‘Sister Wives:’ Did Robyn Brown Slowly Ice Christine Out Of The Family?

During the ‘Tell All’ episodes included in the Sister Wives finale, Christine Brown was very open and honest about how the end of her relationship with Kody came to be. The reality star was very blunt about not being able to cope with a disintegrating marriage while living next door to her husband’s fully functioning marriage.

Robyn also shed many tears during the finale, expressing both anger and sadness at Christine’s decision to leave the family behind. Despite her tears, many fans think Robyn’s ‘sadness’ is a facade. Is Robyn Brown actually heartbroken? Or, has the newest Brown wife been working to slowly ice Christine out of the family since day one? Read on to get the latest details on the Brown family drama.

Robyn Brown Kept Her Family Separate

Throughout Season 16 and at numerous points during the finale episodes, it was mentioned that Christine Brown was considered the ‘primary caretaker’ for the bulk of the Brown children. This included not only her 6 kids but also Janelle’s and Meri’s as well. Christine prided herself on having helped raise her Sister Wives’ kids. Unfortunately, when Robyn came into the picture, she didn’t seem to want Christine taking any kind of authoritative role in her children’s lives.

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Interviews from earlier seasons suggest that Robyn made deliberate choices when it came to keeping Christine away from her family. In fact, while all the other wives utilized Christine as their children’s caretaker, Robyn hired a babysitter instead.

This clip from Season 8 was shared recently by a Reddit user on a Sister Wives thread. During the conversation, Christine made it quite clear that she was absolutely heartbroken that Robyn would hire a babysitter rather than ask for her help with the kids. Robyn only responded with “Are you serious right now?” She added nothing to defend herself or convince Christine that this was not the case. It has become the firm belief of many viewers that Robyn has deliberately kept her children and family unit with Kody as a whole separate from the other ladies, almost as if she sees them as a threat.

This clip from season 8 says it all!! Christine has been feeling this way for a long time, Robyn is still the crying victim, and Kody validates Robyn’s feelings only after, as per usual. “What does the nanny do?” Nothing, Robyn just doesn’t want you near her kids silly!
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Did Robyn Use the Pandemic To Create A Deeper Wedge?

After moving out of Utah, it was clear that the family was dealing with some internal struggles. Many of these were glazed over by the wives and the show’s editing. This season of Sister Wives really focused on the dysfunction that the family has been experiencing. It also showcased how the pandemic has exacerbated their issues.

Most of the season’s episode focused on the struggles that the other wives were experiencing as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Kody’s overbearing, excessive rules for interacting became a pain point for all of the wives, except for Robyn who seemed only too happy to do whatever it took to keep herself in Kody’s good graces.

While Christine Brown, Janelle, and Meri’s marriage all appeared to be ripping at the seams, Robyn expressed only frustration toward them, musing about why they couldn’t just follow the rules like her and her children were. As the other wives visibly struggled to keep up with Kody’s ever-changing rules, Robyn never once protested. Instead, she followed his every command, ensuring her place at the top of the food chain.

The Icing On The Cake

As long-time fans watched Season 16, many felt that the chaos of the pandemic allowed Robyn to throw her weight into icing out Christine once more. While all of the wives suffered with their estrangement from Kody and each other, Robyn and Kody’s relationship was thriving. While the older Brown children struggled with being separate from each other, Robyn held fast to Kody’s rules.

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Several months into the family’s separation, Robyn and Kody hired a nanny to come in and help with their children. Once again, instead of bringing the family together, Robyn alienated her sister wives by bringing a stranger into her home.

Once again hurt and betrayed, Christine struggled with the concept of Kody bringing a nanny in when he still refused to let his children see and interact with each other.

What Does The Nanny Do???” Christine boldly asked in a camera diary clip. She expressed feeling hurt and betrayed by both Robyn and Kody. Why? Well, it seems to have a lot to do with Kody withholding his time from his other wives and children. While still keeping everyone apart, he allowed Robyn to bring an unrelated person into the home.  This further upset many people in the family because she was a stranger whose activities they could not monitor. Christine felt that this showed they trusted the nanny more than their own family members – which definitely hit a sour note amongst the wives.

The constant lack of regard for the other women in the family hasn’t earned Robyn any points with the fans. Many viewers on social media say they think eventually, Kody will leave polygamy behind and focus on Robyn’s family. After all, everyone already thinks she’s half the reason Christine walked. Will she soon work on edging out Janelle? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. She caused Meri to get a divorce and Janelle was not a lot of competition in her eyes but Christine is a beautiful woman and Robin saw her as the major competition.

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