robin seems half way decent !

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