Disgusted & Tired Christine Brown REJECTS Janelle’s Help

Christine Brown/YouTube

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is disgusted and exhausted. Keep reading to find out why. Plus, watch as she REJECTS Janelle’s help.

Caring for daughter Ysabel takes its toll on ‘exhausted’ mom

On the last episode of Sister Wives, Ysabel Brown and her family prepped for her back surgery after several years of putting it off. Christine and Kody’s daughter needed surgery to correct her scoliosis.

Season 16, which is currently airing on TLC, was filmed in late 2020. TV audiences are just now seeing the effect the coronavirus pandemic had on the plural family.

For one thing, Kody Brown refuses to accompany his daughter to New Jersey for the surgery, citing COVID restrictions.

Christine Brown via YouTube
Christine Brown via YouTube

Hollywood Life shared a new preview of the next Sister Wives episode, airing on Sunday, December 19. The show will feature Ysabel’s surgery and the beginning of her recovery.

After she’s back home in Arizona, Kody and his other wives visit Ysabel at Christine’s home. In a confessional interview, Christine gets emotional when she reveals how exhausting it is to take care of Ysabel alone during her recovery.

Why is Christine Brown disgusted?

In addition to being exhausted, Kody’s third wife expresses complete disgust with herself. Why? For complaining about her exhaustion. At times during her one-on-one interview, Christine flares with anger at herself.

“That’s why it’s just stupid to complain. It’s just stupid to complain. I hate it when I even do it.” – Christine Brown, Sister Wives.

However, Christine isn’t overly eager to accept help from her sister wives, either.

Janelle’s help REJECTED

Janelle Brown is one of the only wives to offer to help Christine and Ysabel. As Kody’s second wife tells the camera, she nursed her daughter Maddie Brown Brush back to health after appendix surgery.

But to Christine, taking care of Ysabel is her job. “And this is the most important job that I have, to take care of my kids,” she explains.

From the preview clip, Kody doesn’t seem to be much help. The episode reveals that immediately after her surgery, Ysabel was asking for her dad. While he couldn’t be there in person, he did video chat with his daughter, which eased her pain.

Does it surprise you that Christine rejected Janelle’s help? Do you think Christine Brown was right to be disgusted with herself? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Sister Wives airs Sunday nights on TLC. Discovery+ subscribers can access the episode early.

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  1. I am a mother that had to take care of my children alone, and being tired and disgusted with oneself is normal because we feel that we didn’t do enough. Nursing a appendix removal is nothing compared to back surgery, dah Jannelle.

  2. I think that Christine complaining is more directed toward kody and I don’t blame her for not wanting janelle’s help because then it’ll look like Janelle cares more about her daughter than her which would never be the case. Personally I think k ody is just butt hurt because he isn’t in full control of all wives anymore. Kody knows he’s wrong for not going to his daughters surgery… idc what anyone says that will always stay in her mind that her dad didn’t care enough to go and that will definitely change their relationship forever!! I’m glad Christine left a woman should never be 2nd 3rd or 4th to any man everyone deserves personal attention and love. I hope she finds it she deserves it and so do her children. You Can Tell Robin caters to kody and his feelings/rules so that’s why she is his favorite. The whole situation is crap and they should have never brought all these children into the world, with such a shitty family dynamic. Smh..

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