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Christine Brown’s Employee- Who Is She, What Does She Do?

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Sister Wives fans were taken aback when they learned Christine Brown had an employee. Kody shared this info during his promotional “listen to my pandemic rules or else” speech. He feels some members of the family are not looking at the big picture. If they are not safe, they could hurt the people around them like their employees. That was when he revealed Christine had someone working for her to who she had an obligation. Yet, what exactly does she do?

Christine Brown Is Building Her Brand

For years, Christine took a backseat to business and just played happy homemaker. As the third wife, she raised both her and Janelle’s kids. Meri helped out when she was not working or s school but Christine admitted she was the one primarily at home. She seemingly did not mind caring for the ultimately thirteen kids as Janelle preferred to be out of the home.

Christine Brown via YouTube
Christine Brown via YouTube

Yet, when Robyn joined the Browns and they all moved to Las Vegas, Christine became more invested in starting a brand. She got her real estate license and looked for more opportunities. It made sense now that the children were growing up and the wives all had their own homes. Eventually, she started selling LuLaRoe as did her sister wife, Meri. Additionally, she started working with her other sister wife, Janelle, and their daughter, Maddie, promoting Plexus.

Christine Brown Sister Wives
Christine Brown Sister Wives

Christine has been doing Cameos along with some of her family for additional funds plus raising her three younger daughters. Kody was not around much to help in 2020 due to the pandemic and his mistrust of how safe she had been. Therefore, maybe there was a very legitimate reason as to why she hired an assistant.

Who Is This Employee And What Does She Do?

Fans learned what the nanny Robyn and Kody did but what does Christine Brown’s employee do? According to Starcasm, her name is Jamie Ryter and she was not at any risk like Kidy made it seem. She was actually doing virtual work for Christine’s MLM businesses. The two did not meet face-to-face until 2021. So it was the complete contrast of the nanny situation because Jamie was not affected by any of Christine’s actions.

Christine Brown Smiles [Credit: Christine Brown/Instagram]
[Credit: Christine Brown/Instagram]
Jamie helps with social media and does sales for LuLaRoe. This goes to show how little time Kody spent with Christone or knew about her business. Had he known more, he would have seen she was keeping her employee safe by having no contact with her. It appears Christine is doing just fine as she was able to get up and separate herself from Kody and the family.

Do you understand the need for an employee and was Kody being overdramatic? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives every Sunday on TLC.


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