Kody Brown Wants Boys Kicked Out, Janelle Steps In

Kody Brown Wants Boys Kicked Out, Janelle Steps In [Screenshot | YouTube]

Kody Brown goes head-to-head with Janelle Brown. In a previous episode of Sister Wives, Janelle finally hits her limit. She’s normally supportive of her husband. Now, she’s had enough of his controlling ways.

Kody struggles with his relationships even more with the COVID outbreak. The patriarch sets down the hammer and comes up with a list of rules to keep his family safe. Yet, they challenge him on why they should be together for the 2020 holiday season. Janelle plays by the rules, but there’s only so much they can do.

Read on to see what happens next and for more.

Does Janelle Brown finally reach her limit?

Janelle is often supportive of her husband. She stands by Kody and what he wants. But even she can tell that he’s being too hard on his family. Kody and his wives meet for their final holiday meeting. Janelle admits that her boys want to be with Christine Brown for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Kody thinks it’s funny. He claims that Christine has thrown all of the COVID rules out the window. She feels that it’s not possible for them to follow the rules at this time. They want to go to Aspyn and Mitch’s in Utah for Thanksgiving. But they promise to come home for Christmas.

Kody Brown And Janelle Brown [Screenshot | YouTube]
[Screenshot | YouTube]
Janelle also plans to travel to Utah. Meri wants to join Robyn and Kody for Christmas, even though it’s more work for her. Kody respects his wives’ decisions, but Janelle can’t help but wonder if Kody is making her feel guilty. He even admits that he wants to put a “prick to their conscience.”

Janelle doesn’t like the way he’s treating her. She doesn’t like that he’s making her feel bad for not abiding by the rules. The TLC star has been doing all that she can up to this point. She doesn’t want to be alone for Thanksgiving. Janelle hits her breaking point, telling Kody to “f*** off.”

Kody Brown takes it to the next level

Now, there’s another problem. The couple comes head-to-head over their sons in tonight’s episode. Janelle says that Garrison has been saving up to buy a new house. But because of the rising cost of real estate in Flagstaff, he can’t afford one yet. Janelle praises her son for saving up his money. She says he’s been working really hard these days.

However, Kody doesn’t see it that way. He thinks that his son should move out on his own. Janelle wants her kids to “get a leg up” and refuses to kick them out. Kody argues that Janelle is trying to get him to solve Garrison’s problems. He thinks Garrison should figure it out on his own.

Kody Brown [Screenshot | YouTube]
[Screenshot | YouTube]
Janelle says they always looked out for their kids. They even sacrificed their own money so their kids wouldn’t be on the streets. She feels this is another version of it. Janelle thinks it’s a good idea for Garrison to live at home as he continues to save up for a new house.

Kody blames Gabe and Garrison for him having to be away from home. He doesn’t agree with the choices they’re making during the pandemic. The TLC star argues that Janelle is choosing their sons over him. She claims that she always had to focus on her kids since Kody wasn’t always there for her every night.

Janelle Brown With Her Kids [Screenshot | YouTube]
[Screenshot | YouTube]
What are your thoughts? Do you think Kody Brown should kick their sons out? Or, do you think they should stay until they saved up enough to move out? Sound off below in the comment section.

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

Chanel Adams


  1. I think Kody is an extremely narcissistic person. He plays mind games with them, guilts them when they disagree with him & tops it all off with playing them against each other.Covid has been an excuse for him to spend all his time w/Robyn. He’s self-serving, selfish & sneaky in his ways.I can’t believe Meri hasn’t followed in Christine’s footsteps & left him already!!

    1. And Janelle too.he should just be stu k with bankrupt Robin and a newshowfoloowing the ex sister wives should replace him.

    2. Kody has been who he is since day one, it just stands out more now! Covid has put his wives in positions of control and all decisions are now theirs to make as they try to manage the dangers of Covid. Now the health and welfare of their children depended on how they choose to handle the household freedom. Kody looks foolish, like a toddler who has failed to get his own way and is now outcome motivated. Parents should always put the health and welfare of their children ahead of their own personal entertainment and intimacy. This particular show had the opportunity to educate the public on the beauty of their faith and lifestyle, Kodys ego prevented that.

