‘Sister Wives’: Did Kody Brown’s Love Ever Extend Beyond Robyn?

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The last few episodes of Sister Wives have been absolutely explosive. The Brown family is in complete turmoil. Unfortunately, the pandemic has really brought to light many deep-rooted family issues festering just under the surface. Now, as three of Kody Brown’s four marriages seem to be ripping apart at the seams, fans wonder where his priorities lie. Does Kody care that his Kingdom is crumbling? Did he ever really love any wife besides Robyn? Read on to get into the messy details of the Brown clan.

Revolt Of The Sister Wives

Over the course of the last two seasons, we have really watched Kody’s marriages to Meri and Christine through their end stages. While Meri and Kody have been in rough straits for some time – the pandemic has really revealed the resentment and anger between Kody and Christine.

Kody’s excess paranoia about Covid kept the family apart for over a year. That distance took a toll on his wives, but also their children and the entire family dynamic. Unable to accept the fact that he can’t control every aspect of his family’s lives, the Brown patriarch quickly grew colder and more judgemental of the women in his life. Because the wives refuse to accept his over-the-top precautions, Kody withheld his attention and presence from Meri, Christine, and Janelle — as well as his children.

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Kody Brown’s need to assert his dominance cost him at least two of his marriages. First with Meri, and now Christine, who announced her decision to divorce Kody in last week’s episode.

Despite previously having a happy, relationship with Janelle, Kody has pushed her to the limit as well. In the past, Janelle has been quite content to give Kody his way. Now, his temper, judgment, and lack of consideration for their children have driven a massive wedge between them as well. Over the last few episodes, the formerly soft-spoken, timid Janelle has begun to rebel against Kody’s controlling ways, making choices that put her children and herself ahead of Kody’s needs.

Who Does Kody Brown Really Love?

While the reality husband’s first three marriages are falling apart, his fourth marriage seems to be holding fast. Prior to the pandemic, Kody would spend time with all of his wives “equally.” Now, his newfound love of protocol has left his first three wives feeling like single parents.

Fortunately for Kody, his fourth wife, Robyn, was willing to conform to all of her husband’s persistent demands in order to stay in his good graces.

Because he feels that Robyn’s home is “safer,” he spends the majority of his time living with her and her children. Fans notoriously comment on how Kody appears to actually care and be present in regards to his marriage with Robyn compared to the other sister wives.

This past season especially, Kody continuously finds reasons to shun and chastise the other women. He expects that as “head of the family,” he is to be “obeyed and respected.”

Unfortunately, his judgment, harsh words, and lack of affection and consideration for their feelings have created a perfect storm of resentment.

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Will Robyn Be The Last Wife Standing?

Through social media, we know that Meri did eventually move back to Utah, and is happily running her bed and breakfast. At last report, she is still ‘spiritually married’ to Kody.

In that same vein, we watched Christine and Kody Brown’s relationship crash and burn. Christine recently made the call to end their marriage. She knew that a loveless relationship would not make her happy. So, after 27 years, Christine decided to put her own happiness ahead of her spiritual marriage.

In this week’s “sneak peek,” we see Christine telling producers that she and Kody are “divorced.”

While Janelle hasn’t officially left the marriage, we have seen her patience for Kody’s ways grow thin. She has voiced in interviews with the camera that she will pick her children before Kody. She is not fond of how he has neglected their relationship. Nor is she pleased with Kody’s response to his sons’ cries for attention. Fans suspect that it will not be long before Janelle follows in Christine‘s shoes and decides to leave polygamy as well.

That just leaves Robyn. Fortunately for Kody, Robyn Brown has only ever wanted to be in a polygamous marriage. It is what she knows and was raised in. It is her idea of a happy life. She has no plans to leave. On more than one occasion she has said that she will inevitably default and cave to whatever Kody wants. Many viewers suspect that this is why she gets so much attention. Her willingness to submit gives Kody more control –  something he is sorely lacking in his other three marriages.

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So where does Robyn stand on all this? Kody’s fourth wife says she loves her sister wives. According to her, she feels genuine grief for their strained relationship(s) with Kody. The 43-year-old star is upset that her polygamous family is falling apart. She, however, holds that her loyalty is to her marriage. Robyn says that she will do whatever she can to please him and keep him happy. In the end, theirs might be the only marriage standing after his ego finishes demolishing his other relationships.

Do you think Kody ever actually loved any of the wives? Do you think he favors Robyn? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section.

You can catch a new episode of Sister Wives Sunday nights on TLC.

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  1. Kody loves control above all else. He has no ability to love selflessly – that is inconceivable – and offers “love” in accordance to the degree of complicity and obedience he receives from each wife. And all those kids: sooooooo much control. Look at how he has reacted to his older boys standing up to him; he cannot cope with it. So, no,I don’t believe Kody ever truly loved his wives. At least, not in a way that really counts.

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