‘Sister Wives’ Fans Want TLC To Give Christine Brown More

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When Christine Brown announced she was leaving Kody, Sister Wives fans were ready for a spinoff. They wanted to see a new free Christine on their screens. After all, she was showing off how amazing independence looked and she seemed to glow. Apparently, TLC heard the fans loud and clear because Christine got her own show. Now, a Reddit thread has come out and Christine supporters are ready to take her all the way to the top.

Sister Wives Loses Christine Brown

It was just before the Season 16 premiere that Christine announced she was leaving the Brown family. Viewers had no idea what this would mean for the season or for the show for that matter. Luckily, the demise of her marriage to Kody was played out in the last few episodes of the season. Yet there were signs over the years that there was trouble in paradise. It all really started when Kody took on his fourth wife, Robyn. He began to dote on her in a new way and Christine admitted she was very jealous.

Sister Wives Secrets [Screenshot | YouTube]
[Screenshot | YouTube]
As revealed in the three-part tell-all, Christine was also always the subservient wife for years. This was what Kody always loved about her. She maintained the home, kept everyone happy, and never said no. That ultimately was her downfall because she wore herself down, never thinking of Christine. It was her father who finally told her to think about herself. Once she started to say no, Kody told her she was breaking her marital contract. Luckily, Robyn was there to pick up where Christine dropped off, which obviously made her feel horrible.

Christine Brown and Kody Brown via YouTube 1
Christine Brown and Kody Brown via YouTube 1

However, she could finally start to see things as they were. Polygamy was rough and whenever she felt stressed about it, Kody never comforted her. He now sees that was a downfall of his. In the end, she could not be married to someone who was not attracted to her and would not be intimate with her. She has chosen a functioning marriage and happiness. This has brought amazing opportunities her way, including a new television show.

Christine In Demand

No sooner did the Sister Wives tell-all end that Christine’s new cooking show was announced. Cooking With Just Christine will air on TLC.com and it completely makes sense. She has been known for making the best rolls and occasionally sharing recipes on Instagram. The best part is she is showing Kody that she is still wanted by TLC- without him. Her fans are standing by her 100%. A Reddit thread was started by Sister Wives fans to support Christine on this next journey. They want to take her to the top.

Christine Brown - TLC/Facebook
Christine Brown – TLC/Facebook

The biggest focus is on making her new show a huge success. One fan wanted to know exactly where the show could be seen: “I want to support her with as many views as possible!” Another added: “I want her to do well so she can continue to build her self-confidence. So that she knows she never has to take part in a 5 ring circus again or be neglected and emotionally abused by anyone.”

Christine Brown Doesn't Need Make-Up To Shine Without Kody [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
They saw her get knocked down then build herself back up tremendously and the fans just want to keep that momentum going. On Redditer chimed in with this: “I don’t even like cooking and I’m just sittin’ here contemplating making her carrot cake it looked so good.” Essentially, whatever TLC is giving Christine, fans are buying and they will take all of it.

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