‘Sister Wives:’ Robyn Brown Says Kody Was ‘Validated’ & Right All Along

Robyn and Kody Brown TLC

Robyn Brown is continuing to stand by her man as she insists he’s now been validated and right all along. A few hours ago, TLC dropped a trailer for next week’s episode of Sister Wives. The brief clip featured Robyn opening up about learning her nanny and her nanny’s husband tested positive for COVID-19. She was heartbroken. Distraught. And, most of all, worried. She feared how many people they’d potentially exposed because of Ari’s birthday.

At this moment, Robyn Brown admits she’s realized one big thing. Kody Brown wasn’t being harsh or crazy with his strict COVID-19 rules for the family. He was scared and trying to protect his family from this exact situation from happening. She admitted this difficult situation validates all of the grief he has put his family through. And, she acknowledges he was right all along.

Robyn Brown says Kody has been validated

Struggling to find the words, Robyn tells the cameras she has learned their “child care provider” has tested positive for COVID-19. She reveals both her nanny and her nanny’s husband tested positive within days of the family having Ari’s birthday party.

Robyn explains the nanny was last at the house on a Thursday and they had the party on Saturday. It was not until Sunday and Tuesday immediately after the party that the nanny and her husband tested positive. So, it was possible Robyn’s entire household including Kody got exposed to the virus. It was possible they exposed everyone to it during Ari’s birthday party.

Robyn Brown TLC
Robyn – TLC – Twitter

She regrets having Ari’s birthday party

Robyn Brown wishes she would have supported Kody’s strict rules. She wishes they would not have thrown a birthday party for Ari with the entire family. She wishes they would have played it safe and continued to distance. Robyn Brown knows that if they did not have the party, only her household and Kody would have been exposed to the virus versus their entire family and anyone the family has been in contact with.

Did anyone else contract COVID? Well, fans will find out this information during the next episode of the series. Kody Brown, however, has admitted on Cameo that he did test positive for COVID a while back. Fans, however, don’t know if that lines up with the timeline unfolding in the series or not. Moreover, fans find it more than a little ironic that Kody and Robyn let a nanny into their homes who ended up exposing them to COVID after Kody preached about how careful he was.

Sister Wives Kody Brown Robyn Brown Youtube
Sister Wives Kody Brown Robyn Brown Youtube

Do you agree with Robyn Brown? Does this situation validate Kody’s feelings regarding COVID-19? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Sister Wives.

Allie Johnson


  1. The woman putting Stepford into Sister Wives!

    How do and of these women tolerate this imbeciles, egotistical bag of wind….he’s a complete clown.

    1. I agree! What a huge bag of Wind! Patriarchal System is certainly alive and well in Kodys World. All the struggle Women have endured to break free from that egotistical, self-important, tyrant and Bullytype person makes me shudder. Do not walk backwards, Ladies. You will get hurt, you’ll trip and fall, you’ll stumble. You will not have a clear view of where you’re being led or what you’re not allowed to see. For the sake of those to come, turn around. Look reality square in the face. And grab some Courage where ever you can find it.

      Man, wake up Sister Wives, he won’t/can’t allow any of “his women” to have opinions that differ from his. How dare they disagree??

      There is a whole World of Freedom where Wives have Careers, interests, friends, social Gatherings which do not rotate around one Bigot, Bully, Self-serving Person! Break the Cycle for your Children’s sake.

    2. Isn’t it ironic that Kody and Robyn didn’t follow the protocols themselve?Kody claimed he would hate the person in the family that brought in covid to the family. They have two people coming in and out of the house that do not live there. I wonder what the selfish, egocentric little Iatola has to say now?? “Do as I say and not as I do”? These women and children deserve so much more. Send that little tin God back to his Mother. He has a monumental need for power and control. He’s completely blind to his own egocentric behaviors. He is incapable of being a husband or Father. Shame on him. He has left them over and over again and goes off as he pleases to do what HE wants to do. Just selfish. Incredibly cold. Kody loves himself and himself only.My heart goes out to these women and children. They deerve better.