      1. My kids alway come first I don’t think many mothers will say different! Kody is never there so I’d be like her I’m letting the boys stay. Janelle needs to let the boys have it out with Kody the sperm donor, cause he’s not acting like a father.

    3. Meri is only there for the TLC paycheck. Notice how she will pounce on any wife (Christine) that goes against Kody so she can make points with him.

      1. I think Meri stays to jusr antagonize Kody. What is he going to do ,fire her? He has already divorced her. All is fair in love and war. Why not get paid if TLC is paying.

    4. Kody,… gag. Why would anyone pair off with him to begin with. He epitomizes a one night stand that wont go away and worse.

      If the women dont have a clue by now, .. well they brought the rubbish home and kept it.

      Train wreck.

    5. Narcissistic is the nicer term. I’ve never seen a more self-involved arrogant condescending jerk. This man doesn’t give a crap about anybody’s opinions but his own

    6. I wonder what would happen if Robyn chooses to no longer follow Kody’s Covid rules. Will Kody go live with Merri? 🤔

  2. Re Kody Brown, he has a nanny and her husband going to his and
    Robyn’s home, but Janelle should kick out her sons. he is such a
    monster of a dad. Didn’t try to go to be at his daughter’s side for
    her operation but is seen out shopping with Robyn.

    1. If this were real I’d say he’s a true Mormon but it s fake no mother would ever choose her husband over her babies well played Janelle and Robin is the chosen one on this show

      1. Donna, maybe in your world…but there are plenty of mothers out there E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y choosing boyfriends/husband’s over thier own children. It happens EVERY SINGLE DAY. Just ask me, I’ll tell you how many times my mom picked her boyfriends/husband’s over us.

  3. These women need to open their eyes this guy is a controlling douchebag.He and Robyn deserve each other. Good for Christine…. let’s go Meri your so next.

  4. She will have her children forever and honestly Kody’s love is conditional. I would support my children over him.

    1. RUN ladies don’t walk!!! Kody is a lying manipulator who thinks he’s the center of his wives universe. Pleural marriage my backside!!!!!

  5. Cody has always been a domineering person, he wants to be king these Covid rules are for himself and Robin the family seems to be keeping track of their whereabouts family gatherings you don’t keep 6 feet apart I have never seen anything so ridiculous but Cody is the mastermind, I’ve never seen a more selfish person all the adults need to be vaccinated

  6. Kody never put his family first – except Robyn and her kids. And now he has the nerve to look surprised when the other wives don’t put him first. Good for them. You know things are bad when down to earth, go with the flow Janelle tells him to f off.

  7. I believe kids always come first. And for her wanting to let her son stay to save money to buy himself a house is awesome. Kody, shame on you….

    1. An Kod is getting on. My nerves and i am not a sister wife ladies wake up he on only wants Roby n he’s said he only loves Robyn Meri what are you waiting for he’s over yoy

  8. If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen! You got yourself into this mess, now get out of it!! I have always thought that Robyn was his favorite wife. She’s newer model than the other 3. I can’t stand Kody. I had a boyfriend one time, that told me I should call him Lord like Sarah did to Abraham. I called him a few names BUT lord definitely wasn’t one of them. I’m sorry, but if I had to choose between my kids & my husband, the husband is gone! What an egotistical p.o.s Kody Brown is!!!!

    1. Noticed Jannell brought Robin a gift. She opened it, put it in house and sat down to talk. No wiping down gift, no keeping outside 24 hours, no changing clothes not even hand sanitizer. So rules are a LIE. WHY do they need a nanny if they are following rules and why are their a 20yr old and 18 yr old in house can’t they help or GET OUT
      They are grown.

  9. No one has the right to stand in judgement of others. I can totally understand Kody’s strong conviction to keep everyone safe from getting Covid, its just sad to me they don’t share that sentiment, especially with the potential medical fragility of the younger children. Those who have not experienced the seriousness of a Covid infection in a loved one need to have faith that it is not something you want to know first hand.

