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‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Gives Her B&B A Makeover

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Aside from her daughter, Mariah, Sister Wives star Meri Brown’s biggest accomplishment is her bed and breakfast. Lizzie’s Heritage Inn was a dream come true for her. She did it on her own and it was a major accomplishment, even maintaining the business during COVID. Now, Meri is giving the B & B a makeover and she cannot wait to showcase it.

Meri’s Sister Wives Battle For Her Bed and Breakfast

It was a big deal for Meri to buy the home for her bed and breakfast. The house, located in Parowan, Utah, had been in her family for decades. Unfortunately, it had been sold so when it was up for sale, she was not about to let the opportunity to get it back slip away. Meri went to her sister wives and husband, Kody will a proposal. Without a proper business plan, they did not feel they had the funds at the time.

'Sister Wives'/YouTube
‘Sister Wives’/YouTube

Additionally, they wanted to be equal business partners in the B & B. This was not something Meri felt completely comfortable with. In the end, she was able to come up with the money herself after selling LuLaRoe and working extraordinarily hard. The family was leery that once Meri purchased the home in Utah, she would check out and not follow them to Flagstaff. However, Meri vowed to go wherever they went.

Sister Wives Lizzie's Heritage Inn Grandma Bonnie Meri Brown
Instagram Meri Brown

With her mother, Bonnie by her side, she made her inn exactly what she had always dreamed. The wives came to help with the grand opening. Prior to COVID, Bonnie was running to the inn. To keep her healthy and safe, Meri sent her daughter, Mariah, and her fiancee, Audrey to Utah while Bonnie came to Flagstaff. Sadly, Bonnie passed away early this year. Meri closed the inn temporarily to grieve but was over the moon to reopen a few months later. Now, she is giving the inn a facelift and cannot help but share a sneak peek.

The Inn’s New Look

With the holidays here, Meri has decided to use it as an opportunity to jazz up the inn. She took to her Instagram story to show off the beginning of the process. Underneath the sun, she had a bunch of storage bins, presumably filled with her holiday decor. She shared that the Christmas decorating had begun at the B & B.

Sister Wives Credit: Meri Brown IG
Credit: Meri Brown IG

Inside, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn is already filled with holiday cheer as evidenced by their business page. Two photos on their story show a lit tree and garlands on the banister. The photo is labeled “cozy.” Finally, it seems the makeover is almost complete. Moreover, it looks very festive.

Credit: LIzzie's Heritage Inn
Credit: LIzzie’s Heritage Inn

Would you enjoy a stay at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn? Let us know in the comments below and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. I would absolutely love to go and stay at Mary’s B&B. It is actually on my bucket list. I recently lost my husband of 20 years. I have five adult children and six grandchildren. So to be able to get away would be great.
    I am on disability due to a back injury at work. It ended my nursing career 14 years ago. Loosing my husband suddenly to what they call a widow maker heart just crushed my heart. I watch re runs of Sister Wives. It seems to get me through the day.
    My husband and I always traveled together. I sometimes feel like I can’t travel anymore without him. My daughter took me on vacation. I almost felt guilty for going without my husband. He did know Sister Wives was my favorite show. I always told him I wanted to go to Utah to Lizzie’s B&B.
    Mary is my favorite. I feel a connection to her for some reason. I know it sounds strange. I sit and watch the re runs and I seem to forget all of my problems. Other times I just cry.
    I feel like a trip to Utah and to be able to stay at Lizzie’s would be like therapy. I am just so lost without my husband. Mary wanted that house back in the family. She let nothing get in her way. It is a special place and so is she.

  2. Yes, I would love to stay at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. It looks like a very inviting home with love from yesteryears! <3

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