  2. No, Robin isn’t right…Kody’s rules are ridiculous and excessive.
    And WHY the hell does Robin need a “childcare provider”, anyway? She doesn’t seem to work outside of the home, and she only has 2 children young enough to require close supervision…and she has 3 teenagers who are old enough to watch their younger siblings, if Robin or Kody are unable to do it. She’s a whiny, entitles little princess.

    Robin, according to Kody, is an “obedient wife”…she blindly goes along with his ridiculousness, no matter what logic dictates. And speaking of dictating, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if “Robin’s” statement was dictated by Kody…it has the ring of his arrogance.

    1. You are so correct Robin and Cody is full of it why do you need a daycare person like you said when you have three grown children almost I knew that when he married Robin that that would be the end of the whole family because once Mary allowed her to be the only legal wife nobody else had a chance so why would you do that Mary allow her to be The legal wife you didn’t allow the other women to be The legal wife I do not like Robin I didn’t like like what she stand for I have no respect for her at all no Cody was not right Cody was not right he broke up his old family his self and I hope that Janelle get her stuff and move on and I don’t even have no words for Mary Mary need to be seeing her psychiatrist

    2. So good to see that others believe Kody’s ego is forever messing with his relationships. My father would have moved heaven and earth to be with my Mom and me if I or my brother had been facing major spine surgery. No one wants covid, but he let his fear keep him from being a real father. As for his stuff being in the garage, all neatly packed up and labeled, I would have a catapult and sent it out various windows in the house. Really don’t like him. Can you tell?

    3. Listen all you naysayers……Robin is being a good wife. The answer to why she needs a nanny for children young enough to be looked after by elder half siblings is plain. She will be busy on her back or all 4’s….that’s what good wives do……don’t argue & screw like rabbits

  3. No l don’t agree with Robin. She is as bad as Kody. They deserve each other. I don’t like either one. They think their shit don’t stink. Sorry it does. Kody acts like a dictator. He is going to lose his children and I’m glad they’re rebelling. Such a pitiful couple.

  4. Don’t agree with either Robyn or Kody. They both think their shit doesn’t stink but guess what… it does. They deserve each other. Such a pitiful couple. Kody is a sorry excuse for a man and I feel for both Meri and Janelle.Get away from him and find a GOOD MAN.
    They deserve better.

  5. This post has now proved one thing and one thing only, that is Kody and Robyn are both idiots and they deserve each other. He won’t go near his BLOOD Children but let’s the
    “NANNY” infect HIS household.

    1. That is so true. He kept saying the nanny was following his guidelines I guess not. I think he doesn’t want a relationship with anyone else. Kody made the guidelines impossible and caught covid but the rest of the family that he kept saying we’re not being safe didn’t catch covid. That shows how much he knows. Solomon and ari need him what about his other kids. Robyn is pathetic.

  6. I find it odd how paranoid Cody is in regards to covid. I’ve had covid twice, it’s like having the flu only not as bad. Of course I realize for people with underlying, serious health issues it can be quite devastating, but Cody has acted as if it’s a death sentence. It seems to come down to his need for control. It’s wonderful to see Christine break away from all the pain and drama Cody has created…..I wish her all the happiness in the world.

    1. Your experience is not every experience. There are people without underlying conditions who have ended up admitted. You are lucky that it wasn’t worse for you.

      My brother and his eight year old have it and his daughter couldn’t even get out bed on her own. she doesn’t have any underlying conditions. My brother has a heart condition. She is still very sick. My brother is getting better now, but he still has trouble walking and breathing.

      They got it because his crazy ex came for her supervised visit with my niece knowing she had Covid.

      It is great covid wasn’t a big deal for you, but that isn’t the case for everyone. Besides my family, I know people whose breathing got so bad that they thought they were going to die alone because they couldn’t have visitors.