    1. Kody has more rules about covid than the health department, yet is ok to go shopping with Robyn without masks.

      He and Meri have talked about them not spending time together, but he was at Meri’s during a live segment so I don’t neccessarily pay attention to them anymore. It is just another scripted TV show.

    2. The wives all follow the CDC-recommended protocol for preventing infection…Kody’s “rules” go far beyond those protocols.
      He’s either totally paranoid, or he’s an egomaniac who’s using the pandemic to control his wives.

  10. Everyone should have their normal holiday plans. As far as Kody, he needs to wake up and learn more about COVID. He is delusional with all of the rules and one day he is going to realize how stupid he has been. It will be too late. He has chased away most of his family!! Not being there for his daughter’s surgery is just unforgivable as a parent. Yep, actions have consequences. Kody will be the loser.

  11. Cody had become a miserable person. He used to be all about his wives and kids. I think he knows leaving Nevada was a HUGE mistake. All the money he’s wasted on those properties when they had a perfect setup in Vegas. He’s become cold and selfish.

  12. They all knew whay they were signing up for when they got with Kody but….there comes a time where a woman has to stand up for yourself & for your children. Hes gonna end up pissing off all but Robyn & maybe they will all find happiness.

  13. Why would any of these women want a man like this. He is selfish and only cares about himself. Any man who does not love his children is not a real man. He he a sorry excuse for a man. They are more of a man than him. I hope they all leave him because he does not deserve them. Shame on him for how he treats them. What do they see in this man????Ladies God will send you a great man if you allow him to. You don’t have to lower your standards. Kody is a loser

  14. For a father to not even acknowledge that the kids are his (” her kids”) is horrible. This show has shown exactly why plural marriages are a horrible thing. Kody is the most selfish, self serving, egotistical, immature, person on the show. These women deserve so much better. For somebody who supposedly reads the Bible and preaches from it Kody sure doesn’t follow what it states.

  15. Honestly everyone is to blame here. He’s retarded and we all know it. He feels palisade is the better way, 😆 clearly not as we can see what happens. Your not supposed to share ur love and attention hence why other wives are finally at a breaking point. Meri is brain washed. She is portrayed on TV as a idiot. No woman in her right mind after all she’s endured with him would stay..90% of tough thick skinned women would left a long time ago. Christine thank god finally made it out and her kids will thank her for it. She’s independent and self reliant. Janelle seems to be soon following. Robyn forget it…she so stuck with trying to please a man it’s pathetic. He’s useless and his wives look like cowards. The marriages are all over because no one is in love with him there stuck with him because they need the tlc pay check and some of the kids r small so they do what needs to be done. I be dammed if my husband embrassed me on public television and said he’s head of household and how dare I don’t listen or follow his ruling.. lol he be packed and out the door.

  16. Kody is very narcissistic. If it doesn’t go his way he gets nasty. Its about time he realizes that life isn’t “all about him”.
    He should be proud of the effort Garrison is making toward buying his own home. His boys are adults and know their own minds. Every parent i know would want to help their children getting ahead in their lives. Maybe Kody is just jealous since he has got so much debt personally!!

  17. It’s funny that Merri did what he asked but he never acknowledged her or checked up on her. She was alone and lonely. Kody and Robin need the income the other wives have. He doesn’t work, Robin no longer has a business but yet she has a nanny. Janelle, Merri and Christine all have businesses and jobs. They’re the bread winners. Robin lives the good life because of the other wives. Her children are taken care of because of the other wives. Kody is do religious but he forgot the bible verse that says a man that doesn’t work shall not eat. Him and Robin just want the money from the other wives. That photo of them in Victoria Secret proves it. They did not have on masks in the mall.

    1. AMEN !!!!!!! PREHAPS Mari smartest. She is sitting back watching everyone blow up and leave. What if all of them cut the strings on the money bag. Lol you two go to work Instead of using others to make money on TLC.

  18. I agree with Janele have the boys stay at home and save their money they work hard for what they have they are not lazy tell kody to leave what does he do anyways?!

