Kody Brown Accused Of Weaponizing COVID To His Convenience

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Of all the reality television stars dealing with COVID protocols, Kody Brown seemed to be the most strict. He shared strict rules with his plural family on Season 16 of Sister Wives.

A point of contention in his relationship with Christine Brown was that he didn’t go to their daughter’s surgery because he didn’t want to quarantine. Fans wanted to know when he had it, did he stay away from Robyn and the kids?

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Like we reported, Kody yelled at his wives for not following his rules. He gathered them and gave them a huge list. If the wives wanted him to visit, then they had to follow them.

Janelle Brown called his rules the “10 Billion Commandments Of Kody.” They couldn’t go to gyms or restaurants, had to wipe down all groceries, and the kids had to stay ten feet away from their friends. A lot of the rules seemed difficult to follow and he did get push back from some of his wives. Robyn was the only one who followed them completely

Did Kody Brown Weaponize COVID To Manipulate His Wives?

Some fans on Reddit decided to go deep into the theory that he weaponized COVID to get what he wanted.

A theory said Kody went and “found the rules out of necessity because Christine asked for specific rules the nanny and her husband follow.”

They went on to say he probably printed something online and used it because he didn’t want to run from house to house. Also, he didn’t want to spend time with three of his wives, according to their theory.

The Wives Weren’t Going Along With It

The comment went on to say Kody Brown found rules that were hard to follow so when some of them wouldn’t do it he can blame them for the failure of the relationship.

They went on to say Robyn Brown is along for the ride “because she entered the family with nothing but baggage.”

Another fan of the show agreed with the first post. They said, “I think you are totally right in that he or Robyn just went and found a bunch of “rules” from when the pandemic all began.” They thought he used them to manipulate his other wives.

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That same person pinned more on Robyn though saying she is clever. They think she could have gotten Kody to do anything. To read more about Kody’s wives pushing back, click here.

What are your thoughts about the rules Kody had his family follow? Do you think he was scared of the virus or used it as a manipulation tool? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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