Kody Brown Answers Christine’s Burning Nanny Question

Kody Brown - Christine Brown Sister Wives

In a preview for this week’s Sister Wives, Christine addressed Robyn and Kody Brown’s nanny. The fact she could be in the home but her kids could not be was hard to swallow. So she posed the big question: what does the nanny do? This was a heavy-handed question since Robyn is a stay-at-home mother with Kody around most of the time. Additionally, she has grown children and does not work. Furthermore, Kody has been so hardcore about COVID protocols, it was a shock he would let anyone from the outside in. Now that this week’s episode has aired, viewers know what the nanny does.

Kody Brown- King Of Rules

It has been very hard for Kody’s wives and kids as he has been pretty much been sticking to Robyn’s home. He claims she is the one who has been following his pandemic rules the closest. Janelle travels and two of her sons are very social. Gabriel is in school and has a girlfriend. At the same time, Garrison is done with college so he has been staying with her to save up. She says she will choose her kids over a husband anytime. Recently, she traveled to North Carolina to be with her daughter Maddie.

Kody Browwn Credit: TLC

Maddie’s daughter, Evie K underwent a few surgeries for her first birthday and Janelle wanted to be there. Kody made it seem like she was just traveling for fun. However, Janelle maintains she follows the government guidelines. As for Christine, she had to travel to New Jersey for Ysabel’s scoliosis surgery. Kody wanted it postponed for six months but Ysabel was in too much pain. He looked at it as a way for her to take a vacation with her daughters. Because of the traveling, he claims he does not get to see his kids or wives that often.

Meri is just a friend at this point though she does follow rules with Robyn being the main rule follower. After Ysabel’s surgery, she really wanted to see her siblings. It was also almost holiday 2020 time and the wives wanted to know what was going on. Christine addressed that Robyn and Kody had a nanny. She could not understand what the nanny did to allow her to be in contact with the kids yet their own siblings were shunned. Now, there are answers.

Kody Brown And His Handbook

A meeting was called at Meri’s where all of the rules the nanny must follow were printed out for the wives. Robyn wanted it noted it was not her idea. She reiterated Kody Brown cannot be ruled by any of his wives. Apparently, some of the kids have been calling and getting mad at her, thinking this is all her fault. She breaks down because she is tired of carrying it on her shoulders.

Credit: TLC

To answer Christine’s question, this is what the nanny does:

  • Wear a mask in public
  • sanitize hands after shopping
  • clean mail with alcohol wipes
  • remove shoes outside
  • change clothes after outside exposure
  • no restaurants-only curbside pickup
  • two-week quarantine after vacation
  • no movie theaters
  • 10 ft social distance when with friends

That is what is also expected of the family if they want to gather. Janelle is mad because she has asked for these rules for months. However, she feels they are a bit overboard and thinks even if she follows them, Kody won’t believe her. In the end, Christine and Janelle won’t be around for Thanksgiving so it does not really matter.

Do you think there are exceptions for the nanny or is Kody Brown super strict with her, as well? Let us know in the comments below. Don’t miss Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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  1. Meri and Christin should break away from kody all together. And find them a man they don’t have to share. To hell with kody let him have Robyn. Both of y’all can do so much better.

  2. I think it’s ridiculous that Robyn and Kodi have a Nanny…why do they have one? Tell the fans…I’ve watched you all since the beginning. Meridian went through a divorce so Robyn could be married to you Kodi. You and Robyn owe her a whole lot. I’m really sick of your whining Kodi. And your Pandemic rules…haha Telling Christine to practice safe distancing but you took her pen and used it…germs on the pen, duh…. Y’all are going down the drain. Stop favoring Robyn. It’s a really bad reflection of your family, your religion ( which we never see ) Get it together. We want to see the kids like we used to…There was no Nanny…Janelle and Christine had way more little kids…NO NANNY

  3. The wives should give Kody some crazy rules to follow before he can enter their homes. I think they will find he will have a hard time following them.

  4. Kody is a narcissist and is playing the victim again as usual. What he did to his daughter Ysabel is inexcusable and I can’t see that child ever getting over that without some serious therapy. Janelle and Meri needs to move on and take their income with them. Robin and Kody would be in a real pickle then since neither seems to do much in the line of employment. Why in the heck would she need a nanny if she is a SAHM?

  5. Maybe Robyn wouldn’t have gained so much weight if she actually moved a bit- you don’t need a nanny if you don’t work at anything else.

  6. This show is a joke! Kodi isn’t a man, and that hair!, OMG he looks ridiculous, but I’m sure he thinks it makes him look younger and sexy. When they all lived in the big house, BR (before Robin), everyone worked outside the home but Christine she took care of ALL the kids with NO Nanny!! Janelle and Meri should move where their kids are and take the money with them. Why should they give Kodi and Robin a dime when they don’t work! Kodi is so stupid thinking this show is going to keep going forever. I think it’s sad and I can’t wait to see it cancelled. None of the kids want any part of this show and all it is is 4 women, 3 now since Christine had the guts to leave, and a ManChild that abuses his real wife. Why Meri and Janelle stay who knows, maybe it’s the money but it’s very very clear Kodi can’t control them like he controls Robin.

  7. Why does robyn have a nanny. She’s got two tennage daughters to help take care of those little kids who are getting big enough to take care of themselves.

  8. The way Cody treats Mari is terrible. She needs to knock him on his ass and walk away. When he talks about their relationship it makes me sick. Let him and Robyn finance there own life style. Robyn is so fake with her tears and excuses that she nothing to do with Cody’s rules. Bull. Christine and Janelle have chosen their kids over him. Congratulations to both of them. Don’t look back now keep going. You all 3 deserve better. Get your own show while you are at it.

  9. I hate the way Kody is, he treats Meri so bad. He goes out and marry’s 3 other women, she worked, she contributed her money, how dare he treat her that way. Meri run away from this idiot. Kody needs to look in the mirror at his self, NOT a man. He has favored Robin since day one. He owes Meri big.
    Does Kody and Robin just lay around all day and think of ways to humilate his other {wives,women}? Cancel the show and make his and Robin’s {a–} get a job. the water tank he bought thats not going to be big enough for 5 homes and he knows it. He actually turns my stomach with his WHOA is me attitude.

  10. I don’t even watch the show and I don’t understand why Meri doesn’t see that he is just using her. She needs to get far away from him. He obviously doesn’t want her and is just using her. I feel bad for her. He just wants all these women to pay his way thru life. What a sad life for her.

  11. Kody and Robyn are making fools out of Janelle, Meri and Christine! They cannot live that lifestyle without their money! Ladies this man is a joke! He wants nothing to do with his kids, just Robyn’s! Walk away with some dignity find better men who love you for you! There never was a nanny it was so he could spend more time w/ Robyn. Christine, I am proud of you for moving on with your life! Meri and Janelle, now it is your turn!

    1. Agree.kody and Robin Are both stupid
      Im glad Christine left him.meri and janelle should do the same.he can live with cry baby robin

  12. I agree with all the comments about Kody. Ĥe goes from house to house acting like he is actually doing something. Meanwhile Christine called him out on the fact that he can decide if and when he will be intimate yet they have to play a wait and see if I get some love? Robyn has a Nanny? Absurd! Get off your entitled ass and raise your children!

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