  7. No way was he right. He shouldn’t have avoided seeing all his children that he help bring into the world. Robyn is being selfish for her family members. Love all they children.

  8. I really think it’s time to end this saga!! If TLC does produces this “show” allowing this guy to embarrass and humiliate these women as entertainment, then it should be taken out of circulation!!!

  9. Having a nanny when you and your husband do not work outside the home, and you have a 21, 19 and 16 year old, who are home all the time is ridiculous.
    Of course Robin is obedient. It is worth it to her to live her current lifestyle. Her life would be a lot different as a single mom with no real skills.
    Kody is truly only in love with Robin and is systematically pushing the other women away, so he can be with his real family. Its disgusting!
    I applaud Christine for putting herself and her children first, and making the break. Now if Mary would get some self esteem and follow, it would be great.

    1. Yes, and why isnt he kicking out Robyn’s kids like he wants Janelle to kick Gabriel and Garrison. He just loves one wife and they rest he treats like crap.

  10. Meri and Janelle run do not walk away from those two. Can’t think of two people who deserve COVID more than Kody and Robin. Light cases only bot severe. Especially Meri you need to go a lit of women look up to you. Dies not look real good that your hanging on to a dead relationship. I wouldn’t think you’d want other women to do the same just to get hurt over and over. You deserve better and so do those who are going thru what you are. Please be a better example.

  11. It is good to be cautious about covid-19. As I watch this show, I am incensed at the gaslighting for the three wives. First, I don’t agree with Robin that Kody is right. Also, I don’t blame her. Kody IMO that no one asked should search his heart on where he wants to be. Why does he trust a nanny more than his wives? I saw that exposure happening when I heard about the nanny. Also. I do question why they need a nanny. Her family is not that big. I had three littles under my roof and worked full-time. When I hear the kids struggling, yet they will let a stranger in and out of their home and trust them but not the women that he is supposed to love and his children. Kody has openly said he will not sleep with Meri, and now Christine…so really he has 1 wife….because he cant see Janelle and if that is his choice and preference then that is really cruel. Im not certain he gets this is what he is doing but he has for all intents and purposes emotionally divorced all but 2 wives, possibly 1. Christine, Meri and Janelle and their kids deserve so much better. The kids didnt ask for this life…and i dont have an issue with their choice of poligamy, but wow, Kody has to stop blaming everyone else…he is making the choice to be away. I think it is probably nice for him to have one home base. I dont think Robin is quite as comfy with him there all the time.

    1. It is so ridiculous and hypocritical for kody and Robin to allow a nanny in their home and keep their flesh and blood away. It’s so disheartening.
      Kody, you made a commitment to all of your wives, for better or worse. In a pandemic, when family needed each other the most, you kept them away and you let them down. Janelle and Christine needed your support and understanding. Mary and Janelle, you should join Christine. You ladies are deserving of nothing butbeloved, loved, peace, and happiness!!!

  12. Do not agree with Robyn. Seems to me when the other wives learned about the nanny Kody arrogantly said she was following his rules. Well looks like she wasn’t. Hope no one contracts COVID but if anyone does hope it’s that arrogant Kody. Wish all the other wives smarten up and leave Kody to. Robyn is a whiny wife who only truly cares about herself and her dictatorial husband. Also think Kody wants his original wives to leave so he can find younger women. Am sure he thinks he can boss younger women easier. Just as easy as he does Robyn.

  13. Kody and Robyn allowed 2 strangers into their home to care for the children. They have no idea who these caregivers see when they leave their house. Changing their clothes before entering the house or washing their hands is not enough to be safe. They were exposed to everyone the caregivers were in contact with..the fact they didn’t acknowledge this..and made the others feel in the wrong..is not right.

  14. He thought the other households we’re practicing unsafe procedures-but the house with covid was his and Robyn’s. How ironic. Gabe’s girlfriend didn’t bring it in.a babysitter for 2 kids that were planned but not important enough to raise on their own. As the first born in my family it was expected for me to help watch the younger ones when parents worked .

