Who Did Kody Brown Contract COVID From?

Who Did Kody Brown Contract COVID From? [Screenshot: TLC]

Kody Brown has been strict about the COVID-19 restrictions. In Season 16 of Sister Wives, Kody and his four wives are dealing with the height of the pandemic. He came up with a list of rules and restrictions for his wives and family to follow. Yet, not everyone is on board with the idea.

Kody makes it clear that he doesn’t want to contract COVID. The family has been lucky up to this point. Around that time last year, Kody tested positive for COVID-19. During that time, he remained with his wife Robyn Brown. The two were cooped up together with their children.

So, who did Kody Brown contract the virus from?

Did the nanny give Kody Brown COVID-19?

During the time that Season 16 of Sister Wives was filmed, Kody Brown was still with all four of his wives. There was another woman who played an important role in his life. But, nobody knows anything about her. A woman served as a nanny for Kody and Robyn’s kids during the shooting of the ongoing season. She’s been mentioned lately because she spent time with Kody and Brown.

The nanny even followed Kody’s strict COVID-19 rules. Kody has been spending most of his time with Robyn and their nanny. A lot of questions have come up. Why did Kody get close to the nanny? Meanwhile, Kody wouldn’t let his son visit his girlfriend, or visit Christine, Janelle, or Meri because they pose a health risk.

Man with curly blond hiar and purple shirt gestures wildly
Kody Brown via YouTube

When it came to family meetings, everyone had to sit outside in chairs that were six feet apart. Kody Brown hasn’t answered any of these questions. The patriarch never explained how he contracted the virus. It’s ironic considering Kody was so hung up about catching the virus. He blamed everyone for their behavior during the pandemic. Yet, he was still in close contact with someone who lived outside the home.

Sister Wives sneak peek — Nanny tests positive for the virus

In the Sunday, January 23 episode, the nanny confirms that both she and her husband have tested positive for the coronavirus. Sister Wives fans already know that Kody Brown tested positive for the virus around the same time last year. Now, they’re wondering if he contracted it from the nanny. Yet, Kody didn’t want to be around his wives for fear of catching it.

In a sneak peek for the upcoming episode, Robyn reveals that her “child care provider” informed her that both she and her husband tested positive for COVID. Then, Christine is shown with boxes and saying she’s “done” with Kody. Was his positive COVID test the last straw? Or, is there something else going on?

Christine Brown and Kody Brown via YouTube 1
Christine Brown and Kody Brown via YouTube 1

That same trailer shows Christine revealing that he no longer wants to be intimate with her. She packs up most of his belongings, which are in boxes in the garage. Christine announced that she ended their marriage in November 2021. Fans will have to see how Kody Brown caught COVID. Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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  1. Amen. He deserved to catch Covid. Stupid excuse for a man. So glad Christine is happy. She deserves s better man than she was stuck with for over 20 years. I hope Jannell leaves the ass-wipe. Meri is a joke to. How stupid not to leave that jerk.
    I’m sorry but I totally dislike Kody. He is not a man……

  2. I use to like Robyn but she is sneaky and wants sympathy. Meri divorced Cody so he could help with her kids. She acted so different toward Meri afterward. Robyn will get treated bad by Cody when he gets another wife. Cody is a piece of crap. Meri deserves a good man. Janelle and Christine deserve one also. Cody does nothing for his kids. I lost all respect for Cody when he did not go with his daughter for a bad surgery.He deserves to lose all but his precious Robyn.

  3. I see nothing wrong with him protecting his family from covid. As someone with an autoimmune, having covid is life threatening. He was right to not trust wife’s who allowed children to do whatever they want without any consideration to others. If not following the covid rules in place, then they choose to put others at risk. The kids who complained about not seeing their dad, then stop running the streets, mask up, and show respect to others. Might see him. Pretty simple. Why people didn’t take it serious, with all the people that died, and those with weakened immune systems- learn life isnt just about you.

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