  19. Ive watch all the shows and latest is so laughable its cringe kody isn’t a man he’s a right prat the only thing in this world is himself for himself he really needs to grow the hell up and seriously do the right thing and move on leave these women and go alone because he’s completely ruined every life 😒

  20. Support your sons. Was asinine for Kody to say Isabel didn’t need surgery and Christine just wanted a vacation. What a jerk!!!

  21. I can’t believe how these women put up with this. He wants to throw his own children out??? He has no feelings for Meri yet she tells the other women you can send him my way?? He was not with his child during surgery?? Yet he stays with Robin who runs the show while the others pay the bills. Come on ladies have a little self respect. He has become an ass

  22. I think all this moving around they do and it Kody fault that is why no on here in Wyoming want him around. I’m glad Jenell took up for her boys you don’t do that to your kids and for his daughters surgery she need it and I’m glad she got it. This why I think whatever he does he blame for everything they all could have stayed in Nevada and as for Covid he went way over the top no one does what he think the family should do leave packages outside and wipe off mail and change there cloths unless you are a health care work that’s only time you change your clothes if you are working in health care facility. That’s all I have to say

  23. Any father who doesn’t go with his daughter for major surgery isn’t much of a father. Yet when robin daughter had a panic attack he ran to her and pick her up and carried her away.

  24. Noticed Jannell brought Robin a gift. She opened it, put it in house and sat down to talk. No wiping down gift, no keeping outside 24 hours, no changing clothes not even hand sanitizer. So rules are a LIE. WHY do they need a nanny if they are following rules and why are their a 20yr old and 18 yr old in house can’t they help or GET OUT
    They are grown.

  25. This whole family is a mess! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this poor excuse of a man,husband,father, had to pay these women back for all their time, effort, and money THEY have put into raising and supporting these children. What would his child support payments look like? You wives need to put a stop to this! I’m embarrassed for all of you. This is disgusting to most people. You claim this is Godly religion, wake up!! This is so Jim Jones. The old testament is closed which means all the old laws (multiple wives) is closed and done. It’s incredibly that people don’t do any research on who they choose to follow and worship. Come on! Read your Bibles! Not a book that was written by a man who needed magic glasses to translate some never seen or ever found Tablets. They say knowledge is power. Go find your power and take it back from that idiot. He is nothing but a charlatan, a sphiengauly. You women are all beautiful and still young enough to have someone that will love you and respect you. Throw him out!! I would love to see all of you in a new show where your starting over, looking for new love and new adventures, children in tow.

  26. When the show first started they had one home but separate quarters so he saw all his kids every day. He just slept with a different wife each night. Then they moved to Vegas and it was a hot mess. They built the 4 homes and then it got better. He saw his kids all the time and they also has space. His kids were thriving and he was so proud of how independent they were getting. Then life must have been boring cause he uprooted the family again. Now he can’t control them so he throws a temper tantrum just like a little kid. Also Christine was on a vacation cause she spent 6 weeks away. She had to quarantine 2 weeks her daughter had massive surgery that was like 3 weeks recovery before she could travel back then quarantine again for 2 weeks. And her poor daughter was still so uncomfortable. Yeah some vacation.. I am so glad they stood up to him about his bullsh*t..

  27. Remember, when Robyn joined the family she was financially.under water with debt and low credit score. Meri, the only legal wife, was divorced so Kody could legally marry and adopt her children. Meri was demoted to spiritual wife. Things were not Okay in Vegas. Meri wanted to take over her Mother’s B&B, Meri asked for loan from the family account. and the funds were depleted because of business Kody had invested in therefore Meri was denied. Meri found her own way. Good for her! Meri wanted another child and was denied. Kody made claim that he could not afford another child….funny footnote Robin’s tribe has expanded since his declaration. He makes me sick. Cut your hair, pull up your pants close the zipper you are a grandfather now. Get a job. Respect your children, none I understand are not joining their father’s.style of living. As for the daughter’s surgery, she has lived with horrible pain for years and he did want her to postpone the procedure. Why not be vaccinated?

  28. I wonder what Kody would do if Robyn chooses to no longer follow Kody’s Covid rules. Would he go live with Merri? 🤔

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