  15. I have always sorry for Meri ,she has been treated bad by her (dictator husband) KODY for a long time, I hope someday she will meet the MAN who will treat her as a treasure and princess that she is, Christine and Janelle hopefully will truly leave him and start a new life. I find kody to be a pathetic parasite that feeds off the women who sadly met him a long time ago, and have followed him blinding like little puppies that robin continues to do. I say to MERI,CHRISTINE, and JANELLE, BRAVO GIRLS!!!!

  16. He was right to be concerned but this does not validate that crazy list of rules he handed out. The rules didn’t work, they didn’t protect the nanny who was supposedly following them tightly. It seems like a desperate reach on Robyn’s behalf to prove Cody right and Janelle & Christine wrong.

  17. Well Robyn, who the hell do u think you are? Oh, yeah your the obedient one!! You look like a absolute dumbass. You stayed away from family saying they were being disrespectful of the strict rules of the “Ruler” while you backing him up and yet your lazy ass is the reason you exposed everyone. And quit looking like you’ ve been sucking on a lemon. Kody even wanted to kick his sons out because they weren’t following his stick rules. Well who looks like a bunch idiots now. And take care of your own kids Robin. You trusted a “nanny” over ur own family. Dumbass!!

    1. Funny how they, meaning Kody and Robyn, were just spotted out at a mall with no masks, shopping and eating lunch together. Another person got pictures of them and posted them. So much for the rules when it comes to Robyn. I’ve watched from the beginning and everything changed when Robyn came into the picture. Robyn isnt my favorite but I dont blame her, I blame Kody..hes the one who is supposed to love all equally and he doesnt. He wants to be HOH but you cant be/have that without mutual respect. He only respects Robyn. That’s on him. These other “wives” would be better off going their own way. They all seem like great, strong woman who still have a lot of life left to live. They should spread their wings and let Kody be with Robyn. The woman can get a show called “Moving on and up from Sister Wives”.

  18. I want to know if Kody had COVID where did he stay. Robin had to know she’s always up his ass and acts like everyone is wrong to not follow Kody. rules. I hope Gabriel has pissed after hearing Kody had COVID and is proud of his self.gabriel you stick to your guns and stay with your girlfriend no matter what your father says.Robin needs to grow up and smell the coffee Christine toke care of all the kids when they were young and you can’t handle 2 those poor kids

    1. This is all for the cameras to keep the show going they cant do without the money all scripted christine was the one who looked after all the kids

  19. They let a Nanny into the house, What did the nanny do after she left? Sir Kody gave his other wives a hard time about his covid restrictions, but NOT HIS NANNY. WHAT DOES THE NANNY DO….

  20. Who cares about that idiot? And has any body ever seen blah ugly Robin be happy about anything? She has a permanent downturned mouth and complains about everything.

  21. So Cody & Robin how them there strict rules working for you oops and it came from your nanny/babysitter who oh yes Cody shoved that fact they were following the RULES..come on Robin you the head nd only momma it is a bit sickening to see Cody throw in the perverable towel on his other marriages for friend marriage and only sleep with you..seriously don’t you feel guilty…those are your sister wives..all for one and one for all..oh wait it is all about you because you thou threw these ladies to the curb also….way to go..

  22. I’m curious as to if anyone is vaccinated. i am disturbed by Christina saying I’m not letting Covid control my life. And Janelle said “sheeple” which are both right out of the anti vaccine playbook. I think Kody is doing what he felt was the right thing to do regarding a global pandemic. His rules about the Mail and wiping groceries was from very early on and I had friends that did that in the beginning before we all got vaxxed. I am bothered by the older children refusing to follow the rules so everyone could be together for Thanksgiving. And I am heartbroken for Meri that Christine and jAnelle couldn’t realize that she only had 1 child who’s an adult and lives away and they haven’t bothered to support her, visit her or treat her like their sister wife. This is not the plural family I’ve watched from the beginning.

