‘Sister Wives’ Battle Of The Browns, Mykelti Padron Rock Bottom

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Sister Wives fans took notice of a battle of the Brown family on Cameo. Turns out, Christine, Janelle, Kody, and Mykelti Padron all have Cameo accounts. As we previously reported, Kody seems to think he’s the most valuable member of the family charging far more than anyone else for a Cameo from himself.

Despite his high price and fans’ opinions of him… He gets a pretty steady stream of orders. Noticeably, Christine’s orders started to increase at a fast pace after she made the decision to leave Kody. Fans assume some of these orders were just followers of the show prying for details.

Unfortunately, this battle of the Brown family has Mykelti Padron on rock bottom. What else did Sister Wives fans have to say about these various Cameo accounts?

Christine Brown Credit: Mykelti Padron IG
Credit: Mykelti Padron IG

Mykelti Padron on rock bottom

Sister Wives fans called attention to a battle of the Brown family on Cameo today via fan chatter on Facebook. The conversation started because one fan wanted to praise Christine for having nearly twice as many orders as Janelle. The conversation went a little sideways. Fans took notice of the various prices. And, some pointed out how much cheaper Mykelti’s prices were compared to Kody, Janelle, and Christine.

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Presently, Mykelti Padron sells her Cameo videos for just $10 a pop. Some fans noted she’s basically giving the away at that price. Now, as we previously reported, Mykelti hasn’t been a part of the Cameo platform as long as Christine, Janelle, and Kody. So, it would make sense for her to have introduction prices. Fans suspect when the demand for videos increases, Mykelti will raise her prices. Fans also know Kody Brown raised his prices the last time Cameo had a sitewide sale. He just made the decision not to drop his prices after the sale concluded.

Sister Wives battle sees Kody on top

Sister Wives fans also took notice of Kody Brown charging $99 for a Cameo video for personal use. He charges even more if a business wants a video for professional use. In fan chatter on Facebook, many admit they are blown away because they don’t know why anyone would pay that much to listen to Kody talk.

Sister Wives Facebook Chatter
Sister Wives Facebook Chatter

Other fans jumped into the chatter to support Christine. They praised her for hustling to get that money after deciding to drop Kody and live a life as a single woman.

Are you surprised to see Mykelti Padron on rock bottom of this Sister Wives battle? Do you think Robyn and Meri will ever start a Cameo account? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this TLC family.

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