  23. Robin, Robin Robin…. Seriously, you both brought in a nanny, who also has a family that you couldn’t guarantee what they did. Yet y’all wouldn’t see family and are hailing Kody like he has the answers. Wake up! He left his daughter wanting her father to be by her side. His son’s for eight months, and then wanting to kick them out. Kody needs some therapy for his narcissistic crap, and you should join him.

  24. Well that goes to show Kody, that the nanny didn’t follow his rules. What an idiot he is. I’m so glad that Christine and Janell has stood by their children. Robin will always come before anyone, it’s so obvious.

  25. It is so evident that Kody has favored Robin since day 1!! How these women have tolerated him is beyond me!! And Robin is such a cry baby and two faced!
    Why would any women want to share her man and why can’t the women have more than 1 husband?

  26. I was curious as well whether the Kody/Robin clan were vaccinated…or indeed are any of the sister clans are? As to Kody, I’m sick of seeing him yell at everyone that there is NO head wife, or yelling at Gabriel that Gabriel isn’t the head of the family. What do you do as frickin’ head of the family, Kody? Jannelle and Christine got their real estate licenses, Meri ran a B & B…Kody scams TLC into thinking he’s in a successful plural marriage, and gets paid for moving from place to place and never making a home (can anyone even remember Coyote Pass is like the 3rd place with no permanent home for ALL of them)?
    You are giving this non-man his power. As someone used to say, “He’s a girly-man”, not fit to provide for his families (as witnessed by his man buns). Depose the king, as he’s not a kind or knowledgable leader.

  27. Oh . . . How ironic. The nanny did it! Someone who so easily could have done not one single ridiculous rule of Cody’s as soon as she went to her own home. And to have treated his own children and “wives” as if they were disobedient enemies. Christine was probably the one wife who truly wanted and yearned for his affection but everything went to Robin. She felt it as soon as she entered the picture. Please follow Christine, Jeannette and Meri and let’s forget about Cody and Robin.

  28. Klody and Robot are seemingly only in love with each other. She was a “learned” woman with a past and a Victoria Secret credit card so those other women didn’t have a chance. She has sunk her fangs into him like no one ever has. I wonder if they need a nanny so they can have alone time?

  29. Meri and Janelle need to follow Christine and get out of the relationship for good. Wonder how Kodi will feel when he is day in day out with only Robyn ? Probably go and marry another couple of wives. He doesn’t care at all about his older children. Feel so sorry for Meri who obviously still loves him and has been on her own this whole time. Get the hell out of this so called marriage now !!!

  30. You have to take into account how much reality tv is real to begin with, probably not too much. However, if any of Sister Wives is legit, then Kody, (malignant narcissist that he is) has been planning on pushing out the “old wives” ever since he used the excuse to legitimately marry Robyn in order to adopt her kids. The show is a good paycheck and he knows where his bread is buttered, so he plays along. (doesn’t look like he does much else work wise) It seems Meri has long since abandoned that lot emotionally, but again, it’s probably more lucrative than selling Lula Roe, so she plays along as well, her real life and boyfriend kept quiet and separate most likely. Once the older wives have moved on, Kody will probably try to bring in younger blood (good luck with that), and Robyn will ultimately join the ranks of the discarded. I pass no judgment on the lives people choose to live as long as they are mutually agreed upon and hurt no innocents. But watch for old wives out and younger wives in. I don’t think this has anything to do with “religion” in this case. That guy is just an aging bore who wants his cake and eat it too, obtained under the guise of divine calling. yuck

  31. I watched some old ones & it did all change when robyn who has a face lika an aged hot water bottle came in. The other wife’s, not really wife’s will find out what a joy it will be for them all to escape the ego maniac dick tater (face lika a potato) who does nothing for any of them. He is a pig, his children will be better off without him & his stupid ideas. I don’t usually wish people ill health but klodhead & robot are not godly & dererve a bad dose of covid

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